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  • Creepypasta RP!
    7K 119 10

    Yolo...anyway yeah! I decided to make a Creepypasta RP! Enjoy!

  • The Face of Slenderman (A Slenderman Fanfic)
    53.7K 2.3K 35

    Do not go into the forest...the biggest rule in the entire county. Anita always loved the forest. When something tragic upsets her deeply, she seeks the comfort of the forest. She begins a desperate search for someone. Anita became badly hurt while she was in the forest, and the only one there to care for her was Slen...

  • OC Role Play
    17.7K 488 52

    This is where you awesome people can role play with your OCs. Enjoy ;) Cover made by: @LeAzzy (Rule and Form free, just use third person)

  • Creepypasta RP
    151 6 4

    It Roleplay! Im doing dis 'cause im bored! Have fun!:D

  • Scary Tales
    752 15 11

    This might be a little childish or very scary but watch out there's going to be a lot to be scared of the Arthur to these stories he rotold them S. E. Schlosser

    Completed   Mature
  • Yaoi Fanfictions
    128 2 2

    WARNING!!!! Mature content

  • New Creepypasta's RP
    8.7K 82 12

    So Since everyone liked my last Creepypasta Rp... NEW ONE!! You find your self at an abandoned masion where in reality you have the Slender symbol marked on you. You feel your body being forced to go up to the door and open it.. and when you do.. you are in a new world..

  • Creepypasta truth or dare
    2.2K 40 6

    Creepypasta truth or dare and maybe a lil love! Plz comment I update as soon as I get a dare I love writing these so COMMENT OR ELSE jk but plz comment it is very funny

    29.1K 423 13

    Give us your truths or dares we even take dirty ones! (The figure on the cover is my pasta form ok my pasta name is scarlet but my real name is Emily!)

  • Scary Stories To Read In The Dark
    92.3K 1.7K 202

    A series of scary stories scare you.

    Completed   Mature
  • CreepyPasta Character Stories
    111K 1.8K 28

    Enjoy the stories of the creepypasta characters. I do not own any of these awesome characters and if they do,it will say (oc) after the name.

  • Watched By Our Little Rose
    4K 201 4

    Sequel to The Black And White Winged Angel. Zalgo has returned, an army following him. He's going for the Creepypastas at Slender Mansion and won't stop for anything. The Creepypastas are in danger and only one can help: a little rose that's been watching over them. Elizabeth is returning, but for how long? And what i...

  • Creepypasta Family [Book of the Insane]
    205 3 3

    The Title says it all, this book is about the Creepypasta's and i might put in the reader if i decide to. The creepypasta's are not always serial killerish or psycho, they've had sad and happy times so i wanted to detail them and put them in a story so... enjoy!

  • Creepypasta family: One more
    26 0 3

    You all know about the creepypasta family and how they all kill people. Johnny is known as a creepypasta. But the others are trying to change him. What will he do. Will he find new friends.

  • The Creepypasta Family
    50 0 2

    Hey everyone come along to Slender Mansion on this funny and crazy adventure

  • I love my Creepypasta family!
    625 0 14

    I have been alone for a really long time so i needed company so i met Jeff who showed me his family that is now mine

  • Joining the Creepypasta family
    150 10 3

    Blade and Scythe are joining the creepypasta family. I wonder what will happen.

  • The Creepypasta Family
    658 4 2

    We welcome you the creepiest,most violent,and scariest family ever!!!

  • Living With The Creepypastas
    124K 4.3K 43

    Kira lives a normal life, if you consider throwing things out the window and eating a lot of candy and not having cavities or getting fat normal, until she met the creepypastas. She couldn't believe how a sneaking in into her apartment complex can change her life. Frick the society! Kira's free to do whatever she want...

  • pure soul | creepypasta
    53.1K 2.9K 25

    {COMPLETE/UNDER EDITING} ~~~~ Rose Williams. An average 18 year old teenager who has a good heart. She loved and cared for her loved ones and never once hated others. Also, she treated others like how others wished to be treated. Everyone in her neighborhood adored her for her kindness. She had a pure soul. At least...

  • Adopted by Creepypasta ( COMPLETED <3 )
    107K 3.3K 36

    This is a story about a girl named Max and she is a orphan who was left by her family because she was "different" but she calls herself special she lives in an Orphange because she was abandoned by her parents. The truth is about her that she is a monster no matter how beautiful she is there is a monster that lives...

  • Adopted By Creepypasta
    174K 6K 39

    Kaya Sins was adopted by a rich family at a young age. She's been causing trouble for the few years she was there, and after a secret between her and her adoptive father is revealed, she is returned to her orphanage. Believing that the orphanage itself is wrong, she burns it down and flees the scene. Soon after, she...

  • Kidnapped by Killers (Eyeless Jack/BEN Drowned)
    447K 17.4K 77

    What happens if a bunch of cold-hearted, obnoxious, childish, killers kidnaps you..for fun? Play with your life a little.

  • Creepypasta truth or dare / story
    11.6K 331 47

    Creepypasta! Truth or dare

  • Life with the creepypasta family
    244 8 1

    It's quite funny. Although it gets a bit.. Dirty ;) hehehe

  • Novel: Slender Brothers on love street...
    17.7K 423 37

    Slender Man aka Simon , the cold hearted worker of all his brothers... Trender Man aka Tobias(not Toby Rogers), warm hearted who dedicates his live in music... Offender Man aka Ricky, a womanizer who only has a heated heart looking for pleasure... Splendor Man aka Chris, the last of all Slender Brothers who is a joyfu...