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  • One by One|| Criminal Minds
    720 34 2

    Dirty secrets, twisted lies, and a serial killer targeting the members of the BAU.

  • ※ Amber Alert ※
    2.4K 132 4

    A year and 2 months after tragedy strikes, the Cimorelli family (or what's left of it) is finally beginning to feel normal again. Christina and Katherine are daydreaming of fairytale weddings, balancing work to keep the family financially stable after the big move to Tennessee, and doing their best to raise their thr...

  • Nothing (A Cimorelli Story)
    23.7K 700 18

    „Maybe she's fine." "Fine? Are you kidding me? Look in her eyes and tell me what you see! Do it! " I pointed at the computer screen couldn't believe what I just heard. „And what do you see? Exactly. Nothing. Because there is nothing left. Our little sister is broken and you think everything's fine. She's broken becaus...

  • The Movie That Changed Us All
    405 18 6

    Best friends Courtney Eaton, Rydel Lynch, and Laura Marano never imagined that they'd ever work together, let alone star together. That's why Queens of the City was so special. However, working together causes some unexpected twists and turns which will test their friendships. Will these best friends survive working t...

  • My Date With A Lynch || Raura
    107K 4.3K 62

    COMPLETED. Accidentally winning a date with a celebrity doesn't seem so bad, right? Start: 17 May 2014 & Fin: 12 May 2016 Rewrite Start: ? & Rewrite Fin: ? Copyright Notice © 2014 by RauraQueen All Rights Reserved. DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was younger, so it's incredibly shìtty. You have been warned. Don't com...

  • Laura's new life
    103K 4.5K 86

    "But it's your life..." The sad blonde teen said as tears ran down his eyes. "...I know, and I just wanted you to be apart of it" Said the confused brunette right before she walked away from the boy's life.

  • We'll Have Our Little Secret
    237K 8.6K 41

    I wrap my fingers in his shirt and pull him even closer locking our lips. His hands slide down to my hips and I pull away. "This is wrong. We're not supposed to be together. If they knew-" I say locking eyes with him. He leans down and whispers in my ear "It will be our little secret." As he crashes our lips together.

  • Should've Been Us
    1.9K 142 11

    "Sometimes, people fall in love too young and become helpless, relentless and fustrated about their feelings. Their brains are confused and they dont want to do anything but push away the people who want to help them. But its okay to fall apart, because I love you anyways," "Well, I dont." completed july 21st 2015

    Completed   Mature
  • Tomlinson's Twin Sister (Louis Tomlinson fan fic)
    98.7K 1.9K 52

    Vanessa Anderson was 20 years old. Still living with her parents because of her little brother. But little did she know she was a twin from a boyband. But how? Follow Vanessa and her best friend in their journey to find the truth behind the lies Vanessa has been told.