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  • Best books on wattpad
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    This is a list of the best books I have seen on wattpad so far.

  • Best Books on Wattpad
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    In which I read books I can't get out of my head, so I put them here. DISCLAIMER: These books might not be on Wattpad forever. Some will be deleted, as many people are finding. That's not my fault so don't spam me. Some aren't completed and some are now paid stories. I don't control this, so please quit sending nasty...

  • Wattpad Favorites
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    For those of you who are looking for some new favorites❣️ (Most of the stories in here have romance in them! Soooo if you don't like those kinds of books umm... I would just go now...) ❥ ❥ ❥ "Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world...

  • Best Wattpad Books
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    Can't find 'the' book that catches your eye. Well, You've come to a right place! Here are some of the rarest gems on Wattpad and Amazing books that I've found and thought to share! Highest rank- #3 in Wattpadbooks #1 in Lists #2 in Gems *Message me for promotio...

  • Best Wattpad Books
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    This is a collection of amazing books YOU should read like ASAP.

  • Best Fantasy Books On Wattpad
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    Amazing fantasy books which I have read on wattpad😍😍

  • ICHS Must Read Books On Wattpad
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    Highest ranking #1 in Suggestions (5-3-18) Hey there! Looking for some awesome books to read ? Then you came to the right place. Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed to peek at these awesome books.

  • PotatoGems
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    You a potatogem? Reasons why we love The Hasan Twins! Ahhhhh😍😭 And many more😉 This account is made by a weirdo! Who is obsessed with The Twins! Ahhahahahahahaha😂😍

  • My Wattpad Favourites
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    This is a book full of my recommendations, just in case you've ran out of books to read :) All are completed, and I have included the synopsis of them all. For each book, the author is the dedication (so you can find them easier). A big thank you to them all for creating such amazing stories! Enjoy! Disclaimer: I do...

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    covers for the wattpad books pm me if you want me to make your book cover All I need is your love and support in return❤❤

  • Catching Up With The HasanTwins
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    (A Collaboration) Hi there! We're Rua & Raneem Hasan (TwinziHasan & FreedomHasan), twins who love to write here on wattpad! Continue reading to catch up with our lives, rants and many updates! // Amazing cover made by Nonfictionsim\\

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    Hi guys,here are the list of books that I've read and love:)

  • Good Romance Books on Wattpad
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    Read new gems or amazing romance books I suggested here. I read too many romance books and decided to share 'em with you. This is also an attempt of mine to help authors to gain more readers & followers! Slow updates, sorry. ㅡ juls ♡ 《 cover; weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo. made by; @imyourh0pe 》

  • Book cover dedications.
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    I am not great at all this but this is just a tribute to authors I love the most. Hope you enjoy it and thank you so much😘😘😘😘

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  • Story of Randomness 2 (COMPLETED)
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    The sequel to the Story of Randomness! Random stuff about my life, Harry Potter randomness, and much more! Cover made by @Smart_Ravenclaw

  • Best Wattpad Books
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    In which a bookworm gets to share her love for romance with all of Wattpad. *** If you know any book that you think should be on my list don't be afraid to comment and let me know. I will gladly take them into consideration as well as any reading recommendations you have for me. Have fun reading my fellow romance lo...

  • Read More Books
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    In Need Of Something To Read? Yes? Than You're In Luck! This Is A Collection Of My Favorite Wattpad Books...

  • Best Romance/ Drama stories on wattpad
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    Just my personal favorites I was honestly bored so I said why the fuck not.

  • The Greatest Love Stories
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    I have no words to explain how amazing these books are - by the way when it comes to books, I'm pretty picky -, so enjoy that you are here and add them to your library because you will not regret it! IF YOU READ ANY ROMANCE BOOKS, PLEASE, FEEL FREE TO SHOW ME BECAUSE I'LL LOVE TO READ THEM TOO. All chapters have an e...

  • Dangerous (Alec Volturi)
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    She is the least wanted member of the Cullens. He is one of the highest guards in Volturi. What will happen if those two meet?

  • Graphics Shop [closed temp]
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    C L O S E D T E M P O R A R I L Y request banners and covers all you want!!! Graphics shop is once again open:)) And premade covers as well!!!! Just some covers for ma fav books!! A/N; if u guys want me to make covers for your books then private message me or just comment!

  • Best Books In Wattpad
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    These are the books that I recommend you read. But this is only my opinion, maybe some books are not your type. Because you are entering my world that is filled with badboys, badboys and more badboys. But don't worry, not all the stories I'll be recommending is about badboys. There will be varieties here and there. So...

  • Must Reads On Wattpad
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    A list of stories found on Wattpad that deserve your attention! Ongoing

  • tsundoku | recommendations
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    "acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them" p.s. please note that I read most of these books when I was younger and that the recommendations included are not a reflection of my current taste in books. That doesn't mean that I'm withdrawing my recommendations, it just means...

  • Wattpad's Best
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    This book is just to recommend interesting books to new readers or anyone in that fact. The books that are mostly recommended are Teen fiction and Romance...all from my taste.

  • Wattpad: Best Novels
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    My thoughts and fellow readers opinions of the best, completed stories here, on Wattpad. Read on and choose your next novel to add to your library. Kudos to the great authors that wrote these masterpieces.

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    I'm here to share my favourite wattpad books. These books are really great some even make you want to cry the plot twists are amazing Hope you enjoy it.

  • Best Completed Books in Teen Fiction and Romance
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    These are the books that I love and are my favourite books on here. If you think I would like your book, dm me and I might like it and add it! I'll be dedicating each chapter to the author of that book and post their description. All rights go to the authors of the books.

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    Here are my top favourite wattpad books that are must reads!! All these books fit in the category of Romance, Teen Fiction, and werewolf!!!