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  • Stardust (A Natsu x Lucy Fan Fiction)
    123K 4.3K 21

    (A Fairy Tail Fan Fiction) What if it was Lucy who Natsu knew as a kid instead of Lisanna? 10-year-old Lucy Heartfilia decides to try something risky... she runs away. Having absolutely no clue as to where to go, she is completely lost, until she meets a misunderstood stranger who seems to understand her strug...

  • It All Started With A Kiss (NaLu)
    70.3K 2.8K 13

    A 17 year old girl Lucy Heartfilia was dared to do the kiss cam, a game where you run up and kiss a random stranger while someone is video taping you, When Lucy does it, it turns out that the random stranger isn't really a stranger. Will this kiss ruin there friendship or will it take there relationship to the next le...

  • nalu one-shots
    333K 10.8K 76

    51 chapters of nalu one-shots to get you fangirling to the rooftops. If nali is your OTP. Don't read this •-• This is all nalu, all the time so just back away. *completed*

  • Nalu (LEMON)
    54.5K 353 2

  • Married at Eighteen [NaLu] Book 2! ✓
    495K 15.4K 33

    -highest place: #406 in fanfic [092617] Read as Natsu and Lucy's feelings become deeper the more time they spend together, but there's one problem though -- Lucy's parents have decided to have them annulled. P.S. This beautiful cover was made by : @secretlyuchiha♡

  • Fairy Tail. Natsu X Lucy
    69.3K 1.2K 9

    What happens when Lucy gets cold? ;)

  • Natsu x Lucy Lemon
    16.8K 84 1

  • Cyber Bully (NaLu)
    318K 13.6K 13

    Published September 28, 2014 Completed Lucy Heartfilia. The girl who was branded as the school's biggest nerd. Lucy was unhappy with her life. She never once had someone be so kind to her as to be her friend. Everyone was just brutal, no mercy for her whatsoever. They didn't know of her home life. Rather, they didn't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Natsu x Lucy x Gray
    6.6K 164 3

    The story is all about: Gray and Natsu likes Lucy. But they don't know who from the two of them is the one that Lucy likes the most. Is it Natsu or Gray?

  • Flames on My Body
    139K 2.2K 7

  • Growing Up! ((DISCONTINUED!))
    1.2K 52 2

    This is the Sequel to From Normal to Crazy my previous Nalu Fanfiction. This is just about the Dragneel Family after Nashi was born. I made it because a couple of people asked me for a sequel so here it is.

  • By Accident (Natsu x Lucy|NaLu| story)
    184K 5.5K 21

    When Lucy finally realizes she likes Natsu after a certain White-haired mage, "accedently" pushes Lucy which caused her to trip and fall on Natsu and kiss him, she becomes strangely awkward around him. Natsu wonders What's wrong with her but he's too much of an airhead to know. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL OR T...

  • The Last Time...(NaLu oneshot)
    9.6K 529 1

    Lucy, do you remember it? The last time... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is a small NaLu OneShot in NATSU'S POINT OF VIEW.

  • Forgotten (Book1)
    166K 4.5K 10

    Lucy feels abandoned when Natsu keeps going on jobs with Lisanna and keeps turning her down. Lucy goes on a solo mission to destroy a demon tree but it turns out to be a setup. Lucy's memories of the guild are erased and she's turned against them. Will Natsu and the others brake the forgotten spell or will Lucy parish...

  • Melting the ice ( natsu x lucy nalu )
    5.2K 141 3

    Im Lucy Heartfilia ... Im an heiress to one of the richess man in our kingdom. I had all i wanted ... materials, servants, stuff that can be bought.. but one thing is missing ... love.. i didnt know how it felt.. i did all have the money but my father was always away at work and my mom died when i was a child... i did...

  • Fairy Tail - Natsu x Lucy Nalu Fanfiction one-shots
    22.2K 395 10

    Just Little Nalu one-shots. Natsu x Lucy Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia.

  • Forgotten Memories ( Fairy Tail [Natsu x Lucy] fanfiction ) *nalu*
    170K 4.3K 9

    Lucy gives up her memories to get Natsu and her out alive. She falls into a coma, and wakes up with all her memories gone. Natsu was prepared, he knew it from the day she gave up her memories that she would have forgotten Fairy Tail, her friends, and him-her best friend... and boyfriend. There was no promise that Lucy...

  • Forced to marry a vampire( a nalu fanfiction) [COMPLETED] (currently editing)
    382K 10.5K 29

    There was once two different people who go to the same school, Lucy, a quiet girl who is into reading books and natsu a bad boy with a dark secret, what happens when they are forced to get married, read and find out. Disclaimer: I do not own fairytail hiro Mashima does

  • I Fell In Love With A Maid • A Natsu x Lucy Fanfiction •
    4.3K 100 3

    Lucy Heartfilia has been bullied since forever. By Lisanna Strauss. Yep. Lisanna Strauss. Lisanna is known for the Best Beauty and Supportive but for Lucy, she's a total NIGHTMARE!! Lucy plans to find a part-time job for her rent. She finds a job at a maid cafe called 'Luka's Maid Cafe'. She works there for part-time...

  • The mate of the fire dragon [Natsu x Lucy (Lemon)]
    92.4K 611 1

    Aammmm ~ extreme Lemon XD *NoseBleed* Beware if you don't like this kimd of stuff shoo~

  • Natsu's sick
    235K 7.5K 19

    Lucy looks after Natsu when he is sick but what happens when Natsu starts to show is feeling whilst he is ill. Will Lucy eventually believe that Natsu likes her back or will she still think he is just hallucinating!

  • Fairy Tail~ A Nalu Fanfiction. From Normal to Crazy (Finished)
    122K 3.6K 32

    Teen Lucy Dragneel finds and Egg in a shallow river in her families estate. When the egg hatches and she finds that it's a dragon, she decides to name him Dragneel Natsu, what difficulties and changes will Lucy have to face? What if that means changing your life to take care of dragons. Will she accept this challenge...

  • The Princess Falls for the Dragon Slayer (NaLu) Natsu X Lucy
    825 40 2

    Lucy is a runaway who just so happens to be a princess. Why would she leave such a luxurious life behind? He father is the reason, he took away her freedom and locked her away in their "castle" or rather mansion. The mansion is protected by a fearsome dragon, Igneel. Though that is true, Igneel has a soft spot for Luc...

  • Married at Eighteen [NaLu] ✓
    3.4M 124K 57

    Highest ranking: #100 in fanfiction [051317] » who knew two strangers getting married from an arrangement could eventually fall in love for real ? started : Apr.16, 2015 ended : Mar.04, 2016 (for book 1) ended : Dec. 19, 2018 (for book 2) √ 1M √ 2M [ jul.15.17 ]

  • The Princess of Fairy Tail High
    480K 18.8K 47

    This is the SEQUEL to The Playboy of Fairy Tail High. If you haven't yet read the first, it is highly recommended that you read the it, seeing as there are spoilers and it explains the beginning of this relationship(it can easily be found from my page). Thank you!! After it feels like Natsu and Lucy had gone through...