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  • Like the Goblin Bee
    18 1 1

    The only thing worse than loving a loving two.

  • Second Chance
    729 95 5

    What happens when your life is taken from you? Is there really an after life? Once you die, is there any way back? After her brutal murder, Tara Mulligan finds out the hard way, and somehow must find her way back home. Artwork by @Abyss-of-crazy

  • Eve Andric and The Children of The Story
    708 124 36

    Eve Andric has lived a sheltered life in Nottingham. She knows nothing of The Story and what her parents did to save it until a former Guardian turns up dead in Sherwood Forest. After learning about The Story from her mother, Eve is eager to explore the new world before her. She gets her chance sooner than she expecte...

  • Goblin's Hollow
    18.4K 3.7K 86

    Goblin's Hollow is a land of mystery and magic located in one of the other thirteen realms of existaince; a community of crossbred magical beings. cover by ninetailedsilverfox

  • Prompt Perspectives
    547 26 38

    A collection of short stories inspired initially by a wide array of prompts from various places. Sometimes it's one word; maybe a phrase or a saying; sometimes a particular photo setting the creative wheels in motion. I love the development from that first small glow of imagination, the germ of a story that begins to...

  • The Silvereye Chronicles: The Lightshield
    1K 227 26

    Elsa Silvereye, the greatest thief in all of Vordelle, cares for only one thing in the entire world: her twin sister Elaine. She would do anything to protect her. When a mistake in judgement leads to Elaine's abduction, Elsa is coerced into stealing the most precious artifact in Vordelle--the Lightshield. Little does...

  • Demon Warrior
    3.9K 593 51

    A computer guy with a boring average life discovers through dreams and nightmares he is meant to track down the seven demons that encourage the seven deadly sins. He meets Jenna owner of Merlin's Trunk who is all he ever wanted but much more than what she seems.