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  • S I L E N T
    534 42 7

    S I L E N T | P R E V I E W "I think I've always disliked the whole 'shut up and smile' theory." Brielle Granger is desperate for a distraction. She wants to run away from home, school and most importantly her own thoughts that seem to be eating away at her slowly. She can't get rid of her self hate...

  • Beneath The Waves
    1K 426 7

    Ever since I was young, I believed in mermaids. In fact, I have seen one before. Not any of that fake stuff you see on the internet, I saw her swimming in the ocean. No one believed me though. But I knew they were real. As I grew older, my family and I went on a trip across the ocean for a year. When we got back, I go...

  • Reflection [ON HOLD FOR REWRITING]
    635 125 10

    How would you react if you saw someone else in the mirror instead of your own reflection? What would you do if your 'refletion' decides its time to come out of the mirror... Fred has never seen his own refletion in the mirror. He even made friends with the reflection he saw in the mirror. They would talk for hours...

  • Cursed Tomb
    2K 587 11

    Sara is an adventurous and funny girl, after her long waited graduation she goes with her parents and her sister on a holiday in her favorite country, Egypt. There they have lots of fun, visiting lots of cities as Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. Enjoying the beautiful monuments, museums, mosques and other amazing places tha...

  • Black Butterfly
    2K 93 5

    It was easy to fall apart. But what made you get to that point? So easy to give in to the turmoil, and feel yourself give up. What about fighting for a new day? There were strange things all around us, and for Isabella Velondale, she could see these things. Her eyes were open to the beauty and the horror her kingdom h...

  • Still Frames
    306 79 6

    The Order is a group out to find one child. One child that isn't human like the rest, and Cecelia is that child. * * * How special is your life? Cecelia often questioned this in her young life as an orphan. She had no idea what the future could hold, or how it felt to have someone to love. She had planned out what t...

  • Our Phantom's Shadow
    32K 2K 24

    With a small warm smile, the phantom offered them a hand. A hand promising refuge from the cruel world. Two dimensions collided and now Earth is at its apocalyptic end. Survivors are few to be found, but the Generation of Miracles are determined to save all and take back the world... But with inhuman creatures posses...

  • Everydays A New Beginning
    357 13 41

    I feel things. We all do. This is how I deal with it

  • Against The Rules
    348 55 5

    Same old college, same old friends,same old life, sounds fun right?(note the sarcasm) Well for me its different. I wake up every morning in a very strong hope of seeing him - my eyes attached strongly to his every move, giving me goosebumps, reaching out for increasing heat in my body - and heart beating at an awkward...