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  • Tom x Marco *Fire burns brighter with Love* (Slow Updates!)
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    this is a tomco also know as marco x tom. (YAOI) dont like dont read. There is a plot line and there are still all the other characters to, its a one sided thing but then turns to more. please read and comment. If you like billdip too then you should check out my book on that.

  • What the future holds... {future TomTord} (completed)
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    Tom was never happy about the fact he worked for him... But he had to, otherwise he would be shot dead. He wasn't the cleanest record in Tords amry which is why he was held. His friend Matt joined as well, but Edd was on the run. Tom worked as Tords paperworker, the boring thing... but little did Tom know he was more...

  • Eddsworld oneshots (tomtord/eddmatt)
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    Just a bunch of oneshots! I do a lil' smut! (Atm atleast) but there's a shit ton of fluff! I will do genderbent or otherwise known as ellsworld. I do requests and enjoy!!

  • Burning Desires ~Tomco One-Shot
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    Tomco! Bring on the smut! Ok this is going to be my very first smut, EVER! It is also a one-shot, that is long as hell, oh well, more smut for you guys am I right. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Don't like it, don't read it. There is no need for hate, please. Yep this is smut. I gotta stop saying smut......mmhm smut. Sorry but not smutt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spiraling into Your Arms- TomCo
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    Marco would have never pictured himself here, a personal slut for a wealth business man. It would be a lot easier if Tom treated him like a whore, then maybe he could stop the growing catastrophe in his heart. SUGAR DADDY AU BABES SUGAR DADDY AUUUUU Lemons and fluff with plot!

  • I'm Here For You
    25K 1K 13

    Tom x Tord! Yaya! Tom is an orphan and he escaped from an orphanage! He was walking down the road in the middle of the winter. He found a blue hoodie on the ground and put it on. After a while of sleeping in the snow, tord, matt, and edd were looking for tord's blue hoodie and found tom wearing it. In the book

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken War
    32.7K 1.6K 17

    DISCONTIUNED (Sequel to Forgiven War) After the Death of Thomas Thomson... Things got hard for Tord, also known as Red Leader. Things became more about battles and bloodshed. Tord doesn't gain any emotions, but does find a wife to take care of him. But what he finds out will shock him, and probably emotionally break...

  • Forgiven War(editing)
    89.1K 3.3K 13

    (Futrue Tomtord) Red Leader, Tord, Is the leader of an army known as The Red Army. In the Red Army history he's the most powerful leader yet. Thomas, Tom, is the second in charge of the army and gets to work along side with the Leader which is an Honor. To Tom it wasn't. Tord treated him like his schedule worker and m...

  • Jon x Eduardo (Eddsworld)
    26K 449 7

    WARNING THIS WILL HAVE SMUT (Lemons) in it. sowwy if you don't like it but here sinners!!! >=>

  • Eduardo x Jon (i have my rights)
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    don't you judge me you brown dragon

  • Time Will Tell
    3.7K 76 1

    Please enjoy and feel free to comment

  • Cipher's Kingdom (Billdip~)
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    Bill Cipher is the king and is looking for a queen so he can have a child. One women in each household has to come to the kingdom Ball so they can meet with the king. Dipper decides to go in the place of his twin sister Mabel thinking if he just stays hidden Cipher won't choose him, but the wicked king has other plans...

  • Black Eyes (TomTord Eddsworld Fic)
    144K 4.4K 47

    This is a Tom x Tord FanFiction! Oneshots of them will come later if I feel like it// Warning: Possibly NSFW Material! (I will put at the beginning of the chapters), cursing(!), and possibly hints at explicit content

  • tomtord oneshots/EddMatt [DISCONTINUED]
    92.5K 1.9K 19

    [Edit] no longer in the eddsworld fandom..yikes 🤠 like the title says tomtord One shots plus eddmatt my first story so please judge if i mispell Or if I mess up on something I don't own the cover I just edited it uvu

  • Tomtord Oneshots
    22.5K 732 10

    (discontinued) Well, I've finally decided to write a story, so, yeah. Um, title says it all. I'll have some AUs and such, and I'll tag songs and photos and whatnot to whatever the chapter might be a reference to. I might also throw in some Eddmatt and Paultryk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hope you enjoy reading!!

  • Habits - Tom x Tord [Eddsworld]
    10.3K 276 3

    A night of Tom's usual hard drinking and a sudden visit from Tord sends the two into a spiral of a love-hate relationship. #TORDISTOPTOMISBOTTOM #SORRYNOTSORRY / Literate short story, there IS gay 'love-making' in it so read at your own risk / / Strong language / / Matt, Edd, Tord & Tom are all around 19-22 years of...

  • EddMatt Comic
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    (Random Comic of EddMatt-my new OTP) Matt wants to confess to Edd about his feelings, but is too scared, so Tom and Tord try helping him out; while Edd is just confused about what his friends are doing If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk of a malware...

  • Eddsworld Love Stories
    369K 7.6K 142

    My have some smut. Contains multiple ships.

    Completed   Mature
  • Eddsworld Oneshots
    328K 6.5K 32

    This is manly eddsworld x reader but there will be chracter x chracter too. ♡♡♡ Request and also there may or may not be lemons, just warning you.

    Completed   Mature
  • TomTord Sinsss • Tom/Tord Fanfic(s)
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    I have sinned much in my life, and I don't think anything can compare to this work of art.

  • We Hate Eachother....Right?
    8.9K 371 12

    I'm new at this but...i decided to try and write a fanfic.... It's a TomTord thingy... i think im suppoused to warn you if it's NSFW....well thats my's yea im not good at descriptions....

  • TomTord Fanfic
    61.2K 1K 13

    |IN THE PROCESS OF REVISING| My first fanfic!!!!! Warning: Will have NSFW content (credit for cover: Mii-chanKai on deviant art)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Box (TomTord)
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    Read to find out. I dunno.

  • TomTord Gift For My Followers <3
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    Thank you for everyone following me and for all the support! cx So here's a gift for all those TomTord fans out there! XD And if you don't like TomTord, gosh I am so sorry...! ;-; I'll be sure to make other/different gifts in the future! ^^

  • Vampverse
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    This story is based off of Thegreatrouge's Vampverse. The Au itself belong to her along with the names and designs. All characters belong to their respective owners. For example; Error and Fresh belong to CrayonQueen, Ink belongs to Comyet. And so on. The only things that I own are the plot and Lumière ((VV Shine Sans...

  • please tell me... (ErrorFresh) -Discontinued-
    12.2K 122 5

    Everything happened so fast... Error Decided to fight Fresh, and got his feelings hurt badly.. How will error cope with this..?

  • Jasper x Suave
    6.6K 122 3

    THIS IS FOR LSPMINECRAFTWOLF!! I don't have enything else to say just that this is lemon and fanmade so hope you like!

  • Broken Hearts ~A Naj Freshpaper Fanfic~
    93.6K 2.7K 20

    Lots of monsters go to a high school called Underhigh, and they're split into two categories, Nerds and Jocks. But what exactly happens when one from each category falls in love? Two skeletons, know as Fresh and PJ, are in that situation, one declines the jocks love at first while the other does anything to prove hi...

  • Dah hell bro?! (Error x Fresh)
    43.3K 977 14

    So you guys know that I did a sanscest lemon oneshot thingie. And it had an ErrorFresh oneshot. Well, someone asked if I could make it a book. - What would you do if you was raped in your sleep? Probably not know until you wake up. This happened to Fresh over here, but he woke up with a surprise. Aanndd Error was stup...

    Completed   Mature