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  • Little Do You Know
    204 11 3

    Sam and Dean are having nightmares, and this is how they deal.

  • Sherlock Fanfiction: I'm Fine
    28.7K 1K 8

    An incident takes place with Sherlock Holmes, he's gotten himself into some trouble. But things are about to get even more serious if Sherlock can't solve this next case. NOTE: Bit of Sherlock whump/angst/hurting and Sherlock's blogger is there to catch him. A new case shows about after the first chapter or so, which...

    Completed   Mature
  • Texts Between Sherlock and Mycroft
    27K 1.5K 6

    Texts between Sherlock and Mycroft. Based on BBC TV series Sherlock.

  • Outside These Walls [Destiel]
    85.1K 5.3K 26

    Beyond the world of Talk to Me, Dean is ensnared in the hands of the enemy lines. He is forced to a prisoner-of-war camp, where he must face the hardest times in his life, spurred on only by the thoughts of seeing his brother again, and the soldier that relied on him for his very life.

    Completed   Mature
  • Casting Shadows (Supernatural Fanfiction)
    2K 325 17

    Alex isn't your average girl. Although she lives with her foster parents and goes to university, she never really fitted in with the humans, because well, she isn't. She had no idea who her birth parents were until she meets the Winchesters. At first she didn't believe it, but who would? After she thinks the situation...

  • Cold as Death
    24.9K 991 7

    What would have happened if Merlin had never been healed magically after the Dorocha attack? I find it a little convenient that Lancelot manages to set Merlin down by a river where some kind of spirit (Villia) is able to emerge in a bubble and heal him. So, I wrote what might have happened if Merlin had never been hea...

  • The dark of night || a Batman OC fanfic
    21.4K 517 21

    What if Damian Wayne had and older sister? One who had been dismissed by her grandfather and mother? Who was now carefully watching her birth father to know what he's doing at all times? (Also has to do with Young Justice.) (Seriously though, I just watched the son of batman movie and I'm extremely exited to give you...

  • Reichenbach Falls No More | SuperWhoLock
    468 33 5

    Time's ticking away on Sherlock's life. Of course, there are various ways for Sherlock to live; but, what will John think when a pair of brothers and a doctor aid Sherlock in his fall? | Alternate ending to the Reichenbach Fall. |

  • The East Wind - Sherlock
    441 15 3

    Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are sucked into another thrilling adventure provoked by Jim Moriarty. Read this episode-length short story to get an off-screen taste of the detective and his blogger! •this was originally written over text between me and my best friend Zoe, so we hope you like it!•

  • Sherlock Facts
    7.2K 352 50

    Here you'll get to know a few things you didn't or already know about the BBC show Sherlock.

  • When I Don't Have You Around
    74 11 2

    Sam and Dean have had a fight and have decided to split up, but now they are seeing the price of going separate ways

  • Brother, I Say Goodbye Now
    1.8K 84 1

    What would happen when the Winchesters meet their untimely demise? Who would it hurt? Here, we take a look into what could happen in the Supernatural Series Finale. *This is my story though I do not own the show.*

  • The Trouble with Demons (Supernatural)
    79 4 1

    Baby breaks down in front of an old General Store in Northern Arizona, and Sam and Dean get ambushed by a group of demons.

  • Into Murky Waters
    359 31 4

    On a regular Wednesday with Clara in the TARDIS, a black-eyed demon possesses her, and gives the Doctor a deal- Clara's life, for a ride to find the Winchesters.

  • Where Art Thou, Dear Brother?
    641 32 3

    This starts at the ending scene of Season 9 Episode 13, 'The Purge', where Sam confronts Dean about letting Gadreel possess him to save his life. Dean is devastated, and this is what happened next.

  • SuperWhoLock: The Angel Truth [Unfinished]
    15.9K 1.1K 24

    **This story is unfinished, but I will not be updating it ever again. Thank you all for supporting me for this long. -- It's been months since Castiel has contacted the Winchesters on his search for answers about the weeping angels' strange powers, and Sam and Dean are beginning to worry about their friend. When the...

  • SuperWhoLock: Demons Run [COMPLETED]
    50K 2.6K 23

    Just an ordinary night in Wyoming. Two brothers are digging up a grave. One turns around, and the other has disappeared. In his place: an angel statue. In London, England, a flying blue box crashes through the window of flat 221B Baker Street. A man with pitch black eyes appears and disappears throughout all of tim...