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  • Infinity Graphics | CLOSED FOREVER
    86.3K 7.6K 52

    Please check out my second graphics book if you wish to request! [ ]OPEN [X] CLOSED [ ]CFCU [ ] MY RICE COOKER HAS BROKEN Let's hope that last one never gets an 'X' Hello there! This is Infinity Graphics, where you may find covers, banners, and premades. #78 in random on 9/21/16

  • Graphically // V1
    145K 17.4K 161

    [Art Wars Jedi and Guild Approved // One of the winners of best Cover Books in the Graphic Wattys, 2016] A collection of art and graphics. [gorgeous cover by batato -- aka batman_justice] S T A T U S: Closed forever #37 in Random || 22.10.2016

  • Premades {Permanently Closed}
    84.9K 5.6K 148

    {Closed} Basically, these are my attempts at making covers. *This book is officially completed/closed, meaning I am not taking any requests or making any edits* 《Ranking: #226 in Random》

  • » poison premades
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    premades 2k16

  • The Hall of Graphics
    511K 43.6K 152

    It's art time! This is my portfolio to display graphics I have made for users on wattpad as well as commissioned graphics for ebooks and paperbacks. Lovely cover by @Forcade Highest Ranking: #38 in Random ( 30/6/16)

  • Forcade: The Designer
    165K 9.9K 82

    It's Raining Covers! I make any genre of covers! :) This displays stories that I made covers for. c: To request, please read the intro and important notes! Highest: #42 on Random ~ 3/24/16 #44 on Random ~ 3/18/16