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  • Blue (boyxboy)
    153K 9.2K 25

    *WATTPAD FEATURED STORY* Kevin is desperately in love with his best friend, Damon. He knows that it's hopeless, but he perseveres anyway. Abel is in love with the color periwinkle, and the taste of cookie dough ice cream. Kevin seems to embody both, which piques his interest. *** Highest Ranking: #276 in Romance WARNI...

  • Fix Me
    89.4K 7K 15

    Jax isn't happy; he hasn't been for a long time. After a particularly nasty suicide attempt, he lands in the psychiatric ward. Oliver has been in the psych ward for longer than he should've been. The new boy with too thin shoulders and no voice intrigues him. The two must find their way along the road to recovery toge...

  • Lost Boy
    20.4K 1.1K 7

    A short story about a boy who is lost but finds a way through all the pain with the help of a stranger. Highest Ranking #238 in Short Story Copyright © 2016 Nadia De Sousa. All rights reserved.

  • North
    387K 21.2K 39

    North Sinclair never expected to ever talk to the cocky Jude Griffin, let alone run into him in a coffee shop on the other side of town. Jude Griffin never expected to want to see more of the hazel eyed boy, let alone go on a hunt to find out his name. They both never expected to kiss, but that's life for you, always...

  • Coffee // One Shot
    17.4K 1.3K 2

    "I go purely for the coffee." "Right." ~ a very short tale of the beginnings of Mickey and Will told in dialogue and awkward silences ~

  • The Times He Listened (Short Story)
    10.7K 1K 1

    There are different types of listening. Some are bad. (LGBT themes).

  • The Nerd.
    193K 6.3K 10

    "Dylan, truth or dare?" She asks me. I smirk, "Dare." I say. She thinks. "Hm, I dare you ro make the school nerd fall in love with you." She says, "Easy," I say with a chuckle. "Wait, who's the school nerd?" I ask her. "Jack Forks." She says with a smirk, "Jack, that's a girls name right?" I ask nervously. "Nope," She...

    Completed   Mature
  • five hours (bxb)
    116K 8.1K 7

    I never believed you could fall in love in five hours, until it happened to me.

  • Here Comes The Sun [wattys 2016]
    102K 6.4K 15

    After a lot of rock music, many skating accidents and a considerable amount of arguing, Alex finds out that there are things in the world worth living for. Skateboarding, as it turned out was not the only thing Alex and Jem bonded over. [copyright afterwords two thousand & fifteen] short story #24

  • Artificial
    183K 12.4K 20

    Auden is in love with Ethan, but he pretends he isn't. Ethan pretends not to notice.

  • Staring Contest (Short Story)
    29K 1.8K 3

    "L-listen... I know, I-" he started, his voice sounding heavy and muffled from the tears that were starting to form. "I'm upset, too. W-we can forget-" I stopped his words by shoving him against the wall and kissing the heck out of his lips. I couldn't stop, I didn't care about it being disgusting -- because it didn't...

  • Lay Me Down (Short Story)
    16.3K 1K 1

    Sam had expected to wake up alone, but he didn't. (LGBT themes).

    Completed   Mature
  • The Paper Airplanes [bxb]
    86.2K 6.4K 12

    "he lost himself holding onto someone who didn't care about losing him." in which a boy writes anonymous letters and throws them away as airplanes. » completed as of August 17, 2015 ((Wattys2015)) ((I wrote this in the hospital and I was under the influence of a lot of drugs and painkillers, so some of the scenes prob...

  • Shy//JOSHLER
    302K 15K 37

    SHY // JOSHLER Age 6 "Hi, my names Joshua." The timid boy greeted the boy sitting next to him. "I'm Ty" the boy paused for a few seconds "ler" "Do you want to be friends?" Josh asked Tyler and Tyler nodded enthusiastically. Josh was proud of himself, he had never made a friend before. He smiled at Tyler and Tyler g...

  • kik || joshler
    205K 9.6K 47

    "new chat with spookyjim" // lowercase intended //

  • online (joshler)
    196K 11.6K 42

    typical texting au/josh & tyler play a game and maybe fall in love. [[REWRITTEN]]

  • online // destiel
    3.5M 187K 163

    Cas is typing ... copyright © officialcastiel highest ranking: #1 in destiel triggers: worst grammar ever and spelling errors

  • younow ✎ phan au
    379K 21.3K 44

    [COMPLETED] LIVE - AmazingPhil: "come watch me :)"

  • imessage | joshler
    648K 30K 55

    In which Josh gets a wrong number from a guy at Dominos and ends up texting Tyler.

  • Hello officer » Joshler/tysh
    239K 12.2K 32

    Tyler is a police officer. Josh is just a criminal who seems to constantly find himself in front of Tyler's trusty police taser. Just read it, because I know you want to *wiggles eyebrows* Yes I am attempting to seduce you into reading this fic

    Completed   Mature
  • Letters To Philip | Phan
    3.6K 266 40

    Dear Phil...

  • You're a Mess 『Cecilos WTNV』
    5.1K 260 1

    Carlos was just having a really bad day.

  • Cecilos, a welcome to night vale Fanfic
    52K 2.4K 16

    Basically fluffy teen!cecilos that hopefully will suffocate you. /ps Cecil looks like the cover/ Carlos moves in next door from a different state and Cecil's a bit curious.

  • Perfectly imperfect (Cecilos oneshot)
    4.9K 118 1

    A cute (little bit smutty) story about Carlos and Cecil, the cover art is not mine neither is Nightvale. If you haven't all ready give the podcast a listen.

  • ✎ phan au
    292K 18.3K 85

    [COMPLETED] Anonymous: you're cute Phil: um thanks, but who are you?

  • Lovely | Joshler
    159K 5.2K 14

    Josh is the most popular guy at school. But when he meets little, shy Tyler who has a difficult life, will things change for both of them for the better or worse?

  • more than friends//joshler
    302K 13.9K 19

    tyler watched as josh leaned forward, kissing her. "i love you." honestly i would edit this but also it's cool to leave things in the past. enjoy my old writing. ©2015

  • Messages-Joshler
    100K 4.7K 21

    JoshIsDun:Hello TylerJ:Hey? (Joshler Fanfic)

  • kik me ✦ joshler [COMPLETED]
    90.3K 5.1K 16

    josh: kik me tyler: kiss me joshler with some side ships listen let me just say i wrote this when i was a softie n it's such a cringey fic

  • Blind // Joshler
    210K 10.3K 47

    "I can't wait to see everything, the colors, the shapes..but wait I'm forgetting something." "What are you forgetting Tyler?" "I can't wait to see you." [NOT EDITED]. this is my first fic and I know it's not good but oh well what we gonna do. This could've been sooooo much better but like seeing as I did this when I w...

    Completed   Mature