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  • 1000 Ways To Annoy People
    5.3M 151K 101

    Hey! Have you ever wanted to be the most annoying person on earth? Well sorry but that position is currently occupied by me. That's ok though, because here is your guide to be the equal most annoying person ever! It's got all you need to know to be totally annoying to everyone. Obviously as a joke of course. Trust me...

  • Funny Steven Universe Pics and Stuff (Discontinued :c)
    248K 10.1K 141

    A/N: yes ik I don't update this often but im trying to! Just A Steven Universe Book That has really funny Pictures. Understand? I made this book just for entertainment alright? Don't be a ghost reader! Vote, vote, vote! And comment, comment, comment! Also I just put disclaimers of badwords and even the word 'damn', b...

  • Funny Memes
    8.7K 1K 52

    See the title it tells what this book is about