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  • Tcest Oneshots
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    I take requests c;

  • Leo and Donnie's love stories (one shots)
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    oneshots of Leo and Donnie's love story I take requests so leave some plz! Story by: Sydniebryant06 Cover by: @CuteLeoxDon Co-writter: @CuteLeoxDon

  • I'm not angry anymore (A Jonatello Fanfic)
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    Donnie and Casey Jones have been rivals for such a long time for the love interest of April O'Neil. Donatello has known to love April more than any woman, and the moment she is out of the city for vacation, the rivalry finally calms down. Not only that, Casey and Donnie began to grow a small friendship when it comes t...

  • The Truth Or Dare
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    Hi there my name is Sydnie, and this is mine and the turtles truth or dare book so you can leave your OC's and dares! I love y- Mikey stop eating the pizza! Anyway I love you guys! Remember to always Celebrate Life!❤

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    Warning: Tcest This was my first story I have ever written. I know some of my spelling and grammar aren't that good and I am editing it all but slowly go I can also finish my other stories. This one will be the first I edit then the others if needed. If you would like to read the stories I know are better than this o...

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  • Tmnt Oneshots - With Sex
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    Hi. Almost everyday, i got an idea to write this kind of stuff but i cant put it in my other story so i made this book. I took requests, please write down. I can ship everyone. Just tell me who would be the one (or two or three or...) who you wanna read about, and i make it. If ya dont like homosexuallity/tcest, th...

  • The Experiment
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    So this is a remake of "The School" it's going to have better details and last longer. (I'm going to fix the errors also.) This is the ORIGINAL story. They will be VERY similar yet different as the chapters turn. So, I hope this one is as good as the first... Enjoy!

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  • Evil Donnie
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    Since Donnie's cure for Karai's brain worms didn't work (The episode "The creeping doom"), He's been trying to make another one. Mikey, not learning his lesson, once again spills some on Donnie by accident. This time the chemical reacted much worse than last time. Donnie is slowly loosing his mind, and becoming more v...

  • How far we have fallen (Sequel to Dark Side)
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    It's been two years since Mikey left, and nothing has been the same since. The brothers are more distant than ever, and no matter what Splinter does, his sons remain lost. As more troubles continue to surface, questions come along with them. What happened to Mikey, and where is he now? Who is this new member of the F...

  • Tmnt: family battle
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    It's been years after the brothers separated. Leo, Raph and Donnie left their home for separate ways. Leo took Mikey with him cause he wants Mikey to have a brighter future. Here's the ages of them; Leo: 23 Raph: 2...

  • Sweet Dreams: A Short TMNT Fanfic
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    [EDIT 8/2/2020: This story is very old and not a reflection of my current work! Feel free to read if you want, though!] *This story takes place directly after the episode "Buried Secrets".* It's late night at the farmhouse, an hour or two after facing the "Mom Thing". A miserable April laments over her long-lost mothe...

  • Four ninjas and two kunoichis
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    Hey guys, so the story is about three sibling who were chosen to be ninjas. Until in their first day of school they meet other three sibling. But will the siblings figure out their new friends problems? Or will they save the world? Read and find out Ps. The stories might be short May 2015-present