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  • Write For Me
    5.5K 244 11

    In their world, just about everyone has a soul mate. For Sabo whatever he draws on his skin, words and drawings alike, will appear on the skin of his soul mate. Sabo has come to the conclusion that either his soul mate is really bored, very often, or knows that their drawings are the highlights of his life.

  • Kissing Booth [BoyxBoy]
    7.3M 246K 39

    (BOOK ONE OF THE KISSING BOOTH SERIES) Scar Patterson has everything that a boy could want - good looks, a smoking hot girlfriend and a full time scholarship to his dream school. In an attempt to raise money for the football team's new uniforms, Scar hosts a kissing booth at the town's Carnival Week. It's the perfect...

  • Nerd Alert | ✓
    5.8M 253K 30

    Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he wants, and verbally bash you while doing it. That's what Travis, a soccer player assigned to be tutored by Alexander, hates most about him. Confusing feelings, a drunken party, and a month of tutoring was all it took to get Travis to realize he was...

  • Forest Fic // Joshler
    491K 6.7K 3

    if you are very easily triggered, please don't read this. i don't think this is very graphic, but please be cautious i don't want anyone hurting themselves. inspired by forest by twenty one pilots

    Completed   Mature
  • The Drunk List [Gratsu]
    128K 6.7K 33

    In which an intoxicated boy makes a list of twenty things he never thought he had wanted to do and an adventurous boy offers to help him complete each one. [Highschool Gratsu AU, mentions of self-hate and eating disorders] ©hanlovespasta // 2014

    Completed   Mature
  • The Black Angel [Gratsu]
    64.8K 4K 32

    [Book One in the Angel Series] The Black Angel is an anonymous hero. He saves the damsel in distress and then magically flies off into the sunset. He keeps evil out of Starlight City, and everyone is dying to know just who is behind that black satin mask. The Black Angel keeps danger away, Gray's unfortunate enough to...

  • Melting Gray [Gratsu]
    325K 14.3K 51

    Senior year can mean lots of things for people. For Natsu, it simply means turning over a new leaf - not letting his past define his happiness, actually attempting to get his homework taken care of, and maybe making it to graduation without going insane. However, Natsu's plans for senior year vanish before the year ha...

  • The Angel Uprising [Gratsu]
    14.4K 1K 23

    [Book Two in the Angel Series] Having just escaped the treacherous Hakai Laboratory, Natsu and Gray are on the run. They have three goals in mind: Stay out of sight, stay out of trouble, and stay alive. What starts as a period of peace and freedom at the world-famous superhero headquarters morphs into a twisted nightm...

  • Chasing Summer
    135K 7.4K 26

    Two more weeks left before Levi Ackerman graduates from high school and leaves the small town of Shiganshina. He can't wait for the moment that he can finally put that dreadful town behind him. But when a Grisha Jaeger becomes the new family doctor, bringing along his ill son that breathes new life into the town he de...

    Completed   Mature
  • Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction)
    1.4M 75.6K 35

    Eren Jaeger hates art class. His hate for art class overruns his hate for science class, in fact, but when his teacher organises for him to the paired with quite possibly the most negative guy in the school, Levi Rivialle, for the upcoming art project, art classes may just start getting interesting. Shingeki No Kyojin...