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  • La Niñera De Los Hermanos Evans
    198K 14.1K 48

    En los contratos siempre están esas letras pequeñitas que pasas por desapercibido y esto siempre significa: Problemas. Cuidar a trillizos de cinco años no es nada fácil, no cuando están en esa edad donde la energía parece no acabarse. Pero eso será el menor de los problemas. Porque la mansión Evans oculta un secreto y...

  • Totalmente Mía
    81.2K 3.7K 25

    Hay muchas veces que confundimos una ilusión con el verdadero amor ¿sera este el caso? Que sucederá cuando la persona que jurabas amar no resulta ser tu verdadero amor ¿Lucharas para tener a la chica indicada? ¿Que pasara con la llegada de Elizabeth Swan? ¿Sera ella el verdadero amor de Edward Cullen? ¿Que pasara c...

  • DILF 》fp jones
    192K 3K 17

    "I bet I can fuck all the dilfs in this town before I leave." "How many times? Because I'm sure you've fucked FP Jones more than enough."

  • painkiller | fp jones
    71.1K 1.9K 27

    Riley Andrews returns home after living in Chicago for a few years. She finds herself attracted to the same man she's been crushing on since she was a kid, her dad's best friend from high school and the father of her brother's best friend. FP Jones. Both FP and Riley have been through things they'd rather not remembe...

  • Dangerous
    18.1K 507 23

    Emily Murphy is a teenager,17, who recently moved to Riverdale with her Mother, Mary and sister, Hailey. One night she takes a trip across the tracks to find a little trouble and ends up finding more than she thought.

  • Light is coming¹[Bill Weasley] LUNAE LUMEN SAGA
    160K 15.3K 42

    TLIC| "La luz viene para devolver todo lo que la oscuridad se ha llevado" ↪Thunderbird [Newt Scamander] ↪Nightingale [Newt Scamander] ↪Light is coming [Bill Weasley] Vol. I ↪ Without you [Charles Weasley] Vol. II ↪Battleground [Fred & George Weasley] Vol. III No es necesario leer las precuelas para entender ésta histo...

    Completed   Mature
  • »STEREK«®
    628K 32.4K 80

    STILES... Un chico de dieciséis años con gran carisma y sarcasmo, cree que estará solo por el resto de su vida, cuando a su amigo comienza a alumbrársele el camino, Stiles comienza a pensar que vive en la sombra de su mejor amigo, jamás ha sentido el amor y cree que jamás lo hará. Lo que nunca pensó fue que llegaría...

  • Desperado
    82.9K 1.6K 29

    The Crowns #1 °° Desperado : A desperate or reckless person, especially a criminal °° " Like you did. Back in New York with your family so you're afraid he's going to lash out and become destructive like you were." Katie Lodge is the daughter of Hiram and Hermione Lodge. She's also the twin sister of Veronica...

    Completed   Mature
    16.7K 257 5

    "Still here?" "Must be something real" [ age gap ]

  • Serpent Queen •>> FP Jones Fanfic
    52.8K 1K 17

    "I'm not some lost princess you need to save. I don't need saving. I'm a motherfucking queen and I've got this shit handled. All by myself." - she said, as she brushed past him. ---- There's a new biker chick in town and she's a complete mystery to everyone. She gets this nickname from the 4 Riverdale heroes, when t...

    310K 10.5K 52

    ❛ I GOT LOST IN HIM AND ITS THE KIND OF LOST THAT IS EXACTLY LIKE BEING FOUND ❜ _ A story in which a wild girl meets a quiet boy and things get interesting AnnE season 1 & 2 gilbert Blythe X female oc ACT ONE IS COMPLETED, ACT TWO IS UPLOADED WEEKLY #3 ranking in Gilbert Blythe #1 in anne shirley cuthbe...

  • His serpent secret? FP Jones
    58K 1.1K 12

    She's the newest member of the south side serpents. She's fierce, she's fiesty.. She's also in love with a man twice her age.

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗯𝗮𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 ; lucas zumann
    46.1K 1.6K 41

    DO 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐁𝐀𝐃 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐆 : 𝐔nderneath the fame, Lucas Zumann is a normal kid, and wants to have every normal experience including university... and everything that comes with it. Lorelei Jacobs has been itching to leave home for years, and when uni finally comes along, the girl decides to take it by storm. He ha...

  • Leather- FP x OC
    42.8K 874 22

    It has been years since she stepped foot in Riverdale and even longer since she spent time in the South Side. Her heart belonged with the South Side but she was trying to better herself. Will she find that in a certain place or with a certain person?

  • Southside Queen
    101K 2K 18

    Maddy James never expected she would fall in love with a guy twice her age, but then again, she loved to surprise herself. - - - "A shot of tequila," she ordered. The bartender complied, sliding the glass to her without even asking for her ID. Maddy felt a presence sit next to her. "God help me, if you ask what a girl...

  • Southside Queen (FP FF)
    61.1K 1K 18

    Scarlet was never the one for the peppy rich life. so she ran away.

  • Cherry Bomb ~ FP Jones
    160K 3.6K 26

    Dizzy Smith comes to Riverdale with her little sister Pinky. Dizzy is the cousin of Betty Copper and neice of Alice. So what happens when this bad girl who used to be in one of the biggest gang's in the US comes to Riverdale and starts falling for the one and only FP Jones? #2 In FP (2-15-18, 10-4-19) (Season One COM...

  • Young Blood ~~ FP Jones ~~
    123K 2.5K 27

    FP Jones Fanfiction, I'm not usually into the age gap thing but I love FP Jones. Full Story line inside Contains; AGE GAP (18 & 37) SOME MATURE THEMES

    Completed   Mature
    51.1K 913 21

    'I can't believe you're doing this to me...' I sighed. 'Well, baby girl, the night just started,' Ruby Devereaux is an innocent, bright young woman in her mother's eyes. Inside school, she plays the good girl, but outside of school, she is someone else. One day, Ruby is sent to live with her father in a town called Ri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Billion Dollar Babies. | FP Jones
    19.6K 430 17

    ❛You're a slick little girl, you're such a slick little girl.❜ She's the heiress to the Canadian maple syrup cartel. He's the leader of the South Side Serpents in Riverdale. When they meet, something magical happens that's never happened to either one of them. FP Jones x Reader [Age Gap][Smut][Mature themes][Crime][M...

  • Donante Personal (EDITANDO)
    3.3M 206K 39

    Ya el secreto de los Vampiros salió a la luz, ya sabemos que existen a nuestro alrededor, pero ahora lo más aterrador es que somos su alimento. En una sociedad avanzada ya no es el planeta tierra, ahora es "El mundo de los Vampiros". Cada Vampiro tiene su donante personal que le sirve de alimento y... muchas cosas má...

  • Robin Hood ¥ BELLAMY BLAKE
    4.8K 241 12

    Ariela Grace, or most known as Robin Hood, was captured at the age of 16. Five days before her eighteenth birthday, her and 99 other prisoners were sent to the ground to see if it was survivable. Not only did she find danger, but there was something she expecting never to find. Love. *Disclaimer: I do not own The 100...

  • FP Jones Imagines - A Southside Romance
    94.6K 1.7K 13

    In this dangerously addicting book, you will discover numerous adventures between you and FP Jones-played by the incredibly handsome Skeet Ulrich-from Riverdale. Enter this book with an open mind and a wanting soul as you encounter different imagines between you and FP. What would be better than a little fun on the wi...

  • Only Angel [FP Jones x OC]
    212K 4.8K 35

    She flew with the brutal autumn wind, only to wind up on the wrong side of the tracks. With bite harsher than Riverdale winter, Seline is the newest serpent in the Whyte Wyrm. FP never wanted a woman besides Jughead's mom, no other Serpent Hiss ever interested him as much as the new one strolling in at the dead of ni...

    8.5K 283 14

    But just like the battle of Troy There's nothing subtle here ___________________________________ Maria Reynolds recently moved back to Riverdale to try and make some sense of her life but when she accepts the help of Jughead nothing makes sense anymore. |Riverdale season 1| |Fla...

  • BABY||FP Jones||
    30.6K 667 20

    "You could choose any girl why choose me,". "Because you are my everything" DISCONTINUED

  • Entre mundos. La nueva era de los dioses
    73.3K 4.6K 85

    La Tierra ha tenido muchas civilizaciones distintas a lo largo de su historia. Todo debe llevar un perfecto orden para que estemos a salvo. Para ello se pactaron las Leyes Antiguas, un tratado que impiden el contacto entre distintos Panteones. Pero... ¿y si alguien cambiase la visión de los reyes? ¿Y si dos personas...

  • Un mes con el príncipe
    8.8M 585K 90

    Érase una vez un apuesto príncipe que vivía en un castillo y encontró el amor verdadero. Mejor no. Esta es la historia de un príncipe presumido que se cree la gran cosa como para dignarse a invitar a por lo cinco chicas a su castillo para cumplir su sueño de vivir con el por un mes con la esperanza de que en ese tiem...

  • ✓ DANGER |Teen Wolf| #1
    321K 25.1K 71

    ❞Donde todo lo que la rodea es peligroso, sobre todo sus sentimientos por el chico humano, que no es capaz de dejar el sarcasmo.❞ » Basada en la primera y segunda temporada de Teen Wolf. Recomiendo ver la serie antes de leerla ya que puede contener spoilers. « ✓ Primera parte (Terminada) ✓ Segunda parte (Terminada) Po...

  • Los 100. Earth
    4.8K 245 17

    100 jóvenes delincuentes son enviados a La Tierra para comprobar si ésta es habitable tras una catastrófica guerra nuclear que hubo 97 años atrás. Los 100 tendrán que explorar sus alrededores y descubrir todo lo que hay más allá de sus ojos, aunque también tendrán que comprender que no están solos en La Tierra.