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  • Oneshots
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    My Random Oneshots

  • Zootopia: Where The Wild Things Are
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    cover art by: akemi2310224 Zootopia has become a cesspool. Predators are assigned collars that have needles inside them; designed to push into their throats if they get unruly. Nick Wilde, 22, a depressed schizophrenic, works at a D.P.C.U, which picks up the dead bodies of predators after their needles go off to be di...

    Completed   Mature
  • As I Stared At the Stars, One Winked Back. (Liz's Journal)
    849 138 34

    Please, if you're reading this... First of all, why??? Secondly, I apologize for any emotional/mental/mystical trauma Thirdly, NO JUDGING!!!! Let's go adventuring into my realm, shall we? Or you could turn back now....

  • Savagetopia- Hidden Journals
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    These will be short stories of characters within the Savagetopia universe. Finnick, Nick, Weston, Roebuck, Jack Savage, Max and the past of others will be revealed in small chapters.

  • Lover not a fighter (JudyxNick)
    5.5K 235 29

    I loved Zootopia immediately so I decided to make a fanfic for Judy and Nick. The book starts with Nick's first day at ZPD with Judy as his senior officer. Together they will make a good team and not only. As they progress with their lives they get closer to each other and fall in love. But as their own flower blooms...

  • Passing Grade
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    Under Construction

  • Savagetopia (JudyxNick)
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    Judy has just graduated from the police academy and she is ready to travel to Zootopia and get her first job as a police officer. The morning of that day she gets a badly written message from the chief of police in Zootopia telling her not to go. She will disobey him and set off for the city. She makes it to the train...

    Completed   Mature
  • Law of Evolution: The Fifth Clan
    1K 167 32

    Have you ever wondered how a simple letter can change how the world is? You see, Astora has many wonders and one of them are the anthropomirphic animals that live in it. Nick is one of them, he's an engineer that lives in the city of Majula, capital of the Blunt Clan which consists only of those animals. He one day...

  • Zootopia~Our Last Case
    2.8K 154 29

    Betrayed by their department, betrayed by their city, betrayed by their government, betrayed by their families. Betrayal is most painful when you the one betraying you. When Nick and Judy are framed for a crime they didn't commit they must make new friends to clear their names and find who is really behind it. They ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meet Cute
    21.8K 602 22

    A JackxJudy fic.

  • Warrior RP
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    A RP. Come in and play!

  • SylviasSwords Shorts.
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    My shorts. Enjoy.

  • My Story
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    Loosing someone you know is bad. Having a parent pass away is bad. Try having your dad commit suicide. I'm writing this book because I'm having a really hard time dealing with everything that's going on right now. I want everyone out there to really pay attention at what I am going through. For anyone out there, who h...

  • A call from eternity
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    An unknown being hijack your mind and say that if you don't answer correctly it will crush your planet. The 23° challenge of ScienceFiction gave me the idea and even if it didn't really fit the contest I decided to write it down. #SciFriday Credit to Evandro Barba (on DeviantArt) for the photo.

  • Faeryville
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    "Welcome to Faeryville. The college of the stars and place where future leaders are born. It's not about power. It's about fear." -When being wrong is right and feeling right is wrong, in this world, nothing is supposed to make sense. Please, do request topics if you want :)

  • Journal
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    I figure, you know, when I get famous, people will want to know about my stories and truths, so buckle your seatbelt, don't listen to the voices, don't pet the animals, and don't eat the food, welcome to my life.

  • Legacy
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    Four teenagers living in a secluded town discover that their ancestry isn't what it seems.

  • Weird, but TRUE Facts!
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    So, I know I said I was only gonna post my stories here on Wattpad, but I really wanted to make Weird, but TRUE Facts. Without further ado, READ!! :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: I'm gonna finish this soon, but due to my laziness, you get 1-20 so far.

  • A Night To Remember
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    Young fourteen year old princess Elaine's first ball, and her cousins engagement announcement! The next in my line of short stories. For my friend, Decoris_Unum, who wanted a 'Happy Ending.' Do those exist?

  • The Charge
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    A short story set in the Civil War