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  • All I Need │Sequel Of AIEW│
    254K 6.7K 29

    Why? Why did he decided to kiss me right before I left? Maybe he thought it was gonna make me still have feelings for him when I leave for two years to Florida. Those feelings I had are now gone. I'm living my life in Florida with my loving boyfriend, Tyrone, and my best friend, Christopher. Tyrone and I have been goi...

  • Lovers or Friends Series {Samples Only}
    5.1M 70.7K 27

    Sample of Zeke & Sydney: Lovers or Friends Sample of Cuddy Buddy Sample of Wifey Sample of Wifey 2 Full books are available on Amazon

    Completed   Mature
  • Sure Thing: A Roc Royal Love Story
    227K 3.1K 32

  • Explore My Complexity (Roc Royal Love Story)
    97.3K 962 20

    Explore Me .

  • Life Is Not A FairyTale
    305K 9K 27

    Aaliyah Vasquez is a single mother trying her hardest to make ends meet . With little to no money she constantly finds herself in the struggle . As if Aaliyah's life wasn't hard enough she had to take care of her drug addict mother who doesn't want any help . With a 5 year old daughter Aaliyah has to find a way to s...

  • The Game That Everyone Plays: LOVE (Trey Songz story)
    14.9K 412 18

    Do you ever really know your boyfriend or girlfriend ? I mean people only let you see what they want you to see . Right ? People think Trey and Niavi are perfect but little do they know . How can you love someone who seems to not want to be loved sometimes . The secrets start to come out and all hell breaks loose . I...

  • Mindlessly New ~A MindlessBehavior: Roc Royal story~
    110K 1.1K 34

    This story is about a girl named Jade having to transfer in the middle of her junior year of high school because her mother got a new job in L.A. leaving her friends and family behind and her secret crush/Best friend Jacob Latimore. she transfers to "Morgan Park High" with no friends and gets bullied by 3 boys for bei...

  • ONE TIME FOR THE ROAD [Sequel to Mindlessly New]
    5.3K 132 7

    sequel to mindlessly new is finally here. go read it and hopefully you enjoy this book :)