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  • She needs you ~ Peter x MJ
    16.9K 491 33

    MJ has always just been MJ- reserved, sarcastic and nerdy. But Peter needs to talk to her about some homework when something unexpected happens. From there he sees the true MJ and how much she really needs him... Trigger warnings - suicide, self- harm and a little smut as of right now Set after FFH, everything happe...

  • Spying On Love
    1.3K 66 14

    Mary Jane 'MJ' works as a teenage spy for SHIELD. What will happen when her Father Nick Fury asks her to disguise as Michelle Jones for a mission to find out who Spider-Man is to recruit him in the Avengers initiative. Will this be more than just a mission for her?? #7 in petermj. #151 in michellejones #222 in teendra...

  • IT WAS ALWAYS YOU | Tom Hiddleston
    3.3K 264 10

    Two friends. Tom and Ella. He's a famous actor. She's a popular seamstress. Together, they break the laws of friendship and in the span of a single heartbeat, create a soft and genuine fairytale. Love overpowers them, resistance failing while drawing them together like gravity. This is a story packed with kindness a...

  • Crush/Boyfriend Imagines
    1.6M 26.6K 191

    Imagines about you and your crush/Boyfriend! (Mainly boyfriends) :)) This book is completed but go check out book #2!❤️ *All these are mine! PLEASE don't steal. :)

  • Lattes Graphic Shop
    511 49 10

    status: open

  • Slow Motion - Nick
    647 192 10

    Adrian Melrose has been a dancer since he was 5 years old when he turned 17 he got a role on a poplar broadway musical thats where he met Nick the quiet stage hand who had a passion for dance one day he caught him dancing on the stage and taught him the routine but when Nick leaves they don't see each other for 10 yea...

  • Realized By It Self
    3.6K 3.2K 35

    I've been realized the big realization that someone cant explain what it feels.. -- Highest Rank: #1 Date Started: May 2019

  • The President's Daughter
    113 33 3

    What would you answer if you are asked to ditch that dirty-tattered blanket, the small dingy cell in addition to a glossy low-slung roof and instead, accept a synthetic idyllic duvet coupled with a sombre and venerable mansion to live in? *** Meet Ruby, a back up singer in a band, who is put forward when they are con...

  • Crush x Reader (SMUT + FLUFF)
    1.1M 7.4K 17

    REQUESTS ARE CLOSED|||Hi! I really suck at descriptions but feel free to request. And as the title says this is a Crush x Reader smut/ fluff. They will be kinky, sweet and maybe even funny so go ahead and read them!

  • Kryptonite | Steve Rogers {Book One} ✅
    48.1K 926 46

    Steve Rogers has just entered an unfamiliar world after being frozen in ice for nearly 70 years. Melanie Jameson is an agent for Shield, and a powerful asset to the Avengers. When their two worlds collide, a love forms, but being Avengers means they're always busy trying to avenge the world. Will their love be stron...

  • A Girl In Desguised
    98 56 4

    Nathalie Nakahara Ford is the daughter of Niel Ford and Katherine Kim-Ford a famous Business Man and a famous Fashion Designer. Nathalie is the type of girl na laging tahimik, at hindi nakikihalubilo sa ibang tao, mas pipiliin niya pang mag ensayo kesa gumala. kilala siya sa code name niyang "HUNTER" ang babaeng kinak...

  • My Bestfriend Is My Boyfriend
    43 15 2

    Chorryne Nicole Scoth is just a simple girl, may dalawang bestfriend na ang turing sakanya at nakakabatang kapatid. Well ayon sakanya napakaswerte niya raw sa dalawang ugok na yun. What if Biglang nag iba yung nararamdaman nila para sa isa't isa ? Ano kaya mangyayari sakanila ? Magkakaroon yata ng Love Triangle eh.

  • Star Wars Males X reader preferences
    817 60 18

    as the title suggests. Males from Star Wars Who'll be covered? Kylo Ren Luke Skywalker Anakin Skywalker Han Solo Finn Poe Dameron General Hux Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • Brenda's Cover Contest
    1.6K 147 16

    Calling out to cover designers of any skill level! Looking to show off your graphic designing talents? Just looking for a fun, low pressure cover contest? Well, you've come to the right place! Stop on inside to see how this works!

  • Don't Judge By An Appearance
    824 276 23

    Ever had models for parents? Well Emerald Poppy Calvera, an 18 year old girl has. You think money can buy happiness? Just take a look at her life. She is not a nerd, not a cheerleader, not a duff, definately not a jock. At school she has been given the name 'Nameless'. No one can truly describe her. She is her own sup...

  • Creepypasta roleplay
    4.3K 85 16

    creepypasta rp XD

  • The good girl falls for the bad boy
    462 298 10

    Summer Williams is a 17 year old girl, she's going to college with her 3 best friends: James Mcmiller, Vanessa Elliot and Lucas Collins. She has a rough life whilst she falls in love with a bad boy, Aiden Griffen. She's a good girl but not a nerd. Being abused by her stepfather has brought a lot of pressure to her lif...

  • Midnight Stalker
    10.1K 1K 20

    Every midnight: A stalker. A stranger. A phone call. I should be scared. I should not entertain. I should not even talk to him. But all I did was... fall. TAGLISH | All artworks by: Arjay Harina

  • The Destined Couple
    775 490 21

    What if you fall in love to someone? To someone you know you should'nt fall in love. What will you do? Will you fight your love for him? Or you'll stop loving him because you know you'll end up hurting?

  • Silence {Editing}
    8.6K 3.1K 22

    {ONGOING} "He hunts, only if the silence is disturbed." Zeal, a very determined young woman and a mother of one, had to go through challenging moments that somehow connected to the events of her quondam life. When a stalker from her past begins to hunt her five-year-old daughter, Lisie, Zeal decides to take matters in...

  • Genius-NaNoWriMo2019
    2.1K 298 38

    By the age of sixteen, Jeremy Evans was working on his PhD. Deemed one of the brightest minds of his generation he had ambitions to be a surgeon, save lives, and change the world by way of science and medicine. After earning his doctorate at twenty, life as he knew it would change forever. Grant, a religious fanatic...

  • Madness
    709 211 11

    The Blue Rose Award, Mystery/Thriller (3rd place) - 20/05/2019 The Creative Award, Mystery/Thriller (2nd place) - 29/09/2019 Religious cult, mass murderers, naysayers Arsonist, fund embezzlement, sex fanatics Split-personality, anti-social, depression, autism, machiavellianism Stimulating keywords, condition results...

  • Coding Decoding
    648 285 11

    ❛Love is indeed heartless, if not, then why is it shown only as a symbol?❜ ~Islared Roger. "Loving a cyborg is hard but not impossible" he said. "Loving a cyborg is impossible when you know she doesn't believe in love" she corrected. -@Charlieruuh (Susweta) ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Awards won: •「2nd plac...

  • Haynes' Academy
    674 268 15

    A school for the arrogant, the intolerable, the insufferable, and the privileged. Where the highest of high are seen, where the most known of the famous are spotted, where the rotting of the spoiled are found. Rich, polished, money-wasting, fancy and pampered high class bratts. Haynes' Academy is a widely known, extr...

  • August 24th ✔
    5.5K 1.6K 66

    Something terrible happened on August 24th, and Sahar and Everett are the only ones who know about it. They share a secret, a deadly one, and it still hasn't let go of them. They promised to never talk about it and to go their separate ways. So when Sahar starts college, she decides it's going to be a fresh start; a...

    943 284 12

    Carolina Gonzalez is a twenty-three-year-old Mexican lady and she is well established, working in the IT department of one of the renowned companies in the state. But, things began to take a different turn when she got a call from detective Cullen, requesting her presence at the station concerning a crime she knew no...

  • My billionaire's personal maid {Completed}
    10.5K 518 36

    Eleanor Amy Cooper is 23 years old and is from a very poor family. She indulged herself in work but but recently got fired. At the worst possible time. Thankfully there is a job available but it would mean that she would be working for the most uptight, ignorant, stuck up, annoying brat aka the richest guy in the city...

  • Marvel RP Book
    4.9K 44 34

    My first time doing a Marvel RP book so i hope you have fun with me