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  • A Veela and his Neko
    395K 12.8K 22

    The trywizard trials have just ended. You'd think Harry would be relieved. But what if he isn't? Find out what happens when his true feelings come out and his inheritance comes in. Draco's inheritance just came in and he needs to know who his mate is. But what'll happen when he finds out? Read to see :3 Want to point...

  • My Cats A Human!! WAIT, WHAT?!?! *BoyxBoy* SLOW UPDATES
    4.7K 131 3

    " I just wish you were human Lyric than maybe you'll understand what I'm goin through at the moment." This same wish was when all of my life turned upside down. Mystery Kiley is stereotyped as a "Emo" or "Scene" at school. He doesn't talk much but once you get to know him, he could be quite loud and funny. Follow Myst...

  • a neko named pet (boyxboy)
    209K 5.2K 6

    pet is a neko who has never lived outside of his cage at the petshop but when alex his new master comes and buys him will he be the master of his nightmares that he heard stories about... read and find

  • Neko of Ikebukuro
    134K 6K 10

    Everyday is the same for the informant of Ikebukuro. That is until one morning his whole life changes when he wakes up to find he ha turned into a Neko. As if this isn't hard enough a certain blonde is on his tail, literally, and trying to figure out what is up with Izaya. It's even worse when the feline part of him h...

  • My first pet( boyxboy)
    987 22 1

    This is a Neko boyxboy

  • My Little Neko boyxboy(ON A MAJOR HOLD)
    237K 6.3K 30

    Tommy was always pushed around and left by everyone, even his parents. Until the new kid in school comes and changes everything. Tommy's friends have went from one to so many he can't keep up. But the new kid has a secret. How will Tommy ever survive this?

  • My Own Neko (boyxboy)
    334K 9.4K 28

    //CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED// All a cat wants is to be cared for a loved. Lots and lots of love! And that's what Keegan gives his new cat, Ren. But what happens when Ren turns out to be a neko; a cat-human hybrid? What if Ren still wants the attention he got as a kitten even in his human form? What happens when others ge...

  • Neko Love (boyxboy)
    424K 12K 33

    About a neko falling in love with his owner. At first he's a cat that was taking in by Hiro.After years of him being a cat he slowly fell in love with his master. Then one day he becomes human, but still carries cat characteristics like ears, tail, and eyes. Will Nanashi (le Neko) be able to catch Hiro's eye and have...

  • Neko To Vampire
    6.7K 101 7

    Discontinued. Don't have the heart to delete it

  • Kitten In The Host Club 2: Grown Up
    67.7K 3K 24

    Zero-chan is back and better than ever. After his little heart break, our adorable young man went to follow his dream in the United Kingdom. What happens when his band tours back to Japan and a certain Host Club has back stage passes to his concert?

  • The Neko's Demon (boyxboy)
    107K 3.1K 6

    a small neko kitten is forced to help summon demons by his owner. he is own by a bitter soul. the old mans wife died, killed by a demon so he takes pleasure in controlling them. Demons has been around since the begining of time and hasnt been able to find their mates. everybody has five mates in their life time. demon...

  • Neko Baby (BoyxBoy)
    219K 6.5K 31

    BOYXBOY WARNING: MAY CONTAIN VERY AWESOME SCENES. READ AT OWN RISK. Leo is a Neko. He gets kidnapped. He falls in love. Shit happens. He attempts suicide. He becomes more cocky. More shit happens. A random guy dies. Leo cries.

  • A Little Kitten Named Neko
    279K 9.5K 21

    James and Neko are twin kittens. After James discovers Neko is gay, he wants to help protect his brother from their homophobic parents. While James is helping Neko, he slowly falls in love with him. Will Neko fall in love with James too? Or will their brotherly friendship be forever ruined? Copyright © 2013 | All Righ...

  • Kitty-Kat (Yaoi boyxboy)
    589K 16.5K 15

    After Alex Cole, an average 17 year old boy, has his heart crushed by the best friend he's been in love with for the past year, he doesn't really know what to do with himself. But after coming across a stray cat he found on the road, Alex's world is turned upside down.

  • Kitten In The Host Club
    309K 10.7K 21

    What happens when a boy goes to the host room and breaks a vase. This a yaoi love story. Don't hate.

  • A Train and a Neko
    1.5K 35 4

    Sven happens to find a cute black kitten and takes him in... but when this cute kitten turns into a HUMAN, what will he do?