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  • Dancing In The Dark...
    11.1K 380 18

    CANCELLED- but read if you want (not complete) A girl is a brilliant dancer, but when it comes to school she is so nerdy and gets picked on. When there is a new boy in her dance class she doesn't seem to take notice of him, but then he arriaved at her school. What Happens when they have to do a dance together and beco...

  • Hidden talent
    161K 6.2K 49

    Andie is a girl who always had a dream to dance. She specialised in hiphop dance. She never showed anyone her skills. She never wants to. Until......READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!

  • Dancing Through Life
    83K 3.3K 37

    - I don't dance when I'm being told what to do. Dancing is an art. You don't tell an artist what to paint, and you don't tell a dancer what to dance. It's independent - Rebecca is a relatively normal teenage girl apart from the fact that both of her parents are famous. Her mother, a world-famous dancer, spends every a...

  • Dancing The Pain Away
    97.4K 3K 22

    Sophie is a regular teen girl with a love for dance, but had fallen into depression when she started high school, as she dances with her crush and best friend in a duet at finals, and they get in a fight, will she be able to continue this life of darkness?

  • Caught on Camera
    80.5K 2.2K 11

    Caught on Camera is about a dancer who dances everywhere she is. Though one day, someone catches a glimpse of her skills which changes her life forever.

  • Overture (Ambler Elite #1) ★
    46.4K 1.3K 13

    Ever's used to being the new girl. The Ambler School of Dance is her sixth (sixth!!) new studio in the twelve years she's been dancing, so she totally expects to fall into her normal groove of not really belonging, of always being on the outside. But something's different here. Besides the catfights, drama queens, a...

  • Breaking Pointe
    143K 5.3K 21

    Arabella threw herself into ballet when she lost her mom. Her whole life revolves around dance and she will do anything to be skinny and succeed. She is completely focused until a new guy shows up in town with an amazing accent and a kind heart. She has told herself over and over again that she's not allowed to date...

  • Dance To The Beat [DISCONTINUED]
    102K 4.9K 27

    Kylie Spencer. A girl with a burning passion to dance. Ryder Hart. The best dancer in High School. Popular worldwide. Sean Cooper. The new neighbor of Kylie. Annoying as hell. Ran the car over Kylie. Calls for trouble. Kylie stayed invisible for practically all of her life until these two boys just pop into her life...