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  • A wrong number gone right
    475 28 3

    Peter Parker gets the wrong number from ned, he never knew he could gain a family through that

  • Avengers: Welcome to the Team (ON HOLD)
    92 4 2

    After the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, instead of Peter declining Tonys offer. He accepts it. (Civil War never happened)

  • Avengers: a new home
    205 20 3

    Peter Parker crashes the party in Seoul South Korea to help the avengers take on ultron

    10.7K 125 10

    Spiderwitch Oneshots for fans alike :) Spiderwitch Spiderman Scarlet Witch Romance Siblings Marvel Avengers

  • Lost - A Spiderwitch Story
    299 17 2

    "you're the only one who understands"

  • Forever Fight As One: The Last Hope
    905 0 27

    Beyond Good, Beyond Evil, Beyond Your Wildest Imagination! The end is here. Unicron has successfully merged with the Icon of Sin but the heroes aren't finished yet. G1 Optimus sends a message to Unite the multiverse and EVERYONE answers. The Decepticons, The Wreckers, Roughnecks, Titans, Teen Titans, Mandalorians, The...

  • Marvel Studios|Toho Godzilla: Ascension
    947 1 17

    After the battles raged between Ghidorah, the Mutos, and Destroyah, Perhaps it isn't too late to see who the new heir to the throne shall be. Junior is a force to be reckoned with, but maybe he's more benevolent then his father...Find out in the fourth part of the Marvel Studios/Godzilla Series as Junior Ascends into...

    2.2K 27 25

    The battle to decide the fate of the universe is here. Alien races, humanity and the titans rush together to join forces to stop the horrible terror of Destroyah! Can they all put their differences aside and assemble, or will history show again how nature will point out the folly of man? Find out as the battle between...

  • Marvel Studios - Godzilla: Man Vs. Nature
    1.7K 13 12

    After the events of 2024's mass Titan War and the battle against Ghidorah, The Avengers and Governments of the world choose whether to make a Anti-Godzilla weapon or let the King and titans co-exist. After an attack on Rio DeJanero, they execute the plan but realize the dangers of threatening a King...

  • Spider-Man: The New Avenger
    2.6K 139 9

    What if the rogue Avengers were pardoned a month after the fight in Siberia? What if Peter wouldn't have denied Tony Stark's invite, to become an Avenger? What if he would live in the Avengers Compound? Follow Peter Parker, as he forms a close relationship with The Avengers. And an especially closer one with a certain...

  • Till the end of time. (SpiderWitch)
    13.7K 452 36

    After 7 years of working in Hydra. Wanda Maximoff has finally escaped with her bother Pietro Maximoff by her side. The Avengers took them in after the battle of Ultron. Which in this universe Pietro lived through the battle. While living at the compound she meets Peter Parker and instantly feels a connection. But will...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wrong number kid - avengers
    13.6K 308 12

    Just a wrong number story Avengers Peter accidentally texts the wrong number but will that wrong number become something more?

  • TITANS 2150 - The New Era (Disney Monster Universe Phase 2)
    4.4K 132 15

    Year 2150. During an expedition in the Arctic Circle above Norway, a team from the Apex Corporation makes a stunning discovery: a young woman asleep in an ice crystal, on a huge glacier lost in the middle of the ocean. Seeing that the woman appears alive, the team then takes her back to the town of San Fransokyo to st...

  • A New Beginning
    552 18 2

    After losing the ones they love, Peter and Wanda grow close as they get a chance to have a new beginning after the Snap

  • Peter Parker One Shots
    2.9K 41 18

    No Starker!! Mostly gonna be field trip storied cause they're my favorite. I'm a new writer so I'm not very good yet. Enjoy! Just gonna add here that my iPad isn't letting me change the cover'll just be my profile pic. I don't own any of these characters everything belongs to Marvel or their original creator...

    1.1K 20 3

    In which, Peter's, Wanda's, and Peter's friend's life is displayed through Instagram.

  • Wrong number! but ready to help (Spiderwitch)
    14.7K 280 17

    Peter Parker (tom holland apperance and personnality and comics origins) typed the wrong number after his phone was broke, again, but this time it shattered in multiple pieces and is unfixable. What will blossom out of this? Spider-Man x Wanda Maximoff (MCU) Well everything is from MCU except what mentioned earlier.

  • Two Different Worlds: It Ends With Us
    966 39 12

    This is book 2 of Two Different Worlds. This is the story of Peter's struggles and problems as he goes through life. It consisted of heart break, depression, and loneliness. He thought his life couldn't get any worst. Then he made the brutal mistake of trusting the wrong person! His life went deeper into the hole. Th...

  • Separated
    1.8K 163 12

    This is book 3 /5 to my Spiderwitch series This follows the events of Avengers Infinty war! If the timeline is a little messy, I'm sorry.

    Completed   Mature
  • Natasha's sister (on hold)
    318 13 4

    "I had a little sister but she died a long time ago. Her 19th birthday is coming up I miss her more than anything in the world."

  • SpiderWitch: A New Beginning
    3.8K 98 13

    Set after Endgame and during Far From Home. Wanda Maximoff and an older Peter Parker are recruited by Nick Fury to team up with Quentin Beck A.K.A Mysterio to help take on a group of creatures called The Elementals who seem be destroying worlds across the Multiverse but is everything as what it seems? can Beck be trus...

  • A different fight a civil war story
    2.4K 62 13

    When Peter Parker Arrives to his apartment He finds his aunt talking to Tony Stark Who is Telling her About Peter Internship but Really he Want him to Join the Avengers While he's moving in he bumped into the scarlet witch both Falling in love with each other What happens when they have to Choose sides for Civil War

  • Spider-Man: Accused (ON HOLD)
    1.4K 39 7

    After the events of Far From Home, Happy and Rhoades decide to let Peter stay at the Avengers Compound where Peter gets to officially meet everyone but just when things start to get good. Oh well you'll see Story Notes Peter is 19 and Wanda is 20 Natasha is alive and well. Tony did die. This is 3 weeks after Far From...

  • Webbed up (spiderwitch)
    1.9K 58 7

    Peter is struggling to adapt to his new living situation, Wanda tries to help him with his issues, as things get better they build connections and grow closer together, these circumstances push them further away, they fight for there love no matter what. 1K VIEWS!!!

  • Spider-Man: Legend Of the Spider
    18K 287 36

    A.U - Peter and Wanda both are 20 Peter Parker has been an Avengers for a couple of months but when he refuses to reveal himself to the rest of the world... Everything starts to fall apart but that changes when he meets The Scarlet Witch FYI - This Book will be spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame at a later chapte...

  • A new student (spiderwitch)
    17K 276 14

    Wanda just moved into stark tower with her brother ( he survived aou ) who are both 16 . Since they joined the avengers Steve and Nat adopted them and they've been getting used to there old life . But when flash starts harassing Wanda , peter finally stands up to flash and shows him up . Wanda and peter become close f...

  • Spiderwitch (Spiderman X scarlet witch
    4.8K 100 13

    ever since they had had to fight in the civil war they saw something in each other and something clicked

    Completed   Mature
  • Avengers Alien Swarm
    767 24 10

    Ben Tennyson (Ryan Kelly) and Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) joined the Avengers after they both had a visit of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr).

  • - All thanks to you | SpiderWitch - (editing)
    8.8K 195 10

    Peter is a normal teen who, like everyone else, is trying to survive high school. But every thing changed one day when Pietro Maximoff and his twin sister Wanda Maximoff, came to Peter's school. He finds out a crazy secret. -School trip to Stark industries or compound at one point- Everything still happens in the marv...

  • In From The Cold
    32 0 3

    In a small town in Canada, two detectives discover a mysterious case that hits the town completely by surprise. Together, Detectives Carly Beckett (Elizabeth Olsen) and Spike Pattinson (Tom Holland) will uncover the mystery and it's past...