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  • Soft Demon (Antisepticeye × Reader)
    375 9 2

    Hay guys I'm making this book for your injoy-ment ​ I hope you like it

  • Demonic Duo (Darkiplier & AntiSepticEye X Reader
    23.7K 724 8

    As a scholar in college, you made sure you were only focused on studies. But who could resist the cute JacksepticEye and hot Markiplier? One night, when you were making a report about animal anatomy, a notification popped out, telling you that Markiplier and JackSepticEye posted a new video at the same time. Who woul...

  • Septic Eyes: An Antisepticeye X Child! Reader (Complete)
    111K 3.9K 34

    You were trying to find your way home after school. It was dark now, and you couldn't seem to find the right street. You're parents were supposed to pick you up, but they were nowhere to be found. A teacher asked if you needed a ride after calling your parents and getting no answer, but you were set on walking home. "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Darkiplier X antisepticeye X reader
    82.7K 1.6K 20

    Well what I'm thinking is that your in second person as a reader and you and mark and jack are are walking around when dark shows up and when dark is around Jack Jack turns into anti and both of them (dark and anti) have a crush on you but you don't know it yet read more to find out the rest or something in that term...

  • Trust Me (Antisepticeye X Reader) (ON HOLD!!)
    946 36 4

    Y/n is a 24 year old girl living in L.A. She works as a amateur youtuber with around 500,000 subscribers. She didn't think she was anything but special. That she could make much of a difference. To anyone. But she couldn't have been more wrong. My first Antisepticeye X reader so take it easy on me please!!

  • The Dark Side (Darkiplier And Antisepticeye)
    46.4K 1K 31

    When you were a kid and you were watching Markiplier and Jacksepticeye all time. But one day you saw a video about Darkiplier and Anti-jacksepticeye. You kept watching them. You were having nightmares. You had the worst weeks in your life. Blood. Terror. Now You live in L.A. One day you met Markiplier, your favorite...

  • Roommates antisepticeye x reader
    28K 609 33

    So you are a teen girl in a room by urself and u feel like u can go in the woods and go find something interesting then u find out antisepticeye was there the rest is in the story comment if u want more

  • lonely (Antisepticeye x Reader)
    179K 5.1K 27

    Once upon a time a gurl was bored in her room and wrote a book... JK So y/n is not having the best luck, her mother her father when she was 13 and got arrested for murder. Ever since she left her father hasn't been himself, he's always high and abuses her all the time when he's mad. Y/N is always bullied and has only...

  • Split (Antisepticeye, Jacksepticeye, Darksepticeye x Reader)
    59K 1.9K 45

    [Y/n] finds herself to have been abducted and wakes up with several months of her life missing. When she wakes up she finds her kidnapper to be Antisepticeye, a mad scientist and a doppelgänger of Jacksepticeye. She then is forced to live with them along with Darksepticeye and Signe out of fear and defeat. However, th...

  • I Can't Love (Antisepticeye X Reader)
    105K 2.8K 31

    Ok, so this will have a name already chosen b/c I don't want to write (Y/N) a million times.

  • Antisepticeye X Reader
    20.9K 658 7

    Another one? Holy smokes! A story about a 15 year old girl in a highschool where you can stay in dorms, and figures out there my be more to the school than you thought...

  • Miraculous Kid (AntiSepticEye X Reader)
    29.8K 1.4K 24

    [Y/N] [L/N] - now the young head of the Grelltic mansion. By a contract between her mother and a demon, she's stuck with two creatures claimed as her butlers. Tho after a faithful night, where she meets them, [Y/N] can finally return back to Grelltic mansion and her household. What is she going to do after everything...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving A Killer Roommate (Antisepticeye X Reader)
    127K 4.5K 36

    Growing up with Jack was fun, doing things you weren't suppose to do and playing video games. You started having feelings for him for as long as you could remember but it was kinda awkward because you know he has a girlfriend. One day while you were visiting, you decided to go into his room while he's away and find ou...

  • Secrets (Antisepticeye x reader)
    12.2K 276 4

    At first you were happy having an apartment of your own but what will happen when you have some unwanted visitors? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx So this story involves Antisepticeye, Darkiplier, Wilford Warfstache, and PewDIE. One day going to be rewritten but for now this is it

  • (DISCONTINUED)Forbidden Love (Antisepticeye X Reader)
    109K 4.2K 32

    (Y/N) = your name You're Jack's younger sister, and you are living with him for a few months. However, you soon meet his alter ego, Antisepticeye. What will happen? Dun dun dunnnnnnn. (I don't own the cover picture)

  • Mr.Anti! (AntiSepticEye X Reader Child)
    71.5K 2.4K 27

    Raspy Hill- A place that was full of demons and angels, a place that Y/N now called her home. As in every other XChild!Reader Wilford gets the role of the bad guy, but is it really his fault? This is an X Female!Child!Reader. Cover photo isn't mine.

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Mine ( Antiseptceye x reader )
    146K 2.1K 16

    Your a famous YouTuber that knows many other YouTuber. One night when you and your friend Jacksepticeye, or Jack for short, have a sleepover together, you learn a dark side about your Irish friend.

  • The Demon and the Girl (Sequel to My friends are Demons)
    87.7K 3.9K 34

    The story of Reader-chan and Anti continues ten years into the future of when the last book ended. There's a new addition to their family who they might protect with their lives...

  • When I saw you (Antisepticeye x reader)
    128K 2.2K 40

    Highest rank is #179 markiplier Anyways the story gets better the more you read I promise 😊 Your name is (Y/N) and you ran away from home from your abusive father, then one day you met him... ⚠Warning there is smut at the end ⚠ P. S. Pictures in this story don't belong to me, (only the last pic was drawn by me) only...

  • Antisepticeye X Reader
    87.7K 2.1K 6

    Trying to finish up your favorite book series, 'A Track To The River" you find yourself stuck with a internal conflict of a voice speaking to you. Cover Picture By Gooberoo on deviantart

  • I'm Everywhere (Anti / Jacksepticeye X Reader)
    94.8K 3K 31

    Completed   Mature
  • Royalty. Royal!Antisepticeye x Royal!Reader Discontinued
    29.6K 1.1K 16

    I live with my mother and father as well as my older twin brothers. Dark is being crowned king in a few days he as going to rule with Mark, however he has found a girl and is going to marry her and rule with her Kingdom, making a bond of trust between our two kingdoms for now. I am going to remain princess and help my...

  • Get Rid of Him! A Jack and Antisepticeye x-reader.
    2.7K 74 27

    Hello! This is my very first attempt at writing fanfiction! I hope you enjoy it! (The cover is most definitely not mine, as I can NOT draw that well. I can't really read the watermark, but I'll give credit where credit is due!)

  • Deception (Third book in My Friends are Demons series) (Complete)
    44K 2.2K 26

    It's been a year since Y/N and Sammy lost Anti after they were rescued from Wilford. But in a new world of deception friends become enemies and enemies become friends 2/23/19: Highest Rank: number 5 in JackSepticGlitch

  • Love With A Monster
    1.3K 43 38


  • To see her Smile (Antisepticeye X reader)
    89.6K 3.4K 48

    Y/n L/n, was just an ordinary girl, except her tragic past. Her father, mother and brother were murdered at the age of 5 and she witnessed it all, all she saw were two mysterious figures. She has not been able to find whom were the ones responsible for her parents and her brother's death. She will soon find out a new...

  • ~The Last Thing You See is Me- Antisepticeye x Reader~
    69.1K 2.9K 19

    (Y/N) is just a teenager living their life normally with their friends. Anti is a demon on the prowl for a new assigned kill. When Anti receives a new assignment in his inbox and encounters the prey, what will unfold? Will (Y/N) become Anti's next kill or will they become his freedom of the endless killing spree?