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  • Protest The Way We're Built
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    Vampires. For years they'd been the main attraction of horror films, gore fests and Halloween, of gothic romance and thriller fiction. Creepy blood suckers who burnt in sunlight and could turn into bats, slept upside down from the rafters and spoke with a Transylvanian accent. They were not real. Make-believe. Pretend...

    Completed   Mature
  • Once Upon A Dream ♡ Frerard
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    In the future, in a dystopian universe, no one falls in love by choice. Picked at birth, you are assigned your soulmate. Rarely, the system glitches, and in Frank Iero's case, it does - but what if it was never a glitch as Linda Iero says it was, and what kind of meddling is destined to trap Frank in a place caught be...

    Completed   Mature