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  • Lapis and Peridot
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    THIS STORY IS COMPLETED. (yayahhh) Okay, so I'm just... trying to write a fanfiction, okay? About Lapis Lazuli and Peridot and Jasper and... eh... what happened on that big hand-ship before the Crystal Gems crashed it. (This story ends near the end of the episode Jail Break) I'm keeping this child-friendly. None of wh...

  • Give Me A Chance [DISCONTINUED]
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    Peridot and Lapis has been in many fights before but nothing like this one. With Peridot's gem being corrupted, she becomes a different, evil type of gem and is thinking of hatred and rage inside of her. With that being given, she gets new powers, a weapon, and new abilities. As Lapis goes through every memory of Pe...

  • Greener on the other side (Peridot X Fem!Reader)
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    It wasn't everyday you'd find a Peridot o ut of nowhere. Said Peridot wasn't a regular jewelry that was normally favored by dirty hobos to earn money, or simply a shiny crystallized object that is easy to look at. No, this Peridot you found is not just a 'gem'. Now you find yourself completely baffled by the...

  • My Random Poems
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    This has no specific day. I just post as I come up with poems. Also I will take requests

  • Two to Tango. S.U.
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    Gems in High School? Well they had to start somehow and also survive especially a few in particular. Also one of them named Peridot which in one out of two of the most smartest and nerdiest in the hole Gem High Academy and her closes friend Lapis she's the only one that helps Peridot.But now Peridot maybe developing f...

  • The lost memory's
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    There is this dog called Mr. Peabody he has a son name Sherman. Say that one day Sherman went back in time alone with out telling his father. What is gonna happen when Mr. Peabody finds his son missing?

  • Funny Memes
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    See the title it tells what this book is about