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  • Jelsa in High School
    280K 9.5K 83

    At the age of five - Elsa is kidnapped and beaten by her pretend ''father''. Soon enough she meets The Big Five and Pitch has Elsa completely brainwashed will Elsa survive HighSchool? Will her secrets escape? Will she ever be with her real family again? Read to find out!!!

  • Ask Holly!
    4.6K 361 29

    Hi! I'm Holly, Princess Anna's daughter! Ask me stuff! I love questions and answers! And everything! Except for Pitch/Evil Guys like Hans... *shudders*

  • Hans' Revenge
    5.8K 189 11

    Hans had heard about Princess Heidi, Anna's daughter, and is back with a plan for revenge that threatens to tear their family apart. Can Elsa do the right thing?

  • Spy Love [Jelsa]
    173K 6K 36

    The Moons and the Royals, the two most famous spy agencies, have been rivals for a long time. What happens when nearly all the criminals escape from both agencies? What will happen then? Will they have provide help for each other? Read along and watch how both agencies face their challenges together and watch how one...