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  • Duplicity [h.s]
    36.3M 756K 89

    "Smoking is bad, you know." The placid voice spoke up from the distant dark corner, nothing seen but a tall silhouette and an orange glow of a cigarette cherry. "It's the least of my problems," I murmur with my own between my lips, proceeding to feel the stagnant debris valley my throat when I suck delicately. He exh...

  • Night Changes
    9.8K 253 14

    Little Mix and One Direction. A story that can't be missed..... Read to find out what happens to the two bands. There will be hurt, drama, trouble, and much, much more. credit to xx Chelsea_Cimorelli for the book cover.

  • Crave You (Jade Thirlwall/ Harry Styles)
    101K 1.4K 34

    Jade was a cutie from Little Mix who did not take a liking to Harry at first. Then, one day when Harry saves Jade from an incident at a club they become friends. Harry wants to be more than friends but Jade doesn't feel the same way in the beginning. Now Little Mix will be going on tour with One Direction and she star...

  • Over Again // Jarry Stirlwall
    17K 778 15

    Jade had it all. Fame, friends and Harry Styles. But that changes when Jade is hit by a car and is killed. Only she wakes up again to find herself repeating the same day.

  • Pretend It's Okay (A Jarry Fan Fiction)
    92.4K 2.9K 62

    Meet Jade Thirlwall, a simple girl yet a jolly person and a pro of being an introvert. She's been falling for Harry for years because there's just one thing that she loves about Harry: his possessiveness. Meet Harry Styles, a boy who had a dark past. He likes to express things especially to Jade and for him, their fr...

  • Our Secret Love (Jarry fanfiction)
    17.2K 494 22

    This is a story about Jade Thirlwall. She lives in London with her mom and older brother, Karl. Jade goes to high school with her three best friends: Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards. They are quiet school girls. Their school has five another kind of girls: Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, Lauren J...

  • Nothing More to Say (Jade Thirlwall and Harry Styles)
    12.7K 388 21

    Love was out to get me. At 17 I was raped and became pregnant, as a result my parents divorced and my father took my child. See there's this thing about love, and pain, they demand to be noticed. With that I end, because there's nothing more to say.

  • Jarry <3
    99.4K 1.8K 22

    Jade thirlwall, member of little mix and is known for being sweet and looking like a disney character. Harry styles, member of one direction and is known for being a player. Perrie and zayn go out so the two bands are bound to meet. But what happens with a certain curly haired boy and a biscuit loving girl fall for ea...

  • pregnant with harry styles book 2
    233K 6.1K 42

    Summary If you haven't read pregnant with harry styles book 1 yet go read it because this is the SEQUEL too ^^ that story..

    Completed   Mature
  • One Mix ~ Sequel to Little Direction ~
    54.2K 1.5K 19

    Little Mix is back! Harry realizes that he is falling in love with Flora, but he still loves Jade. He knows he will hut Jade, AND Niall. Louis has been seeing his EX, and Jesy finds out. Louis tries his best to make it up to Jesy. Will she forgive him? Leigh-Anne got accepted to a UNIVERSAL MODELING. Liam knows Leigh...

  • Nothing I Can Do | Book 2
    13K 452 28

    ~Sequel to 'Meant To Be'~ All four girls have been kidnapped by Sam, Jade's abusive ex. The boys begin to lose hope, and their career is basically over. But what happens when their lives take an unexpected turn? Will they find the girls? Read to find out!

  • One Mix : Group Chats || 1D & LM (slow updates)
    49.1K 2.1K 44

    Ever wonder what happens when One Direction and Little Mix start a group chat? Well here's my take on the hilarious and yet adorable exchanges by these two groups. (I will try to make it continuous as possible, and I will try to make this as hilarious as I can). Inspired from "Group Chats by @-ZerriesWorld-" you shoul...

  • One and Only {Jade Thirlwall and Harry Styles}
    1.8K 33 3

    Harry Styles and Jade Thirlwall are currently doing a joint tour with their bands, One Direction and Little Mix. But when Perrie, Jesy and Leigh Anne go and visit their families, Jade has to stay in London because her family are on holiday. So Jade ends up staying in her London apartment, and Perrie secretly plans fo...

  • Salute (LM/1D)
    12.2K 553 20

    IN a world where men use women as there slave for pleasure and work. these four powerful girls are tired of the men crap and start an army of women. "Sisters we are everywhere warriors our country needs you if your ready ladies better keep steady ready aim shoot don't need ammunition on a mission now we hit you with s...

  • A Mixed Groupchat {On Hold}
    35.9K 1.7K 48

    Little Mix, One Direction, Sophia Smith, Zayn Malik, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Five Seconds Of Summer and more

  • Little Direction
    6.4K 234 23

    The two bands, Little Mix and One Direction, have been friends for a long time. But when their manager, Simon Cowell, announces that they will tour together, what will happen? Will their friendship still be strong? Will they develop feelings for each other? Find out as they go through alot of dramas, heartbreaks, happ...

  • Not Like the Movies (Jarry Stirlwall Fanfic)
    117K 2.1K 42

    It was 2010. Jade was a cute and innocent girl and he was an adorable flirt. Romance had developed but one wasn't ready for just one girl. They were both auditioning for the X-Factor. One got left behind while the other found fame. Now after they both become famous they are reunited but will they have the same spark o...

  • Our lives with One Direction and Little Mix
    9.6K 195 25

    Alyssa and Lidia are two friends who live in an orphanage since they were small. In school they are bullied emotional and physically but that is occasionally. One day Alyssa meets One Direction while waiting for Lidia, but Lidia meets Little Mix while looking for Alyssa. What happens when these two girls get adopted b...

  • Loved You First (A Jarry Fanfic)
    126K 2.8K 46

    Jade Thirlwall & Harry Styles have had crushes on each other ever since they met at bootcamp on The X-Factor UK in 2010. Jade was sent home but Harry was put into One Direction. They lost touch and then a year later they meet again when Jade is put into Little Mix. Again they lose touch and Harry starts dating Taylor...

  • a little in the wrong direction
    4.6K 115 61

    Gina, an American teen, runs away and ends up in England. She meets little mix and one direction on a beach. Given her background the girls decide to help her. With this comes a lot of good and bad things. Jade is given the biggest problem but has no clue that its Gina's fault. Now it's up to Gina to fix things and ke...

  • A LM and 1D Fanfic
    11.2K 496 46

    Cheers were heard everywhere as Little mix and One Direction were finally going on tour together!! But can they be together for 8 months as some of the LM members and 1D members start to have feelings for each other???? Read to find out

    Completed   Mature
  • Back to Reality *sequel to Spring Break Love*
    39.2K 1.2K 55

    After their Break in Miami, they all come back and were supposed to work together, but a problem came up and it changed everything! Now, they boys at their Where We Are tour, the girls doing their Salute tour and Perrie and Zayn's relationship is falling down. Even the boys' and girls' friendships are falling down? Ca...

  • Living the Life *Another book to SBL&BTR*
    23.3K 1K 47

    "Everything has been chaotic" -Harry Styles "Oh...Well it's been stressful." -Jesy Nelson "Yeah, everything's going well.'' -Perrie Edwards "I think I'm ready to conquer this'' -Liam Payne "It's going to be pretty hectic I'm guessing." -Louis Tomlinson "Oh! Him and me? Not pretty sure.'' -Jade Thirlwall "I'm very exci...

  • In His DNA (Little Mix and One Direction Love Story)
    101K 2.7K 35

    Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it?.. My heart won't beat again, If I can't feel him in my veins... It's the blue in his eyes that helps me see the future, Fingerprints that leave me covered for days.. He's from a different strain, That science cant explain, I guess that's how he's made... I feel...

    7.2K 94 25


  • Spring Break Love (One Direction and Little Mix fanfic)
    63.8K 1.8K 25

    *WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE CRINGEY BOOKS, DO NOT READ THIS!!* "BREAKING NEWS! It is confirmed that One Direction is taking a one month break in March! And a coincidence just happened that Little Mix is taking a one month break as well! Don't you think that's a bit fishy? Well, we'll tell you more after commercial br...

  • Nobody Compares (Little Mix and 1D FanFic)
    45.2K 967 34

    Little Mix- A successful girl band made of four innocent, beautiful young ladies, Jade, Jesy, Perrie, and LeighAnne, who were not looking for trouble or drama in their lives. One Direction- A boyband of 5 major heartthrobs, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis who decided that they wanted to spice up their lives a tad...

  • Mixed Direction
    114K 4.3K 56

    Fourth Book in Series. Tragic endings; beautiful starts. Millions of pieces glued to mend their hearts. Only hope, strength, trust and love can mend what has broken. Can they do it?