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  • Star Wars: The Prodigal Son
    11.5K 420 18

    29 years ago, a year after the birth of Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker had a son with an unknown female who went on to die after the boy's birth. Atlas Skywalker adored his father and was close with his cousin. At the age of 16 the boys became Padawans of Luke and proved to be gifted with the Force. A few years later, at a...

  • Star Wars: Son of Skywalker | Book III: The Rise of Skywalker
    7.7K 114 13

    The Final Chapter of the Son of Skywalker Trilogy. The war rages on between the Resistance and the First Order, led by the powerful Kylo Ren, but a familiar evil has returned from the dead. Jacen Skywalker begins the search to put an end to the Sith, restore the balance, and hopefully bring an end to the galactic conf...

  • Never Let You Go
    1.9K 71 22

    A story about Han & Leia between the end of Return Of The Jedi and The Last Jedi.

  • Holding On With Hope
    883 32 5

    *THIS STORY IS ITS OWN SHORT STORY AND HAS NO CONNECTION TO MY MAIN STORIES THAT I AM WRITING* Han and Leia have been separated, Leia back to focusing on the Rebellion and Han to his old smuggling ways. Two years later, at a remembrance ceremony for Alderaan, they see each other again. What will happen when a pri...

  • Mourning.
    54 3 1

    What was it like when during mourning period of Princess Leia for Han? WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE LAST JEDI. This will most likely be updated whenever I come up with stuff for it. I do not own Star Wars nor it's characters.

  • A Star In Our Eyes
    2.1K 41 5

    [Star Wars] [Han, Leia and Ben Solo] Raising a Solo child isn't as easy as Han Solo, and Leia Organa thought, but love and hard times will show them how much they love him. The story of how Ben Solo, was born, raised, and taught. (Continuation of 'Good Times in Hard Times") DISCLAIMER I do not own Star Wars or the ar...

  • Star Wars: Son of Skywalker | Book II: The Last Jedi
    31.9K 693 52

    Jacen Skywalker's story continues, as he learns the ways of the Force, and takes the Grey Path. While his Father, Luke Skywalker, trains Rey, who had only begun to discover her power, Jacen must uncover the mysterious disappearance of his Mother, and struggles against the conflict of saving his Cousin, Kylo Ren. This...

  • The Force Soaring ∞ The Solo Series {2}
    12.7K 407 9

    "Mom, why didn't you tell me any of this?" "Not only for your sake, for mine too."

  • The Force Flying ϟ The Solo Series {1}
    251K 9K 29

    "Who's scruffy-looking?" "Um, I think she is definitely talking to you, brother."

  • Tangled in the Force
    946 27 9

    Leia was born as a princess, with a special power, and even powerful bloodline. When Sheev Palatine discovers the young Princess, he wants her for himself. For years, Leia lived in captive, until she meets thief Han Solo, and her entire life changes.

  • ELEMENT. - Leia Organa Oneshot
    44 2 1

    5 + 1 = a slice of a constantly changing life. ~ made for all the good folks back at @starwarscommunity with the hashtag #swcprincess17.

  • Han And Leia: A Galaxy Of One Shots.
    5.4K 154 10

    Little one shots written about the couple of the galaxy; Han Solo and Leia Organa/Solo.

  • Han and Leia One Shots
    11.5K 367 14

    Cute stories of Han and Leia

  • The Star Wars Fanfiction Awards [CLOSED]
    13.7K 1K 44

    Welcome to The Star Wars Fanfiction Awards! The goal of these awards is to recognize some of the best stories featuring the famous galaxy far far away. Open to all Star Wars fanfiction writers! Current Status: CLOSED I do not own any part of Star Wars, all rights go to their respected owners. These are not official a...

  • Closed Quarters
    5.4K 245 15

    Bespin might be closer, but Han's got other ideas. An alternative Bespin trip. HanxLeia

  • Leia's sick day
    184 3 1

    Leia's sick at work and Han comes along and helps her.//one-shot

  • You're Mine
    11K 447 54

    Carrie meets her future husband Harrison. Throughout their senior year of high school, they continue to fall in love. However, come the NFL draft, their lives will get busier as Harrison embarks on his dream of playing professional football, and Carrie completes her education. The events of this book come before it's...

  • Holos
    230 18 1

    When Leia asks Han to grab something from her quarters, Han discovers an array of holos that display a Leia he's never known. Set pre-ESB on Hoth. Some Han/Leia vibes. Han and Leia are not mine, although I love them as if they were my own. :)

  • Your Highness (On Hold)
    70 7 1

    Han Solo was a smuggler, a pilot, and a very handsome man. Leia Organa was a princess on Alderaan. Han meets her when the two have a clash at a cantina on Corellia. Han, being his eager self, wants to find out more about the Princess. Can he win her heart? "There's just something about her?" Han thought. Maybe she is...

  • No Dancing on Jakku
    41 6 1

    En route to Takodana, Rey reveals to Han that she's never danced before. Han sets aside his tough exterior briefly to teach her how. A oneshot inspired by "May I Have This Dance?"

  • L E I A & H A N: The Adventurous Love Story Continues (SEQUEL)
    8K 320 27

    Your favorite space couple is back with more action! Leia and Han enter a new journey in their relationship with more love for each other than ever. But that comes with many obstacles. See what's in store this time for the Solo's as the battle until the end to conquer love while fighting off evil! IF YOU HAVE NOT RE...

  • Winter Solstice
    171 16 1

    During the first few months on Hoth, Leia comes to find she hates ice until a certain scoundrel changes her mind. For the Fanfiction Contests prompt, "Love on Ice."

  • One With The Force
    216 16 1

    Han and Leia fanfic in memory of Carrie Fisher.

  • The Fallow
    1.8K 98 9

    It's just a normal day for Leia or at least as normal as it gets. Han and Luke introduce her to a new pilot named Tim who just so happened to give her coffee and now everything's foggy. Dedicated to Carrie Fisher may she be forever in our hearts 💜

  • Departure
    105 13 1

    Leia says goodbye to her father before boarding the Tantive IV. Not knowing it would be the last time... I wish I owned Bail, Leia, and the Tantive IV, but sadly I do not. This work is just playing around with them! Cover art is a piece by the amazing Star Wars illustrator, Chris Trevas.

  • Star Wars: Lightforce
    1.1K 70 48

    Since the Battle of Endor, there has been no rest for Leia Organa as she warns the New Republic government of complacency and Han is frustrated. Now they must put their personal lives on hold again to investigate an ancient coded document and the strange disappearances from the Outer Rim which Leia fears have Imperial...

  • Han & Leia
    13.8K 518 34

    Some people have asked some Han & Leia fics, so there ya go enjoy 😊 there all separated chapters. I take any requests 😀

  • Star Wars: Son of Skywalker | Book I: The Force Awakens
    26.9K 535 34

    This is basically "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", but in an alternate universe about Luke's non-force sensitive son Jacen Skywalker, and how he is dealing with his cousin's turn to the Dark Side, and how he must watch over Rey, a scavenger who doesn't know she's a force user at this point. Now he must help the Resista...