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  • Wings of freedom ¿ MY OCs
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    In which a book where I'll post my precious oc's and introduce them to the world and show how much I appreciate each one of them while you get to know them. "O R I G I N A L I T Y I S P O L I C Y ."

  • Through the looking Glass ₭ Stiles Stilinski
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    "You know, I get so jealous of you. Being able to walk around freely even though you're stuck in a house full of psychos." "I will get you out of there, I promise." ---- [season 3b]

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    i have too many plots in mind!!

  • The Perfect Girl
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    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Plot credit: hidrogens

  • Plot Shop
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    Where I sell my non-fanfiction ideas to you.

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    "i'd crawl through the desert on my hands and knees rehearsing my pretty please, climb the highest mountain, if i were sorry. shout it from the top, swim under water until my lungs exploded, walk into the fire, if i were sorry. i'd run a thousand miles, wouldn't stop until i dropped. wouldn't take a break to breath...

  • Everything is Not What It Seems» Barry/Alex (O.H)
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    It was indeed true- Alex Russo had moved away from the quaint substation in New York City, to Central City, Missouri. Alex was a wizard, in fact she was actually deemed the Family Wizard. But it was also a fact that she had grown up. She was still the lazy, self-absorbed wizard everyone knew, but she was tired of all...

    3.7K 200 12

    In which you get to see your favorite multifandom characters talk to each other about everything and nothing through stupid text messages. Fandoms used: •The Hunger Games •Divergent •Percy Jackson •Heroes of Olympus Disclaimer that all rights go to Veronica Roth, Rick Riordan and Suzanne Collins who wrote these amazi...

    1.3K 245 73

    "are you, are you, coming to the tree? they strung up a man, they say he murdered three strange things did happen here, no stranger would it be, if we met at midnight in the h a n g i n g t r e e." in which a nineteen year old girl lets you read her rants and thoughts.

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    The world is currently in peace because the Avengers are saving the earth every day. 20 years ago, the Avengers defeated Ultron. So they thought, but they were wrong. Ultron is alive and comes back to capture the Avengers. It was a rough time for everyone. Especially their children. It is now time for the next generat...

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    UNDER EDITING! The Hunger Games/Teen Wolf crossover AU "From the Treaty of the Treason: In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a male and a female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public 'Reaping.' These tributes shall be delivered to the costudy of The Capitol. And then transferred to a public...

  • The Vampwolf ₹ Tw•Tvd [CS.]
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    "So there's vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches, kanimas, banshees, foxes, hunters and of what I assume a half a vampire and a werewolf? That's just great. The supernatural world is wider than my ass." "Oh shut up Damon it's not like you're any different from that." "But at least I'm not a complicated creatur...

  • Snow White With The Red Hair § Scott McCall
    5.2K 203 4

    "You have the reddest hair I ever saw in my entire life, It looks like the apple I ate this morning!" "Yeah, but it's as red as your sister's period blood." "But I don't have a sister.." "Exactly." ------ Once In a life time a girl that has the hair of the reddest rose came pass by a town that was full of...

  • Catwoman ₽ Theo Raeken
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    "Cats and dogs don't get along, but strangely you and i have an odd connection. You are a chimera after all." ----- In which a story about two complete different people that shares the same interest but might just engage with one another. [Season 5]