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  • A journey from Women Imprisonment to women empowerment
    1.1K 83 11

    For thousands of years, we have been living in a society where women have been killed for honour, they have been raped, they have been burned with acid and they have been imprisoned. ____ This book is a collection of articles on woman imprisonment, where I am trying to raise a question. Are we really trying to change...

  • Artistry Awards (Hold)
    310 50 4

    What is Artistry awards? If you have ability to write, your style is unique and you have great talent in describing things, plus mastery in entertainment... Then, this place is for you. Theme - #Strongwomen This awards is for the undiscovered writers so that, they can get the success they deserved! Join if you're in...

  • Feral World
    2.3K 224 37

    "This is Zootropolis, a place where anyone can be anything!" That phrase captivate the naive Judy Hopps. But the fact is, in the real world not everyone gets along. Issues occurs in this life, so she decided to become a police officer to make the world a better place. However, she also face an issue. And this issue w...

  • Critics column - 2
    3.2K 177 52

    This is a second part of critics column as we have reached maximum parts of previous book. Thank you so much for such great response! Status : OPEN Do you want a constructive criticism about your story? Need help with plot? We provide 2 type of feedback; ● Feedback with positive points ● Negative feedback of Level...

  • Make Him Feel
    96 28 5

    As the daughter of the Alpha of the Half-Moon Pack, Haven expects to be mated to an Alpha, someone who can match her in wit, strength and passion. But after meeting her mate in an unexpected turn of events that leaves her as the sole caretaker of her two younger siblings and without a pack, Haven can't help but feel...

  • Of Doubt, Hope and Trust ✔
    72 9 1

    When Doubt is the only thing keeping Hope and Trust apart, and Doubt is the reason Hope is fading away... Winner of @Beingwoman 's 'Contest for Woman Empowerment'- Contest 01-Oppression Entry for @Skyizblue 's contest A colossal thank you to @Carol19920 for the splendid cover! Peak ranking so far- #279 in Short Story

  • What Heroes Are
    163K 9.3K 47

    Wattys 2018 Longlist. | Previously a featured story. | Complete. Renauda Kelso has a secret. More than just one actually, seeing as being a superhero requires keeping more than just her identity hidden. When an attempt to stop a crime goes terribly wrong, she finds herself in a spot of trouble. And then miraculously...

  • A Surprise That Changed Her Life
    9.6K 569 48

    Violet Steele's father got promoted, which caused the family to move all the way across the country to New York. As she didn't have many friends in her old town, she was happy with this move. But her first day in school as a senior was crappy to say the least. She was nervous and lonely, and bumped into Brad Parker in...

  • Love Of A Teenage Girl ✔️
    48.9K 5.3K 51

    "Dear Diary ..." She fell in love with him but she knew they would never end up as anything else than friends. She knew she'd always be in the friendzone. Poor girl; she was a rainbow but he was colorblind. . Cover made by: @Mystical__Panda Edited by: @littaff & @staraquatic #525 in romance! {29/7/2017} The Fic A...

  • The Yellow Rose [Rewriting]
    5K 479 17

    ** WON THE 3RD PLACE IN THE FANFICTION AWARDS** *** When the bookworm Sanskar decided to get rid of his "Nerd" label, he casually accepted the invitation to the lavish party thrown by the College Queen, Kayra. Little did he know that party was going to change the course of his lif...

  • Being A Mother
    443 52 2

    Have you ever given a thought, what happens in the morning when you have a sleepless night,dark circles? No I'm not talking about that I'm talking about the damn headache and lets not forget about the zombie posture. Well I'm not even talking about extra work in an office or extra homework I'm talking about duties of...

  • The Black Rose #RBLS
    1.4K 354 24

    "Beautiful, how do we define it as?I really don't think I understand, but here in India beautiful means having fair colour which I don't have." "Hi I'm Aliya Ali and this is my story. Like every girl I have dreams, dreams to become something in my life rather than just what people call me"Black".Join me i...

  • Red Ribbon Of Fate
    175K 11.6K 41

    " A magical connection that ties two souls together. An unbreakable bond between two individuals. A mythical Chinese belief from times immemorial. That is the Red String of Fate. It is the kind of bond that not only makes one feel an instant attraction to their soulmate, but an actual invisible red thread that ties th...

  • Poetry: Words Of A Broken Heart
    573 49 23

    Collection of love poems

  • Love At Its Fullest Form
    518 62 29

    Love?? what does it mean?? Everyone have their own definitions for it.. My personal experience defines love as "getting addicted to some ones care and longing to be with forever". Many may not agree with this. But tats what love is according to me. Well... How am I able to define love? It's only because I have cheris...

  • The Billionaire's confession (editing in process) (Completed)
    1.1M 35.2K 77

    If your looking for... !!READ SCRLET SNOW ITS FANTASY ROMANCE!! Here, I was standing in front of him, half NAKED! Wearing his shirt. I punched him. Without thinking twice and it was not even his fault (which I got to know later.) " I am sorry James, I shouldn't have punched you." I touched his face feeling guilty...

  • Please Mind The Gap #1
    2.3K 168 33

    b o o k # 1 Teddy stopped squirming and glared. "I don't need your help," she said scathingly in her English accent. "Just go away." He snorted. "Clearly," he said, "you do, mate." Australian. Teddy resumed her grunting, completely ignoring the irritating voice droning, "Doors are now closing. Please mind the gap." "...

  • Unravelling Her SECRETS
    13.3K 2.6K 21

    Highest Ranking: #97 in Romance [16/05/16] 4th Runner Up Of Pinpoint Awards 2016 (Romance Category) ***** Vivienne Montgomery is a fashion designer with her own label Sensual Senses. She is a cool and controlled woman who likes everything in order, a perfectionist. A ruthless businesswoman by day, a vulnerabl...

    13.6K 380 6

    *WINNER OF THE PINPOINT AWARDS 2016 (short story)* *Added in Short & Sexy reading list of Wattpad After Dark official account.* ~~~~ Locking herself away in her room, Annelise spends her days concentrating on the white canvas. Dipping the brushes into the pots of colours, rubbing them onto the pallette and finally st...

  • ||A Hidden life||
    3.6K 1.2K 12

    The rules of this society are simple: 1)exiting the community is prohibited at any costs. 2)Not allowed to do anything without asking the keepers. 3)Never question what the keepers do, and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. ---------------------- My name is Amanda Jones, sixteen years old and Trapped...

  • 72 Hours
    38.3K 1.8K 44

    Can a person change in 72 hours? Can an opinion on life change in such a small span of time? Ambar Dhawan, a focused student is living a monotonous life juggling between her studies and internship. Ambar believes that she is happy in her life. Harry Styles on the other hand begs to differ. So lets find out what will...

  • Dark Paradise
    26.1K 3.8K 24

    The heavily inquired question arises in thousands of curiosity consumed beings; what would the outcome be once a disaster ridden, hope drained, flesh shredded & heart shattered female gets hurled into the vicious battlefield with a callous, demonic & dark eyed male? The countless doubts & uncertainties intertw...

    128K 6.3K 30

    "Is she an MR?!" 'What's an MR?" Tom asks responding to Violet's question and me being myself I interrupt the conversation. "MR?! I know what's an MR! M stands for Miss and of course I'm a Miss. And R stands for Romantic. And I'm a very romantic person. So that explains that I'm an MR." I smirk at them. "No Miss Roman...

  • I Love you Mommy [ #Wattys2016 ]
    823 182 7

    "Cant you choose your own path? Your ways? Your wish's? Don't they even matter.Is thinking about yourself is that way too difficult!!"Haven exclaimed tears rolling down her eyes and mine too .I took a deep breath and engulfed her in a warm hug. She started to pull back but no, I was not ready to let her go yet she hug...

  • Forgotten Son Of Poseidon.
    75.1K 1.4K 8

    Meet Percy Jackson. His life is hard. He gets abused. His mom was murdered. His father forgot about him. He is only 4 years old. Hes a demigod. He is Percy Jackson. Percy gets abused alot by his step father, and his real father doesn't remember him and if he does then he doesn't care. One day Gabe Percy step dad took...

  • Crossing The Lies
    3.2K 716 6

    A typical man...wants to live his life by his own rules. A typical woman...wants freedom and to live a carefree life. Fabricating false identities and stories about where they live, they meet when on a month long vacation in Hawai, living life fully and promising that they won't fall in love. When the amazing vacatio...

  • Foreign Boy Took My Heart (Completed)✔
    272K 23.2K 59

    Featured in wattpad India under Romance. *** An Indian girl travelled to New York with a dream to pursue her higher education, but what she didn't expect was something else-- or someone else-- waiting for her. When a predicament arised, she needed to save her new best friend, so she turned towards a guy who is cynic...