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  • Deku's Little Cravings
    476K 14.1K 15

    It's a story based fully on KatsuDeku where Deku is pregnant with Kacchan's baby . [[ it's my first time writing a fanfic ! and yes , I love mpreg and a diehard fan of katsudeku ;; Please do forgive my grammar or spelling errors because English is not my first language ]]

  • The Generation of Miracles Hates Me - A Kuroko No Basket Fanfic
    308K 12.4K 52

    (EDITING IN PROGRESS) The five of them: Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise Ryouta, Midorima Shintaro, Aomine Daiki, and Murasakibara Atsushi. Why is it that I do not recognize them, yet they recognize me? Is there a reason to why they have an undying hate towards me, despite just meeting them? What could I have possibly done to the...

  • The Saint Maiden's Love (Fairy Tail Various x Reader/OC) [HIATUS]
    209K 3.4K 40

    Y/N is the 1st Wizard Saint known as the 'Fairy Goddess' because she is very beautiful like a Fairy and very powerful like a Goddess. Her rank is even more powerful than a Century Class. Y/N can wipe out thousands of people in just one blow. She is stronger than a Dragon and a Demon, even stronger than a God. She cou...

  • Crush X Reader ONE-SHOTS
    4.2M 84.9K 145

    "No matter how much I changed the cover, the content is still the same. " The following content is all about Fantasy or Author's made up. May or may not be able to supply your daily problems, so refrain from believing. = = = = = ★ = = = = = HIGHEST RANKINGS • #1 - crushxreader (12/24/18) • #1 - sh...

  • Where Did You Go? (Aomine x Reader)
    5.2K 220 4

    Some people find the love of their lives. Some people have just a one-time thing. Some people fall in love, only to be left alone. You fall into the latter category. It all started in middle school. You met him, befriended him, fell for him. He got you, he treated you well. But then it all went downhill from there...

  • Hikaru x Reader
    55.3K 1K 19


  • Can't Stop [ Aomine X Reader ]
    1.2K 46 1

    Aomine X reader {Story Trade with itsamee} Aomine stepped into the room, his basketball dropping onto the floor lazily as he slumped into the chair. "I'm back!" he shouts, expecting you to react and quickly help him to prepare the bath just like the days the both of you stayed together. "Well, I think you should go m...

  • Kagami x Reader
    15.6K 467 7

    Kagami x Reader fanfiction book. Full stories and one-shots.

  • Syo Kurusu x reader
    1.9K 69 1

    This is a one shot from the anime Uta no Prince sama. Its's about how Syo confesses his love to you. guys... im sorry if he doesn't seem like himself but I tried xD

  • Haikyuu X Reader (Various Chars X Reader)
    786K 16.9K 205

    just a sweet awkward experience I write when I feel it and when I am in mood I can also accept request so yeah

  • Soul Eater Fanfiction (Soul x Reader)
    85.6K 2.9K 30

    A new girl in Death Weapon Meister Academy named (F/N) (L/N) falls in love with the demon scythe named Soul Evans. Sad stuff happened in her past. She has a secret that was never told. Can this love last forever or will it end? Read to find out.

  • Haikyuu! (Various x Reader)
    694K 17K 54

    *SLOW UPDATES* So basically give me a request, wait a bit, then enjoy your one shot! Just give me a name and/or scenario and I'll write it for you! ALL PICTURES THAT ARE USED ARE NOT MINE!!!!

  • Aomine x Reader ~Jealousy~
    10.8K 226 2

    You envite the GoM and Momoi to pass Friday's night at your house. Let's see what would happen...

  • Nishinoya x Reader what is love?
    84.6K 1.5K 32

    Nishinoya and (y/n) don't really know each other. But (y/n) brother which is Yamaguchi introduced her to the whole team. Knowing that she will have challenges ahead.... She would have to face her biggest fear....her crush now Nishinoya They experience having challenges thing is Sekai. Sekai Tsukishima...

  • {TsukkiYama} What Is It?
    197K 7.9K 11

    I (Yamaguchi Tadashi) have noticed that my best friend (Tsukishima Kei) has been acting strange lately. Tsukki- no Kei, has been acting much nicer than ever before by giving me compliments and doing things for me. For once he interested in my love life and then he wants me to call him by his first name? I have noticed...

  • Ribbons and Pieces |✓|
    2.8M 90.7K 52

    ❝Show-off.❞ ❝Amateur.❞ I rode away - until I remembered my promise and had to come back. I hopped off the skateboard, feet adrift somewhere in the ocean, hands steady enough to hold on tight as Tyler swept me into his arms, ready to float with me. ❝You're going places, Ali. Don't keep me on the sidelines.❞ My face cup...

  • Syo Kurusu X Female Reader Lemon
    19.3K 260 1

    Just a Syo Kurusu X Female Reader Lemon fanfic >:3 Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • AnimeXReader
    389K 4.6K 40

    Herro! Herro~ my lovely Otaku friend!~ I hope you came here to enjoy your time because I think its gonna be worth it!~ This is reader insert anime oneshots book. I'll only write about MALE CHARACTERS since I don't feel very comfortable with using female characters. - Although the characters won't be women the reader c...

  • More important to you (Aomine x Reader Kuroko no basuke fanfiction)
    17.7K 447 4

    Please Read!! I Don't own Kuroko no basuke !!! It belongs to Tadatoshi Fujimaki I only own the story!! Cover by @aichiin ~<3

  • Natsu x reader: mating season
    279K 4.3K 10

    It's that time of year again and it looks like the fire dragon slayer has his eyes on you.

    Completed   Mature
  • Regrets (Aomine Daiki x Reader)
    114K 3.8K 13

    You and Aomine are best friends since you were young, including Momoi. However... why is it always you that Aomine seems to be bullying? Why is his eyes always on Momoi? Why are you always ignored? Why?... why is he... kissing Momoi when you two are dating?

  • Anime Songs English Lyrics (Book 1)
    108K 1.3K 199

    My book is about English Covers made by people on YouTube. It has the lyrics of the song they are singing. This is a variety of Anime openings and endings. You are able to sing along if you want or just listen to the music. Please like, comment, and vote. I hope you enjoy the songs!! Everyone I am not able to add more...

  • (Haikyuu!) Decoy To My Setter- Kageyama X Hinata
    9.9K 523 1

    Kagehina-The Decoy To My Setter Kageyama had never thought much about what to do when he was a setter. To him all he needed to know was where Hinata was, where the blockers were and where the ball was. But even then, it was all just muscle memory. When he was Kageyama the setter that's all there was to it. Off court h...

  • If I Told You Everything ( Kagami Taiga x Reader )
    16.3K 887 36

    From strangers, to best friends, to... what? Romantically infatuated teenagers? Ahhh, never mind. * * * * My first fanfic!! Eeeek, pls love me:)

  • DORKY LOVE (Oikawa Tooru x Hinata Shouyo)
    97.2K 2.8K 25

    Rare Pairs: Oikawa Tooru x Shouyo Hinata I do not own Haikyuu!! _______________________________________________________________________________ Author: Believe me I though this pair would be insane if I match this two volleydorks but I wanted to change the pairings. Something refreshing. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN Y...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Kagehina/Hinakage) Spike (BoyxBoy)
    58.6K 2.4K 8

    Kageyama considers everyone in the volleyball club to be his friend. But whenever he thinks of a certain orange-haired ball of energy, it doesn't feel the same as when he thinks of anyone else on the team. Kageyama doesn't realize it yet, nor would he admit it, but he's in love. The question is, does Hinata feel the...