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  • Dark Black Magic
    13M 443K 50

    Skyler is the ultimate loner. Raised by her witch Grandmother deep in the forest, Skyler has lived a friendless life of isolation and magic. Her fortunes change when she accidentally binds herself to a very powerful and handsome demon called Rayne. This former Prince of Hell is inexplicably drawn towards Skyler and fi...

  • The Bad Boy Is My Mate (Discontinued)
    228K 7.8K 30

    (I'm sorry, everyone but I've decided to stop writing this or any other story. It'd be better if you don't read this as it isn't finished. I'm sorry, again... Hope you guys stay safe and healthy💜) A STORY BY @KittySwift786 "Would you stop, Ryan? Would you stop being such an immature baby?!!" I screamed out. "Were...

  • The Bad Boy is My Mate?!
    235K 3.4K 8

    Josephine Vega is a 17 year old human girl with a normal life in Oregon. It all changes when her mom gets a promotion and she has to move to Florida. Everything is going great during summer break in Florida. But what happens when it's her first day of senior year and the bad boy Hayden starts to take an intrest in Jos...

  • The Vampire Next Door
    12.4M 363K 36

    He had spent centuries with only himself for company, he fed, tortured and killed that was his life and he liked it that way, until she came along and stirred something in him, something he couldn't and wouldn't accept. “If I were you I’d keep that stake sharp. Don’t expect anymore visits like this, next time I come I...

  • Married to the Prince of Darkness (COMPLETED)
    68.3M 2.3M 103

    Amelia Hayden is busy senior at college with no time for boys, parties or fun. This all changes one Halloween night after she accidentally finds herself at the center of a cruel prank that sees her being offered up to the local legend, the Prince of Darkness, as his virginal bride. Believing the urban myth to be untru...

  • In the Eye of the Storm
    29.7M 1.5M 37

    In the desert, an instant turns life into death and hate into love. In the desert, everything is different. Boundaries break down, and you find yourself doing things that you would never, ever have imagined. Lilly Linton finds this out the hard way: in the shadow of the pyramids, she and her boss, cold, calculatin...

  • Bad Boy's Game
    66.7M 2.1M 46

    He lit his cigarette, I lit nothing. He drank alcohol, I drank water. He smirked, I smiled. He didn't love me, I didn't love him. He and I together wouldn't last a day. And then the game started... He said he found me intriguing, unique, and interesting because I didn'...

  • I'm The Option You Shouldn't Have Chosen.
    1M 16K 25

    "Every cell in your body now belongs to me." He said with that savage look in his gleaming eys. "I own you." He took a step closer, and I took one back. "Don't try to run from me, I'll catch you. Don't try to hurt me, because Darling, I'll break you." He continued with a snicker. "But most importantly, don't try to le...