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  • Her Decision
    29.7K 1.7K 52

    There is a reason why Avery Parker shies away from drinking... because when she does drink, she is bound to do stupid things. ***** "And you know what the pathetic fact is? I never doubted you! I was so blinded by my love, that I ignored the truth even when it was staring at me. I believed you all those times, becaus...

  • An Unexpected Serving
    7.4K 373 6

    Melanie Fox is a waitress. A shy, introverted waitress. She doesn't expect much from herself or her life. So when she gets offered a job at a classy restaurant, Mel has no doubt that she should refuse. That changes when she gets home and finds someone waiting for her. Her niece, Hayley. Hayley tells Mel that they'll b...

  • Not-So-Girly-Girlfriends #MissionDesi #YourStoryIndia
    17.1K 1.1K 70

    [highest ranking uptil now : #55 in chicklit] 4 Girlfriends. Vicky started with her publishing house and magazine. Zara became the Senior manager at her dad's company. Myra became a wildlife photographer. Alisha is about to get married. The girls have an exceptionally amazing life but the inside story is unknown to ot...

  • Sisters after Misters
    314K 14.8K 64

    Aurelia Ellingson and Willow Ellingson are more than sisters. They're each other's best friends, cheerleaders and teachers. They believe that no one could come between them. Apparently not. Because when Blake Agron comes in their life, the bond starts to break as they both fall for him. The question is, whom does Bla...

  • How to Woo Your Bride
    255K 13.2K 55

    COMPLETED! "I need time, please. I don't think I can be friends with you right now. I'm sorry. I really am," she said. Madhan merely nodded. This wasn't what he wanted to hear from her. Now he was at a loss of what to do. Did he overstep the boundaries? He did, his conscience told him. The girl just admitted sh...

  • Cigarettes, Rebels And Me, #1 ✔
    468K 19.9K 42

    "Do you have any fucking idea how mad it makes me when I see that you don't do anything about your situation?" he says angrily, his nose flaring. "Like what? Should I rebel against them like you; get drunk in parties, get arrested for vandalising some property just to get attention?" I say simply, but he seems to fe...