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  • Heart without a beat
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    "Hey it's Ziva, sorry I can't get to the phone right now, leave a message!" It had been two and a half years since that day when Tony DiNozzo knew he couldn't leave another message. It had been two and a half years since Ziva had left him at the airport in Tel Aviv. "Merry Christmas Tony." It had been three years sin...

  • Tiva Short Stories
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    Here are some short Tiva stories I am writing . I hope you enjoy reading them, and maybe vote or commend them. ❤❤❤ Also: I don't own the show. These stories come from my imagination . I hope you enjoy them.

  • NCIS Oneshots
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    ncis oneshots

  • Tiva One Shot Collection NCIS
    283K 4.9K 107

    Just random tiva stories that pop in my head.

  • High Hopes
    8K 303 27

    Once Ziva and Tony move to Israel and Ziva is being private. What is she keeping? Tony leaves and goes back to NCIS. What happened to her? Is she dead, pregnant, or what?

  • One Shots Stories (TIVA)
    14.6K 553 29

    One Shots Stories about random thoughts and random stories.