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  • Reading Requests [Open] [On Hold]
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    Hi everyone! It's BloodyDireWolf here, opening a book for Book Requests! I am lazy enough to not suck it up and finish my stories, so yeah, I'm wanting some books to read. Read the rules, which are damn little, and then write your book in the comments! Follow, comment and vote if you like this and follow me! :D *This...

  • Reviews And Rants
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    Many of the Wattpad authors have asked me to give an honest review on their books and so there I am giving the readers the review of books I have read. till now. I will mostly review books which are complete or have more than 10 chapters. If you want to get your books reviewed by me, kindly PM me. If anyone finds the...

  • Live Love Laugh
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    The important news book regarding anything that happens here so make sure you add this in your list. Lets help each other. spread love and make life better.

  • Book Reviews 2 [SLOW UPDATES]
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    This is the second book for Book Reviews! The first one is completed, so please don't comment your request there. If you comment there, I won't respond. Again, here are the rules! Submit a form to get your book reviewed! Please remember that these reviews are just my opinion and you shouldn't feel insulted or let d...

  • Reviews
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    Request yours or anybodies books to go check out. I'll critique or review it and if you want a shout out, I'll give you one. Any genre any type from fan fiction to paranormal. Ill do it all. This is completely based on my opinion and point of view. If you want me to critique (review)and maybe check it out .Let me kno...

  • Reviews
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    Request reviews (Open) Cover by: Moisa71

  • Reviews Corner-on Request
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    #16 (feb 5)-current rank #17 (jan 30,2016) #20 (jan29,2016) #23 (jan 28,2016) #26 (jan 26,2016) #46 (jan 26,2016) #386 (jan 25,2016) Cover by shrisag So this is review corner of books people requested for.

  • Too Young (The Jewel Project #1)
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    "Life is a series of choices, kiddo. You either choose to trust me or you don't." Sam Grant had always wanted to become an archaeologist and live a life of adventure. But once he leaves for a study camp in the jungle of Yucatan to get him started on a dream career, he finds that his future job is not a problem. Comin...

  • Reading requests [OPEN]
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    I give my (un)wanted opinions on books. Sign up if you want a (totally not) professional to read your creation and give you advice .

  • Reading Requests
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    HEY guys..i will take all ur reading requests in here..

  • The Evil Rant And Review Book
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    [CLOSED] Formerly The Evil Reading Request List, this has turned into a showcase of nasty reviews, a place for me to rant. I surprisingly don't rant a lot. The book was discontinued because real life is kicking my butt and I don't have the time and patience to do them properly. Go big or go home. So I went home...

  • Reading Request {OPEN}
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    Hey there! I have a lot of free time lately so I decided to make this book for you guys to rate your stories and that would be for free. So don't feel shy and post your stories and I will try to read as much as I can!

  • Wattpad Book Reviews (Open)
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    Yes, another book of reviews. Why? I need new stuff to read, and this is a great way to promote your own stories! I will also vote for every chapter in all books I review regardless of my opinion. Chapter 1- info on me Chapter 2- rules Chapter 3- form

  • Reading Requests (Open)
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    Do you want to know how your story is doing? Just complete the registration form and I'll critique your story! All for free.

  • Book reviews
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    Many times I feel like I really need someone to give me some constructive criticism so that I can find out what to improve to make my book better. This is one of those books where you can enter your own book, and I'll do a review of it. Just fill in the form in the first chapter and I'll put you on the list, your re...