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  • Being Shot
    280K 13.8K 63

    The awkward, intelligent, and bespectacled Emma Leighs never expected to be shot on the very first day of her senior year in high school. Shot by a camera, that is. Emma Leighs has steered clear of every and any type of attention out there for pretty much her entire high school life, taking a liking to the more subtl...

  • Dance For Me
    82.9K 2.7K 16

    Arabella Esme Graham is the unnoticed nerdy, loner at school. She has no friends, no one talks to her, much less looks at her. It could be worse though. She could be bullied, tormented, teased. But she's not. She also has a passion for dancing. Nobody knows that she dances except for her family. She goes to a private...

  • The New Badass
    23.1K 724 5

    Ruby gets bullied for being a nerd every day, so she moves to London with her mom. What happens when she has to go back to her home town and face her bullies? You would have to find out and see.

  • Miss. Nerd has a Gun.
    802K 24.4K 25

    (#542 Teen Fiction) Ariana (Ari or Aria) Jones is the daughter of the famous Amelia and Adam Jones. Amelia and Adam are both assassins and spies who work for FBI. Aria is secretly one of the worlds best teenage assasins (Agent 23), working for FBI's teenage department T.A.A.S, which is Teenage Agents, Assassins and Sp...

  • The Nerd's Secret Life
    1.8M 48.1K 28

    Ashleyah Fox is that quite nerdy girl none notices. The one who's always wearing the long sleeved shirts and big bulky, black rimmed glasses. Completely invisible to the social network in school. Always insulted constantly by the populars. Until the leader of them all, finds her at a party. Completely different. ...

  • Rejected and Rare
    301K 7.9K 13

    Crystal White is an omega in her pack. She is bullied because she is blamed for her parents death. She is also bullied because she has not shifted and she is 15, when everyone else shifted at the age of 13. Also because she rather read than go to a party or the mall. She rather go to the library than chill with frien...

  • My Alpha Mate is Possessive
    220K 5.1K 11

    "Bye girls"i yell as they zoom away down the street . I jog into the house and see my mother in the kitchen preparing for the dinner tonight with the neighboring Alpha. "Hi mom, need any help?" I ask her in a sweet voice. "Oh no honey! it's fine I'm almost done anyways so go ahead and get ready." as she pulls out the...