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  • An Eternal Seal (Yandere Male x F. Reader)
    523K 26.5K 74

    Intrigued by a mansion only you can see, you venture into its domain. What lies in wait, when you meet the owner, who is a man of intrigue himself, of the mansion and enter a world separate from the world you know? Will you only be a puppet in the man's schemes or something else? I do not own the cover picture or musi...

  • A Chaotic Note (Yandere Twins x Reader)
    149K 8.7K 63

    This is the third book in the A Dimensional Tune series, so please read the first two books before reading this one. Having read the song lyrics on the amulet given to you by the previous Queen of Spades, you have a sudden desire to discover the lyrics' meaning. You will not stop until you do. Along the way of your jo...

  • Captured Creation (Yandere Male x Reader)
    291K 15.6K 55

    Finally graduated from college at the age of twenty, (F/N) (L/N) attains her dream job at a famous toy store. Enchantment and beauty await her, but what happens when she meets a rather quiet man in the store one day? She knows this man isn't the store's owner, so who is he? Moreover, why does he visit the store almost...

  • twisted { yandere x f!reader } [finished]
    252K 8.4K 22

    The first day of a new semester is often the hardest, yet the most exciting - new and old classmates, friends and adventures await you. A girl called (first name) (last name) was ready to experience all of that. However, strange events began to happen around her ever since the start of the new school year. It all star...

  • A Melodious Song (Yandere Twins x reader)
    238K 13.3K 63

    -This is a sequel to the story A Dimensional Tune (Yandere Twins x reader) - You have been with the brothers for over a year now, yet they still torment you, however a visitor arrives at the mansion. Who is this strange individual and what will happen upon their arrival? Will new games be played and what will fate ho...

  • Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader)
    6.7M 226K 92

    After six new boys meet (Y/n), they begin an unhealthy obsession over the female and soon take it too far. There's not much chance of her escaping their thoughts or hands but she's definitely going to try when she's had enough.

  • A Dimensional Tune (Yandere Twins x Reader)
    490K 24.6K 47

    What happens when you become the entertainment for two yandere twins in a twisted fantasy world. Will you experience only a world filled with nightmares, or will you experience pleasure? How about both. I do not own the cover picture or the videos used in the story. This story is also on Quotev under my profile name...