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  • The Autistic and the Bad Boy
    67K 2.4K 13

    When Morgan and Laura Evans found out their child, Priscilla Rose Evans, was an autistic everything changed. But, raising her was even more of change. The couple couldn't play practical jokes or make sarcastic comments to their daughter because she would take them literally or anything that happened very sensitively. ...

  • 30 Day Boyfriend
    30.2K 908 9

    One: He's my boyfriend for the next 30 days. Two: I must get him to fall in love with me while he does the same back to me. Three: If the both of us falls in love, then this challenge would be a success. Four: He needn't work his charms on me, since I was already head over heels in love with him. Five: He'll never lov...

  • A Part of My Life
    179K 2.7K 24

    Jacee doesn't exactly have parents. Apparently, after she was born, her parents placed her on the streets and it wasn't until then, when Pattie found her and brought her home. She doesn't relate to Justin in any way, though. Now that they're older, with her being sixteen and Justin being eighteen, things start to chan...

  • You Give Me Purpose
    29 6 1

    My sight is getting blurry and I now see two Justin's instead of one. All the noises around me turn to the background, it feels like I'm in a whole other world. I think I hear Rae screaming my name, but she's too far away. My body starts shaking and I can't see anything. I feel my body losing it's balance but it feels...

  • Fall - Justin Bieber
    3.5K 217 27

    Let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy. He fell in love with his best friend, when she's around, he feels nothing but joy, but she was already broken, and it made her blind but she could never believe that love would ever treat her right. ******* "Did you know that I loved...

  • popstar secret
    5.3K 80 29

    Selena Gomez is a belieber but what she don't know is Justin Bieber is obsessed with her he stalkes her what will happend when she finds out

  • Mark My Words (Jelena)
    70.5K 3.4K 42

    She left him, but Justin isn't going to let Selena slip away so easily. He's determined to make things work between them again. But will she be willing to give him another chance? Mark his words, this love ain't finished yet. Third Sequel to the Dark Lies Trilogy

  • Broken Psychotic
    218K 8.5K 38

    psy·chot·ic sīˈkädik/ adjective 1. of, denoting, or suffering from a psychosis. "a psychotic disturbance"

  • Daddy?
    363K 8.9K 69

    Amelia is a three year old little girl who feels broken, her mom did drugs, and her step dad was an alcoholic who was abusive. She cries herself to sleep every night. One day the police come and take her to her biological fathers house. What happens when she finds out her father is Justin Bieber? What happens when Jus...

  • The Book Of Beliebers
    3.9K 169 2

    Belieber now, Belieber then, Belieber till the very end. ~Haters keep out~

  • Things we beliebers say
    21.4K 1.7K 64

    This is a bunch of stuff us crazy beliebers can relate to

    113 25 9

    Who is Justin Bieber? Why do people admire him so much? Why do you like him? So many questions you can answer and see why you love Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!

    Completed   Mature
  • Justin Bieber Imagines
    16.8K 255 97

    Completed   Mature
  • Help Me Justin Bieber
    13 1 1

    A boy named Justin Bieber is dealing a battle with his own mind where you don't know if your winning or losing. He's a quite kid which he likes about himself cause he doesn't want people to know what's wrong with him. He acts like everything is fine with him when he knows that it will never be fine.

  • Let Me Love You ♡ Jastin ♡ {Hiatus}
    9.3K 705 30

    I can still remember the day you walked out of my life so clearly as if it was only yesterday. I remember those lonely rainy day walks home from school I remember the smell of the freshly fallen rain so clearly that it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it, the slightest of memories flashback into my min...

  • Justin Bieber Imagines
    436K 6.8K 109

    Your imaginations run wild here. Only if you love Justin Bieber ;) Some imagines are mine,and some aren't.I'm not claiming them as mine but I'm sharing them all in one book.credits go to the writers. i hope you guys will enjoy it! :) (no dirty imagines)

  • Justin Bieber imagines
    556K 7.8K 37

    Bieber? Bieber.

    9.4M 338K 92

    [Highest Rank ~ #1 in Fanfiction] 7/18/2016 BOOK ONE → "YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE ME!" He screamed. You stared down at the silver pistol that was dangling in his hands. You watched the man that had the fate of your life in his hand. You were beyond scared. the man in front of you was handsome yet fatal. His face was someth...

  • My Lifesaver ( Adopted by Justin Bieber book 2)
    5.9K 156 16

    Last time you saw Jaylie she was struggling. Someone has captured her. Will Justin get Jaylie back? Who captured her? Find out what happens in this awesome sequel to Adopted By Justin Bieber.

  • Justin Bieber + Jason McCann Interracial Imagines ❤️
    110K 2.2K 41

    Because Justin Drew Bieber and Jason McCann

  • Extraterrestrial love (justin bieber)
    73.2K 3.2K 24

    Aliens had invaded planet Earth after their planet was destroyed. Humans were forced not to touch, speak, make an eye contact with any of them after fights broke out. Due to Sam's troubled behavior, her parents sent her to a cabin in the middle of nowhere so she wouldn't cause any trouble or be near any alien...

  • Soulless (Justin Bieber Love Story / Fan Fiction)
    347K 14.3K 57

    [COMPLETED] Plain, quiet, and barely noticed Kennedy Nolan's curious, journalistic instinct gets the best of her and she finds herself dancing with the devil: Justin Bieber. She has heard and seen how dark, shallow, and careless he is and she's not sure she's chosen the right one to mess with. (No translations permitt...

  • Adopted by Justin Bieber
    60K 1.2K 32

    * UPDATES ONCE A WEEK* Sammy is a 15 year old girl living at the orphanage. She has been a belieber since 2009, and everyone at the orphanage knows that. Sammy was just a normal girl that was captain of the girls soccer team at school, was popular with the girls and guys soccer team. But what happens when Justin Bieb...

  • Life after Lucy (sequel to Adopted by Justin Bieber)
    72.4K 1.6K 19

    Justin has lost his daughter Lucy. He's trying to put on a smile not to worry his children or fans or anybody but the pain he has in his heart is unbearable! Will he ever come over it? Or will the pain be to much?

  • They Don't Know About Us (#Wattys2017)
    6.4K 222 45

    Maddie was just a normal belieber, fangirling over Justin Bieber with her fan account. What happens when she gets a message from his girlfriend? What happens when this girlfriend isn't in the public eye? Will she believe her? *WARNING: THIS CONTAINS TEXT TALK, IF YOU DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ! I try to update every 5-7 d...

  • Thought of You(#Wattys2015)
    89.2K 2.5K 31

    Y/N was just a normal girl and a belieber. What happens when Justin Bieber becomes her neighbor? Will Justin see her as just a fan or will they become more than that?

  • Belieber For Life.
    22.4K 2.3K 115

    For all the beliebers out there. These are rants ,updates, new music, awards, Belieber stuff etc.