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  • Dear Meg
    936 78 1

  • The Science of Deduction Does Not Extend to Relationships
    60.7K 1.4K 30

    An old friend of Sherlock's somehow gets wrapped up in his and John's adventures...yes, a FRIEND. See what happens when everybody's favorite sociopath reacquaints with this old friend, and what will John and the others think about it?

  • The Second Heir
    88.2K 2.4K 29

    When Gilraen made it to Rivendell, she brought not one child, but twins: Aragorn son of Arathorn, and Emryn daughter of Gilraen. This is the tale of Emryn's part in the War of the Ring, infuriating Horselords, and the struggles of the heart (of which there are many indeed).

  • The Flower of Minas Tirith (Eomer love story)
    39.5K 932 17

    Boromir and Faramir have a little sister. She is their little angel. The whole Minas Tirith adores her. Steward treats her as bad as he treats Faramir. The brothers teach her everything they know behind their fathers back. What will they do when Theoden and Denethor arrange her to be married with the third marshall?

  • Daughter of Lothlórien (An Èomer love story)
    6.4K 236 5

    Brendawyn is the younger sister of Haldir, the March Warden of Lothlórien. After an argument with her three older brothers, Brendawyn steals away to find an adventure of her own. She makes for Rohan, an attempt to flee from the corruption of Sauron. Brendawyn finds herself suddenly surrounded by a group of horselords...

  • When in doubt, jump in head first
    1.5K 144 22

    In another life, James and Lily survive Halloween 1981, and these Potters are willing to do anything to keep their son safe. Anything. 14 years later, their solution is whisked away to Middle Earth. Can she get back to her world, or will she be fated to live out the rest of her days in Arda? DISCLAIMER!! I only own my...

  • Nightmare On Baker Street
    21.4K 1K 24

    Elanor Rosenberg is not what you'd call a normal girl. Age 32, living on her own, having just graduated a second college with a major in forensic science -- and experience as a mortuary technician -- but resolved to working at a book store to support herself. Until she meets the infamous Sherlock Holmes, and goes dow...

  • Villains and Violins: The Music of Nightmare On Baker Street
    174 3 6

    The music of the Nightmare On Baker Street Series. And my Christmas present to my readers since this is not an actual story.

  • Once Upon A Crime (Completed)
    4.7K 319 18

    The second installation of the Nightmare On Baker Street series.

  • Be Mine Again ⌲ Benedict Cumberbatch
    36.8K 1.8K 32

    ❝If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.❞ In which mother and daughter discover both love and truth. [completed:✓ not yet edited, cover by @Burningbrightfire]

    Completed   Mature
  • Seekers ~ A Middle Earth Story
    7.3K 358 25

    "The Gatekeeper cast a silvery glance at her. "I knew you wouldn't be ready. I knew that no matter how much time would pass, you wouldn't be ready for what the truth of the world really is." ~*~ Corinth grew up like every other seventeen year-old girl. She had an older brother and a loving mother. Smart and talen...

  • Aravan {A Lord of the Rings Story}
    169K 5.7K 26

    'Doomed sleep until the time When it is right to awaken Unaware of the mountain she must climb Her past, present, and future forced to be forsaken, The maiden sleeps, unwilling to stir Until the loud, blaring horn, causing the ground to be shaken, Raises her from the dead, and into action she is spurred.' When a young...

  • There & Back Again //A Hobbit's Tale//
    23.2K 644 27

    This story begins in the realms of Erebor, before our beloved Thorin's hate for elves ever occurred. Ellavin, half human, half elf, daughter of Arwen and Aragorn, granddaughter of Lord Elrond, and Princess of Rivendell has a task of her own. She may be the only hope of elves and men to ever be allies. But she has a ch...

  • Misty Mountain~Hobbit
    2.1K 76 16

    Long ago twins were left behind on the door steps of a small home in the shire. The Lady Hobbit excepted them equally into her family and raised the two hybrid creatures as her own children. But what these twin sisters are is something mostly uncommon. . . A half Elf, half Dwarf. But being Half dwarf has came with...

  • Trapped In Lord of the Rings | Book 1 |
    51.9K 1.7K 30

    Mira didn't ask to fall down the stairs. She didn't ask to be taken away to a world she couldn't escape. She didn't ask to be told a dire and deadly secret: But fate has a funny way of giving one what they don't ask for. Mira wasn't an exception, though she was a bit different. She also didn't ask for magic, but hey...