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  • Adriana Rosalyn, Deadly But Beautiful
    1.1K 32 2

    Ciel had an older sister by 3 years. And she was thought to have died in the fire. But one day she shows back up in town and goes to the Phantomhive Manor. Undertaker decides to visit on that same day. How does Ciel react to some news his sister tells him about her and Undertaker? Please read!

  • Error Sans X Reader
    352K 8.3K 38

    This is for my readers I hope ya enjoy this. See ya on the other side Buddy.

  • AU Sans X Reader :3
    61.2K 489 14

    It has undertale sans underfell sans reaper sans swap sans and underlust sans and then I'll add meh own AU its called spytale Its kinda meh first lemon thing so plz enjoy :3

  • Scientist - GASTER X READER
    123K 3.6K 19

    Hi guys! So this is actually my first time writing a adventure story (and xReader), so I am kind of sorry if it looks crappy!! ****** A long time ago, people were missing when they climb up Mount Ebott. They say there was magic, got lost, or even died. But when you discover the secrets of the mountain, you will get at...

  • W. D. Gaster x Reader Oneshots (Requests Closed)
    124K 1.7K 11

    I am completely enamored with this character right now. Finally, someone I can unleash my 'dad' kink on~ They are most likely not going to be canon to his character at all, but I'll try to keep some things straight. But I am sticking to the theory that Sans and Papyrus are his kids. Hope y'all like em! :3 Cover art...

  • You Captured My Heart {Underswap!Sans X Reader} [One-Shot]
    4.3K 168 1

    Another Oneshot but with the Great Sans!

  • All's Fair In Love And War Gaster!Sans X Reader
    21.9K 1.1K 8

    War amongst the humans and monsters has really messed things up for you. That is, until you meet a sexy skeleton. ((Note: this is a slow burn. You actually have the chance to fall in love instead of usual fanfic logic. Also reader is gender neutral))

  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World « Gaster!Sans x Reader »
    7.5K 305 11

    The crown.. The only way to get the freedom.

  • Princess of the Underground (Gaster!Sans x Female Reader)
    141K 5.9K 55

    [Y/N] lived with her adoptive mother Toriel for a while. How long is that? About three years. Throughout the time, the monsters in the Ruins know her as if they were her siblings. Flowey became way nicer each day around her, losing his soulless behavior. He cares about her so much he promise to protect her. All was...

  • Love Me Instead [Sans VS Gaster!Sans X Reader] (EDITING)
    221K 7.4K 55

    When a mishap in a reset happens and a character from another version is transported into the current world and timeline, what happens? Gaster!Sans, bad-skele-boy from EchoTale is confused to see that he had landed in a different, yet familiar world: Undertale! Apparently, in meeting with his 'original' version, they...

  • The Story of My Life {Sans X Reader} [ DISCONTINUED ]
    1.1K 59 29

    My first story. Too lazy to write a long description. Bye.

  • The Triplets A Undertale Short Story
    20.5K 926 8

    Three boys, abandoned living on there owns. They must learn how much they learn that they all need eachother

  • My Soul? It's Yours.
    88.2K 3.6K 27

    You become a citizen in Snowdin due to being lost in the undergrounds. You had left Toriel and the ruins only to be greeted by someone you would've never thought to be so important, or essential, to your life. *warning: might get serious and have adult content in some parts also maybe some spoilers for both the pacifi...

    Completed   Mature