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  • 【Clear Thoughts】- Undertale Sans X Reader
    65.3K 2.7K 70

    ©25.12.2017-FanGirl87_ ~{UNFINISHED} ➥ Waking Up In Someone Else's Bed ✦ As the sleep fades and the pain is no longer covered, darkness is all you can see. ✦ Fear not! You shall be alone no longer! Company arrives soon enough to help you in your new situation. ✦ Questions bother you, answers are needed. You decide to...

  • The Call Of A Mute Heart
    62.9K 2.6K 115

    Your heart has always been a problem and your mute vocal chords have made it impossible to achieve your dreams. But that doesn't stop you from aspiring to be a songwriter and a certain monster robot may be the key.

  • For Your Sake (Gaster!Sans X Reader)
    54.6K 2.8K 20

    THIS IS A SEQUEL BOOK!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE FIRST BOOK YET THEN GO FIND IT ON MY PROFILE!!! Anyway, now for the summary: After death, you hadn't expected much to happen. You fell immediately into a place like the void. You just wanted to reconcile for what you'd caused, but your heart had a wish of its own. You...

  • Blown Through The Rift (Gaster!Sans X Reader)
    213K 8.6K 35

    You were working with Alphys in the lab in Undertale when chaos strikes! In a freak accident, concentrated determination is mixed with an unnamed concoction and blow you through a dimensional rift. When you reawake, you find yourself in what seems to be the beginning of Undertale once again. Upset but not overly surpr...

  • Lost And Found~ MafiaTale Fanfic
    131K 5.3K 20

    In the business of human trafficking, mercy isn't a well known word. You and your crate mate, a child named Frisk, are obidiently waiting to be released to a 'master' when havoc breaks out around you. Guns are fired and you're doing your best to protect Frisk when your crate is pried open by unfamiliar faces. How will...

  • (Dancetale) Better Dancing Together - Sans X Reader [DISCONTINUED]
    71.1K 2.3K 37

    [16/08/17] Edit- Okay. Warning. This was written carelessly? The grammar isn't too bad, but it isn't too great either. This is also discontinued. Go to @Lilliyona to see the continuation. Bad jokes were also made cause I didn't know how to do jokes. So there's a lot of cringe, probably. It isn't as bad as my older boo...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Don't Dance, I Perform ~DanceTale!Sans x Reader
    67.2K 3.2K 18

    In this world, you dance for your life. But in your world, dancing is just a part of your act. When helping Frisk with their stamina by dancing up Mt. Ebott, you find yourself in a rather monstrous situation. Lace up your dancing shoes, it's about to get funky in here.

  • Solid Yellow Tear (Gaster!Sans x Caring Fem!Reader)
    55.4K 2.3K 28

    A young girl would walked through the woods hiding from any human that would capture those. Until she heard a faint cry of the young girl who saved them from the under ground only then that would change her life, she hated seeing monster in pain, hurt, and tortured just because they weren't human.This young girl, woul...

    Completed   Mature
  • Asriel's Story
    278 27 8

    This is a first person (Monster in this case) story of Asriel's past.

  • Kind Of Comical [Sans X Reader]
    187K 6.7K 24

    //Undertale High School AU. Your typical High School story where you're the new girl~ //Except monsters and humans are together too. Involves time travel in later chapters. Never wrote an Reader insert before, so spare me! "You look lost there, Kiddo." A deep smooth voice caught your attention and you turned your h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Confession
    465K 13.4K 167

    [Highest Rank: #369 in Fan Fiction, 2017-05-14] In a world filled with evil, this is my contribution to give life a little more love and happiness. The story begins right as Frisk escapes the Underground, freshly completing a True Pacifist run, and decides one last 'Chara'cter needs to be saved. Frisk didn't expect t...

  • Lost {Underfell!Sans X Abused!Reader}
    26.3K 771 6

    You were being abused. You couldn't take it anymore. But you also couldn't leave your kitten, Millie. So you gently put her in your backpack and got going. Your father wasn't looking. He was drunk, anyways. He probably didn't even notice the window in your room being opened. You made sure to lock your door before you...

  • Sans X Werewolf Reader!
    74.1K 2.1K 13

    "When you transform imagine a big ass wolf! Like Jacob from twiligh Okay?:) Just giving you a visual

  • NovaTale
    32.8K 1.5K 26

    (Sans x Frisk with a whole lot of drama, action, bromance and comedy with a splash of awesome. ^^) NovaTale is a story about finding redemption in the strangest of places. Frisk ventures into a dream of the Underground, hoping against all odds that she'll make it out alive. But there's one Monster who won't make that...

  • Undertale: Twin sister
    176K 5.8K 17

    After Frisk goes missing, Caitlin, Frisk's twin sister goes looking for her in the the last place she saw her. MT Ebott, the mountain of dark legends, she finds a necklace that belonged to Frisk on the ground. Just like Frisk, Caitlin tripped and fell into the Underground. Caitlin finds things she never knew existed.

  • Nightmare (An Undertale Fanfiction)
    35.9K 1.2K 10

    In a world where only the strong survive, there is me. I'm not strong, or a survivor, but I'm still here. My parents have kept me hidden from the world, never letting me leave the house. My parents aren't cruel people, they keep me hidden to keep me safe. They have always loved me. Until one day when I ask to go...

  • All Tied Up (Error Sans x Reader)
    155K 4.1K 23

    > Your just a regular human that fell down the hole that supposed lead to the underground, you come across many obstacles and find yourself in much of a sticky situation, more or less your tied up. •IMPORTANT• Hello wattpad users, this is actually the first story I'm actually making. So I'm sorry if it's suckish or te...

  • Tangled (Error Sans x reader) {Completed}
    173K 4K 23

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  • Shatter (GasterSansxReader)
    25K 1.2K 34

    Hey I'm Y/N and well I just escaped my insane abusive father. I packed my things and left. It was night when I left (same plot right?) and unfortunately I live in a not so friendly town in Maine and these guys tried to pick me up. I guess it was fate to be there 'cause this strange looking figure helped me out. Well...

  • Knock Knock {A Sans X Reader - Undertale}
    236K 7.3K 20

    You were always a curious child. One day, your curiosity took you too far. You lived not to far from a mountain, MT. Ebott, and always wanted to see what was on the top. Your parents had told you stories about the mountain and you had always wanted to see if they were true, being the naïve child you were. One day, you...

  • Eleutheromania | Gaster!Sans (UNDER HUGE CONSTRUCTION)
    11K 433 11

    obsession for freedom.

  • Sans x Monster!Reader
    1.5K 24 2

    Title says all. Oh and, you're a fox/wolf hybrid monster. I'll draw what you look like for Authors Note. SO STAY TUNED LOVELIES!

  • Love Within Emotions (Sans x Reader) [CANCELED!]
    25.1K 1.1K 14

    You bump into a monster, the skeleton Sans. Over time you get accustomed to each other. Maybe even a little to accustomed. Weird and just plain awkward things happen along this fun filled adventure through, oddness. This is not a lemon, but does contain dirty references here and there. The reader will be referred to...

  • Sansy (sansxreader)
    12.5K 530 36

    (I'm getting rid of the old cringey description because I am a very professional writer [not really]) (Y/N)'s whole life changed when they fell in a hole on the side of a mountain and met a short, punny skeleton. This is a gender neutral book which means I will be using the pronouns they/them. NO LEMONS WILL BE WRITT...

  • It's Always Raining Somewhere Else (Undertale SansxReader)
    32.5K 1.5K 27

    Reader is a little mentally unstable so you are sent to a high school for the gifted and talented which just has to be the only high school enrolling monsters at the moment but monsters have been underground so long they have to learn all the new things right? Right?? Takes place around the end of the school year and...

  • Error!Sans x Reader {[(Under Editing)]}
    137K 4.8K 47

    A special human is going to need all the help they can, when a certain child is trying to destroy an underground community of monsters, a secret group of glitches, and the one who can harness the power of every self they are.

  • Like Old Times (Sans X Reader; Sequel to MOAB)
    166K 6K 41

    You killed Sans, Frisk resets, you're falling. But you aren't alone. "You remember" The sequel to My One and Bonely! (MOAB) If you haven't read it I HIGHLY suggest you do BEFORE reading this one! Cover by Little_Cherry_Panda

  • The Color Blue (Sans x Female!Reader)
    4.4K 122 20

    You never really understood why the humans never accepted the monsters. All you knew were 2 rules. One, kill any monster you see on the surface. And two, don't enter the underground. Although a so-called "barrier" was down, and monsters were free to walk the surface, nobody wants them up here. You had witnessed countl...

  • Overtale(sans xreader)(updates monthly)
    2.5K 89 18

    What happened after the pacifist run? Read to find out!