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  • Gone With The Tide
    13.7K 1.5K 26

    [COMPLETE] [HIDDEN GEM] When William finds a missing girl on the rocky shores of Cairn, he isn't sure which questions he should be asking. Her name is Isolde Porter, and she and her friends have been missing for a month. Nearly everyone on the island believes she killed them, but William isn't so sure. He's in a race...

  • Death's Devils
    106 3 5

    Three unlikely friends find themselves thrown together when strange events begin to occur around their small town. From police coverups to impossible murders, they're determined to get to the bottom of whatever's happening.

  • Cute but psycho
    4.5K 261 38

    The 2007 freshman batch of Arlington University is the same as any other- except for the five elites who are a force to reckon with. They are not your typical jock, princess, nerd and troublemaker crowd. But a dark and edgy closet of skeletons. They casually bully their way through the year, until an incident turns t...

  • Saving Justice
    23K 1.5K 52

    They say that every person has its own Pandora's Box where they keep their deepest and indecipherable secrets. If you wish to see and understand what's inside the box, you must be responsible and prepared for all the consequences. It so happens that Venice succeeds to open Justice's box. LANGUAGE: English GENRE: Myste...

  • V A M P : O N E
    10.1K 7.5K 65

    -PREVIOUSLY FEATURED ON WATTPAD MYSTERY- -PREVIOUSLY FEATURED ON STORIESUNDISCOVERED- vamp (plural vamps) noun A flirtatious, seductive woman, especially one who uses sexual desire to exploit men. [ca. 1915] ~ the tragic events that leads up to the murder of a stripper and the aftermaths. **** A certain group of str...

  • The Witness
    939 76 17

    A high school girl is tortured to death by a group of teenage gangsters. Caught in the wrong time and place, an altar boy is arrested. 17-year-old Rosa Torre is the sole witness to the crime and the only one who can prove his innocence. In the process, she unravels a conspiracy, a city-wide effort to hide the truth. I...

  • HIM .. Joe Goldberg
    67.7K 1.9K 20

    Maybe I am wearing this dress just for you. Maybe I've had a crush on you since before you ever laid eyes on me. You'd be right, Joe. I do have a crush, and it burns like the radiant sun.

  • The Diamond Queen
    904 88 23

    "A jewel too sharp can cut. I suppose that was why they killed the Diamond Queen; she knew too much." Senara, a lowly seamstress, is one of the lucky 7 girls picked to compete for the throne of the Diamond Queen, who recently was murdered by an secret assassin. The girls must train with magic and learn how to become r...

  • I Breathe Salt
    28.9K 1.3K 51

    Lacey Waits has gotten too comfortable appealing to the good natures of the spirits she can communicate with. See, these spirits, they breathe salt on the little sills and doorways to keep the evil out. But when she moves back to Iowa for the spring and a little Jane Doe asks for her help in bringing justice to her gr...

    Completed   Mature