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  • Vamp Grayson
    10.3K 267 22

    17 year old Aria Lewis has the usual life of a junior high schooler, until she meets an interesting individual that changes her life forever..

  • The Wolf And I..// ETHAN DOLAN
    33.1K 1K 19

    Ethan and Stella have been friends for the past 13 years. They know each other so well that it might get annoying sometimes. "Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon...Each night it cries for a love it will never get?" Said Ethan looking straight into my eyes. Some of us don't believe in "teenage love stories" bec...

  • Love Bites G.D.
    35.9K 667 16

    Tina Woods and Grayson Dolan (Vampire story(sorry)) When I finsh writing this someone. Can make a bomb ass summary. I can't.

  • Hidden
    12.9K 232 13

    "Just because I'm smiling doesn't mean I don't wanna punch you in the face."I sarcastically smiled. Join Wynter through her journey.

  • Scary Nights E.D G.D ||First Book|| *Completed*
    151K 3.8K 35

    |FIRST BOOK|| COMPLETED* "Um gabriella that is not a dog" Grayson said getting closer to me "yea hes a werewolf" she said -this book is a mix with teen wolf so enjoy (I have not seen a book like this on wattpad so dont steal my plot...Be Original..) Completed 8/28/16 WARNING: ⚠️ I have never edited this or gone over i...