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  • When We Were Young
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    just read it..

  • Hades
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    I gripped the scissors tightly in my hand. I bent my knees to my chest and placed my other hand over my mouth. I begged for this to be over and for him to leave. I sat in my pitch black closet, tears streaming down my cheeks. This was the single scariest thing I had ever experienced. Nothing will ever compare. He walk...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not An Angel Anymore
    119 24 15

    This is a book of poetry that I've written over the years. There will be dark themes that may be disturbing to some people.

  • You're My Light
    2.3K 502 13

    Previously Titled as Vampiric World. Adelle's life changes when she got turned into a vampire. Well that's obvious. Anyone's life would be changed. You'd have to drink blood instead of eating food. Well some will find it gross. But let me tell you what you are missing. It tastes all sweet and fruity IF you're a vampir...

  • The Dynamic Duo
    4.3K 1.5K 25

    THIS STORY USE TO BE "MY TWIN BAILEY" Halley is a teenager living her life with her single Father. When everything seems perfect, a series of events comes into place. All hell breaks loose, when Halley meets someone she has not met in years. They are the perfect duo, A Dynamic Duo. Who does Halley meet? What happens a...

  • Lord Caliph (⚠️COMPLETED⚠️ final version on Amazon coming soon! 😁)
    421 78 53

    The following story is a harem where there is one male lead amongst several female characters. - Rated "mature" for scenes of battle, bloodshed, and suggestive scenes - Abdullah is the Elven Champion whose name becomes famed throughout the Kedemian Kingdom after defending his home from the knights, and will use his ki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gods and Ash (Hiatus)
    472 80 9

    Shiva aspires to achieve more than her deceased brother. Desperate to create meaning for her life, she takes her brother's old life as her own and trains as a solider for her refuge country, Pliemia. Each step forward has her wishing she had stayed home, where she could study alongside her ill parents to cure her dise...

  • Before The Sunrise
    339 70 39

    An action crime drama filled with bone-crushing fight scenes and cold-blooded murder, set in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur and stretches all the way to the west to the industrious port city, Klang, Malaysia. Four friends who messed with the wrong people at the wrong time, a psychotic vigilante, a kidnapped girl an...

  • The Flames that Engulfed Us
    1.1K 147 58

    No one expects anything bad to happen. No one expects a school to burn down. When Skylar's day goes from boring to a battle for survival, she has to choose between saving herself or the girl in her class who happens to be on crutches. Everything is complicated even more when her boyfriend rushes back into the building...

  • Daughters of Fate Book 1 | An Original Fantasy Adventure
    15.8K 3.1K 34

    One soul. Two lives. One destiny. Torn apart by the gods, twin sisters Sheala and Cassandra are each anointed by the Fates to end the war raging upon Geiha. The sisters, one of the light and one of the dark, find themselves on the opposite sides of the conflict. Their separate paths set them on a course where facing...

  • The journey Of Soul
    475 62 13

    *************** A collection of heart touching poems ************ Read 💜 Feedback💜 Vote💜 Follow💜 Share💜

  • Before Sunday
    2.9M 121K 41

    When Lola wishes for love, she doesn't expect it to appear so suddenly - or to come in the form of her husband 10 years in the future. ***** On the eve of her 21st birthday, Lola Daniels wishes on a cupcake. Not for fame, fortune or immortality but...

  • Anomalous: The Seven Deadly Sins [Drafting And Editing]
    28.4K 2.6K 54

    [Featured on Wattpad Paranormal and Supernatural profile, Adventure profile, and High Fantasy profile] (Editing) Downbeat Airdromeda leaves Greece in the middle of the night with a cocky teenager named Isaac who claims to know where her twin brother is. She survives the night and finds her brother but also finds out...

  • Damned: Book One (The Devil's Secret Trilogy)
    337 38 8

    Death is only the beginning... Hey you. Yes...I'm talking to you! Stop wasting your time looking at endless books and focus your attention solely on mine. "Why?" I hear you ask. My answer is simple. If I haven't already grabbed you enough with my attitude, then it's because my story is one hell of a tale. For most tee...

  • Summoned (Book 2) The Brazil Werewolf Series
    1.5K 227 20

    Unloved by her mother and persued to the point of lunacy by the evil father she has never met, eighteen year old, Lilly Hawker is relieved to be traveling to Timbly Mountain, Colorado where she has the chance to be loved and protected by her new family. Sadly, her dreams are shattered when secrets are revealed and he...

  • The Days | On Hold
    4.6K 703 8

    Amelia Foster has been crushing on Cameron since the fourth grade. When he finally notices her in high school, she thinks all the dreams she has centered on him are about to come true. But when an incident leads her to Sebastian Jones, an easy-going boy that lives in the moment, things get more complicated when she be...

  • Winning The Bad Boys Game
    119K 2.6K 24

    Pushing my way through the crowd to get to my class on time, I bump into something hard.. Well more like they bumped into me. I grimace as I hit the ground hard, looking up I see a boy smirking down at me. A boy I soon recognize as the schools bad boy.. "Watch where you are going!" He snaps. "I did but obviously...

    180 27 8

    Lara bianchi is the typical bad girl.She is part of a fighting gang and loves doing everything your mother ever told u not to do.But she is smart and very clever.18 and already fluent in 6 languages,finished school which according to her is a hellhole and pursues art as a passion in her freetime.All she has is her rou...

  • Sins of Greed - A Tale of Two Fools, Book One
    213 45 11

    Following the death of his famous scribe and author father, Abben Dindle is thrown into life at court, expected to serve his nation and perform his duties just as his father did; but when both his King and his King's Royal Seer are broken people, hurt and full of personal vengeance, Abben finds his job to be harder th...

    Completed   Mature
  • -ℳy Ⓑully, ℳy Ⓢavior-
    236K 5.3K 41

    "No, no, this can't be right, this has to be a cruel joke" Ella said in-between sobs. "I'm so sorry Ella, How could I have been so stupid, the one that I promised myself I would protect, I hurt" I said to Ella, still holding Her against the rough brick wall. I could tell that my apologies meant nothing to her. I caus...

    2M 78.5K 36

    "S-stay away from me." She stutters a whisper when she's backed up against the wall knowing there's no way it'll swallow her up. "W-w-why?" He replied with as smirk plastered on his face, mocking her. "M-move back, o-or I'll scream." A crazed laugh escapes his lips as her body is trapped between his and the wall. "Do...

  • The Dark Way Home
    1.7K 437 21

    Heather's just your average teenage girl. She gets good grades, she likes track she has a best friend... And she's had a crush on the same boy since third grade. Nothing unexpected ever happens to Heather, until she is taken. When she finally manages to find her way home, she struggles with her nightmares. Will she ev...

  • Twisted Minds (Book 2) The Dark Souls Series
    2.1K 314 35

    After their murders, Shayla Bell and Hunter De Haven were given a rare chance at justice. As reapers, they are able to move through both the living world and the spirit world, taking out the evils that had led to their deaths. However, when evil sets its sights on Hunter's little sister, Desi, they realize that the...

    Completed   Mature
  • He says I'm his.
    155K 3.8K 8

    He was my best friend when we were younger but then he left only leaving me the necklace he gave me and all my memories of him and I. He left when I was just 13 and now its been 4 years and I haven't had any contact with him or heard from him since the day he left. I never thought I'd see him ever again. But what happ...

  • Angels ( A Black Veil Brides Story)
    124K 3K 18

    Charlie has never told anyone about the hell she lives in with her younger brother Mike. Their parents have gone mad after their little sister Helena died. Until the day she goes to see Black Veil Brides live. Andy decides to save her, but will he make it with a fifteen year old girl?

  • I didn't know it was you! (Andy sixx story) :FINISHED:
    139K 4.8K 16

    Olivia Hill is just a normal girl who goes to a normal school, but her life isn't normal. She get's bullied and gets pushed around and is treated like dirt. She has nobody but her music. One day a new student has come to her school and the freaky thing is that he looks exactly like Andy Biersack but he says his name i...

  • Water: An Elements of Earth Novel
    520 119 35

    *BOOK 1* MUST READ BEFORE OTHER NOVELS IN THE SERIES Being your average girl in a small town, you don't expect the unexpected; you just do your own thing and silently hope to escape. For Nerina Baiere being a senior in high school and living with her guardian Ray, her dream was to leave the state of California and mov...

  • Allison The Widow: Whispers From A Willow
    1.5K 407 9

    Allison Hensley used to be an alcoholic and drug user until her husband Jack saved her from herself. Years later, she is informed that her husband is murdered and it triggers her into relapsing. Not sure who to trust, she tries to solve the mystery behind her husband's gruesome murder. Will Allison's past come back to...

  • Bad Liar
    6.1M 203K 56

    "Because I should be the only one who looks at you like that," he murmured, his voice dropping low as he steps closer. Miles Carter is notorious around town for being a player. Miles and his best friend, Finn, have always been well-known for their wit, good looks and charming personality. Neither of them ever let a gi...

  • THE CHAMP AWARDS 2019/2020
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    CLOSED FOR ENTRIES! Effecting Corrections... Judging...