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  • The Angel
    30.7K 2.5K 50

    This is a story about Killian Jones and Emma Swan. A Captain Swan story that starts from Killian's first look at her. This story has some suicidal thoughts and self harm in it, but also abuse. If your not wanting to read stuff like that then dont read this story. Enjoy reading The Angel.

  • Funny How Fast Life Changes
    18K 1.1K 16

    AU setting (No magic) in which Emma Swan is a criminal private investigator. Her life takes a turn when her boss tells her she must now work with a man named Killian Jones who doesn't even have a clue what a private investigator does. (I tried making it a little bit like a romantic comedy)

  • Betrothed (Book 1 of the Enchanted Series) Captain Swan Fanfiction
    27.9K 1.7K 33

    Once Upon A Time, Captain Swan Fanfiction. As if the first curse never happened, would fate still be the same? Book 1 of the Enchanted series

  • Starcrossed Lovers - CaptainSwan fanfiction
    592 29 20

    She was a theif. He was the officer who caught her. That isn't love..right? "Darling?" He said as he came out of the shadows. He went in for a kiss but she pushed him away "Compatibility and love aren't the same thing." She said with a sad smile "I'm sorry I failed you." She said as she turned away leaving him in te...

  • The Affair
    4.7K 140 34

    Killian Jones has just moved to StoryBrooke after his wife cheated on him, which led to a bad break-up.Telling himself he will never love again he becomes the deputy sheriff of StoryBrooke. Emma Swan lives in StoryBrooke with her mother, father and son, Henry. She became the sheriff after she found out he ex-husband...

  • Unwritten| Captain Swan
    12.7K 732 22

    Forget everything you know about Emma Swan and Killian Jones Lets imagine them in a different way Set in the Enchanted Forest...... Emma Swan, the 'daughter' of a village commoner named Ingrid, grew up as any normal girl would in her kingdom. She wanted to fulfill her 'fathers' dreams by running her own tavern in the...

  • Coffee Shop
    477 39 13

    I was walking in a coffee shop and I didn't see this guy walk out and I run in to him. "I'm so sorry let me help you" I say. "It's ok love I was not look where I was going" he says. And that's how I found the love of my life. I'm Emma Swan and I'm going to tell you how I met the love of my life and this is how I met h...

  • The Hotel
    29.4K 2.4K 26

    Emma Swan is a busy woman. She owns a successful hotel in Hollywood. She is alone, but that's how it always was. She's never needed anyone and no one has ever needed her. That was how it always was until a new person came to work for her. Killian Jones is trying to start his life. His father is a drunk and is abusi...

  • Dirty Pleasure
    131K 322 2

    Kiss my neck, bite me, pull my hair, trace my spine, hold me down, use your tongue, make me moan & don't stop until I'm shaking because's only lust right?

  • Captainswan One Shots
    1.3K 49 7

    Yeah. The title. You can send requests!

  • The Siren (Captain Swan AU)
    15.2K 964 10

    After divorcing his wife due to adultery, Killian Jones moves to a town in Maine called Storybrooke to live with his college room mate, David, while he looks for a new place to stay. David decides it's good for Killian to get his mind off of things, so he takes him to the "Rabit Hole" down the street. Ordering his dr...

  • One Captain Swan (Captainswan one shots)
    238 13 1

    Here are just a bunch of one shots for Captainswan. If u want me to write about something specific, just comment on my story or my account. Please read it, it'll mean the world to me :) Enjoy oncer army!

  • Blood is thicker than water
    48 6 2

    Can you imagine being normal one second and disappearing the next? Amber, a 15 year old girl has to deal with her normal life and the one in the journal she found, finds herself trapped! The secrets she keeps are too valuable and important and people are chasing after her.

  • Pirate Princess
    27.5K 1.6K 22

    The curse never happened. Emma hates being a princess and wants to escape her princess life until one day she finds someone who might just help her to do that. or does he have more in store than just helping her escape?

  • Captain Swan: You Brought My Walls Down
    79.8K 2.8K 21

    Set immediately after the season three finale. As Emma and Killian's relationship begins to blossom, a new foe arrives in Storybrooke. Why does she seem determined to kill Killian? What happens when an unexpected old friend returns to Storybrooke? Can the the pirate and the princess overcome these obstacles and live a...

  • My Everything
    2.3K 206 14

    "When I'm scared that's when my walls go up you know that!" Emma Swan, a beautiful 16 year old girl with gorgeous long blonde hair and green eyes, is moving to Boston with her parents Mary and David Nolan. When Emma starts her Sophomore year of high school at her new school, she meets him. What happens when Emma falls...

  • CaptainSwan/Colifer one shots
    545 20 1

    The title says it all! Here I'll publish all the one shots I write about either CaptainSwan or Colifer one shots. I mostly write them when I'm bored or am in class. So updates on here won't be regurlarly and there won't be a schedule to when it's updated. Some can contain smut, but then I'll put a warning at the begi...

  • Life Hacks
    83 3 3

    Most Basic Life Hacks You need to know

  • You and I, Together?
    989 29 1

    Emma Swan has always kept her walls up so she would never have her heart broken again, but what happens after a pirate trades his own ship for her. Will she finally accept him as the man of honer he is or will she still just see him as a pirate with a drinking problem. This story takes place after the season 3 final...

  • Captain swan one shots
    52.2K 1.8K 26

    A bunch of random captain swan stories

  • He's An Arrangement
    18.4K 752 38

    Emma is stuck in an abusive relationship with her long time, rich boyfriend Neal. Killian is in too deep with a girl he hasn't loved for years, Milah. The two are both in a secretive "friends with benefits" relationship ranging all the way from Ireland to Tallahassee, Florida. Beneath the sex, Killian and Emma face f...

  • Captain Swan One Shots
    190K 8.8K 86

    A series of One Shots written about Emma Swan and Killian Jones from Once Upon a Time. Also features ships such as Rumbelle, Snowing, and Outlaw Queen.

  • Once Upon a Time One Shots
    425 29 7

    A bunch of random one shots about Once Upon a Time. I hope you guys enjoy. Disclamer: I don't own any of the characters, they are owned by ABC Once Upon a Time

  • We're Back? (CAPTAIN SWAN)
    38.8K 1.4K 10

    Okay in this story the curse did happen but Emma never met Neal and never had Henry, when she broke the curse, they all got sent back to the enchanted forest, so Emma is still the same age as her parents and my story starts from when they get back to the enchanted forest exactly in the place they were when the curse h...

  • Mericcup One-shots
    4.7K 163 33

    For Mericcup shippers, likers, voters, and lovers. Come out come out wherever you are. Hehe Hope you enjoy it. November, 20, 2015- ⓢⓥⓔⓣ

    180K 4.5K 106

    Randomly scroll through these dares and the chapter you landed on is the dare you should do. As simple as that, right? this book also contains 100 dares. have fun with that ~~DISCLAIMER~~ If you get hurt, grounded or scolded because of one of these dares, I will not be responsible of anything. Do these dares at yo...

  • The Rockstars and The Popstars
    321K 12.1K 31

    Elsa Winters and her two best friends move to L.A. for a chance in life. When a casting director thinks they are perfect, the girls are instancing famous. Jack Frost and his two best friends are living the dream in L.A. But when faith has it, the Rockstars meet the Popstars. When the two sides collide, it causes dram...

  • The Haunting
    717K 14K 23

    Strange things have been occuring in the Miller house lately. Writing on walls, children's laughter and footsteps throughout the house, doors opening and slamming shut by themselves and even the record player which hasn't worked in years found itself playing strange music. Who or what is haunting the Miller's house? A...

  • Shot Down (hiccup x reader HTTYD)✔️
    155K 4.3K 20

    Banished from her village, shot out of the skies, questioned, and spent the night with a strange guy was not the way y/n was hoping her 22 birthday was going to go down. But what happened when she falls in love with the dragon master?

  • A Forbidden Love
    1.5K 80 13

    Repunzle and Merida are sisters who hoped to find someone special, fall in love and get married but unfortunately, things don't go as they wanted and they end up being forced to marry brothers, complete strangers to them. Now meet Jack and Hiccup (The brothers Repunzle and Merida are to marry), they feel the exact sam...