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  • Royally Screwed
    477K 27.1K 11

    When Safiya Martin wakes up next to Crown Prince Nico after a night of drunken celebrations, she begins to realize that being royally screwed has more than one definition. [Book 1 in The Royal Fairytale Series, a Cinderella retelling] © 2017 simonesaidwhat

  • Arabian Nights
    8.5M 376K 42

    ❝ a fool off his guard could fall, and fall hard, out there on the dunes ❞ [Book #2 in the Fairytale Series - sequel to Once Upon a One Night Stand, but can be read as a standalone. a 1001 Nights & Aladdin retelling] Blair Bakhtiar always wanted to be royalty. Zayn al-Haydar wanted to be anything but. When one...

    22.7K 1.7K 9

    It's the bestfriend retreat of your dreams. Four friends, one luxury Airbnb. A weekend away from your problems. Only, Sierra and her friends are not alone. Add in a trio of strangers and a locked door, and this holiday turns deadly. A young adult thriller romance written by the same author as High School Hit List and...

  • Darkland
    4.6K 372 2

    [coming soon] The noises in the walls started when Scarlett was three. They stopped when she was eleven, after she conscripted Leon Winter--the school's outcast--to help her find out why she felt like she was being watched. But searching only led Leon to a terrifying event that made him never want to speak to her aga...