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  • Tiombe's Art Book: The Second
    25.3K 3.1K 200

    twhoA!! A second book?? You guys really want to see my mediocre drawings and endure my inside jokes and text talk that I should be using sparingly, but don't?? ,,,,, alright, but you asked for it Hope you enjoy my arts!!

  • Lilly's Life story
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    This is who Lilly is, how she was created, and her life story.

  • Hit and Run
    178 11 2

    Nicholas, also known as The Batter, is the son of an infamous preacher at Eloha Church. All was well for both father and son. That is, until a murder was committed within the church. The murderer's partner played the innocent witness and easily blamed Batter for the murderer. Since he was mentally ill, it was easy t...

  • Tiombe's Art Book (Completed)
    12.6K 1.3K 105

    i still need to redo the frickin cover hhhh I take requests and am willing to do art trades. Just message me and we can work it out.

  • Finding My Twilight Princess (Link x Reader)
    110K 4.1K 29

    This is a Link x Reader story! Shoutout to JessicaDragoneel32 for requesting this! ALSO HUGE THANKS TO InSaNiTy_16 for helping me with this!