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  • A Christian Guide
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    **Best Ranking is #89** This book will be all about living your life for Jesus. There will be some sermon discussion, powerful verses and their meanings, challenges that you can complete, and some questions with answers. I hope that you will enjoy this book and let it change your life! Remember to live life for Jesus...

  • Jesus Freak
    592 36 10

    This is an A-Z devotional for all the people on wattpad. Whether male or female, purple or green, or if your favorite animal is a hyena. This book is to build you into a Jesus Freak, and to help you grow stronger in your walk with God. Whether you're a Christian or not, I hope this helps you with whatever you're go...

  • Finding Your Way In Christ
    12K 290 27

    This is a collection of posts from me and my friend's blog, "Finding Your Way In Christ." These aren't all the posts we've written, [by far] but these my favorites so far. Most of them are by me, but it's a collection of different posts by different authors that can hopefully make a difference in your relationship wit...

  • A Teens Bible
    493K 10.3K 348

    "A Teens Bible" is written by teens for teens to make the struggle of reading the bible everyday easier! New posts everyday!

  • My Favorite Bible Verses and Quotes
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    Hope you enjoy God's word not mine :) bookcover by: FlutterbyGael