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  • Mysterious Death
    328 124 30

    Everyone said it was an accident, but I know it was a murder. Police may have shut the case file but I would keep searching for the culprit. There's no stopping until justice is served. Curious to know who was murdered? It was a girl named Maira, who is none other than ME. Yes! It's Me👻 I may have died but my ghost w...

  • A Journey to Trust and Heal
    3K 580 75

    Book 3 Of New Beginnings. ( Can be read as a stand alone). After a crime is known, everyone knows the sufferings of the victims and the cruelty of the criminals but has anyone ever thought about the family of the said criminal. The people who suffers the taunts, banishment and many more things even when they had no ha...

  • Friends...Not Anymore
    1.6K 506 93

    This story is of two friends, their friendship so strong than others, care and trust unimaginable. This story is also about their end of friendship. Have the phone number ; but couldn't call, have the mail id; but couldn't mail, have their address ;but couldn't go. Even after having all the means to reach each other...

  • Marrying my Opposite
    20.6K 976 58

    Book 2 of New Beginnings. Raghav and Tanya have known and disliked each other from their childhood. They have been cordial towards each other as there was no real enmity, but just a strong dislike towards each other as their personalities clashed. Unforeseen circumstances makes the Responsible and disciplined Raghav m...

  • New Beginnings
    4.8K 695 60

    Book 1 of New beginning series. Trisha's life takes a new turn when she has to move in with her estranged aunt after the death of her whole family due to an unexpected fire. Trisha has always lived in a city, that's all she has ever known; What will happen when she has to leave her city life and move in with her aunt...