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  • Is this love? (We bought a zoo fanfic Dylan and lily)
    6.2K 57 7

    It's been about half year since the mee family bought the zoo everything has been going well Dylan and lily never started dating but they are still best friends this year some of Dylan's friends start to come to the zoo And one that wants to be more then friends Pop what happens to lily? Read to find out

  • Hippie Love
    1.8K 59 3

    Two lonely hippies fall in love at Woodstock 1969.

  • Animal ↠ Alex Summers
    3K 149 1

    "We are not mutation, we are evolution." © copyright 2016 | woiverines

  • The Best Of Comebacks
    48.4M 1.7M 258

    ❝A book for comebacks.❞ WARNING// If easily offended please do not read this book as you might be upset by some of the content.

  • Saving You | Anakin Skywalker
    113K 2.9K 18

    #7 under Anakin Skywalker. When Anakin Skywalker is seduced to the Dark Side trying to save the person he loves the most, Rose must find a way to save the love of her life, before it's too late. She must show him back to the light side before she loses him forever.

  • Me and you (The Lost Boys)
    5.8K 130 7

    Marisola family was moving from Los Angeles to Santa Carla. Her parents never give a damn about what she did with her life. She lived life freely and wildly drinking, parting, sleeping and just being herself. Until she met the leader of a gang called "the lost boys" and she fell for David. He eventually turned her int...

  • Ocean Eyes . Jonathan Brandis
    25.6K 792 17

    Grace Buchanan (15) was your average student. She kept decent grades and had a small group of friends. She wasn't a popular kid by choice. After junior high her previous group of friends separated. She didn't like what some of her friends became (stuck up) so she decided to find a different group in high school. What...

  • Lucas Wolenczak
    379 3 1

    Lily has started working on the SeaQuest where she meets Lucas Wolenczak and instantly falls in love with him. What will happen between Lily & Lucas

  • Hood
    233 19 3

  • The lost boys ( Edgar Frog)
    48.7K 1.4K 24

  • The Stand By Me Squad
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  • The Criminal And The Rebel
    32.3K 749 17

    A breakfast club fanfic.

  • Eyes (w.w.) // slow updates
    863 39 4

    ❝your eyes amazed me. so I drew them❞

  • My new life Pt.2
    3.2K 105 17

  • Two For Flinching. 🌼 Stand By Me + The Body
    37.3K 816 16

    🌼Annie Belcastro has a lot of things going on in her life. Finding a kid's dead body along the tracks in the woods- is only the highlight of this summer in 1959. 🌼Stand by me fanfiction / adventure story. #184 in adventure on 3-13-17 #1 in #standbyme hotlist 4-4-19 & 8-17-20, & my lucky #7 on 8-8-20 #1 in #chrischam...

  • Guardian Angel (X-men Evolution fanfic)
    27.3K 777 15

    A young mutant named Abigail has grown wings after her parents died in a car crash. After saving the President's life, the X-men ask her to join them. But they aren't the only ones who find her a good addition to their team.

  • D4: The Mighty Ducks
    18.9K 429 19

  • Just Friends (liv & maddie)
    61.8K 1.1K 6

    Lainey David has always been Parker Rooney's best friend. But they're getting older, and they can't deny the feelings they feel for each other.

  • Wildside[Adventures In Babysitting; Trey Anderson]
    5K 168 6

    'I'm living on the wildside, wildside." Melanie Hunter and Trey Anderson have been best friends since they we're kids. They did everything together, they we're always there for one another, and she was considered family to the Anderson's since she was at their house more than her own. When Trey gets a new babysitter n...

  • I'll Stick With You For Us [River Phoenix story: BOOK 1]
    95.2K 2.5K 39

    It was an amazing love story; His name is River Phoenix. Her name is Grace Marin. Same age, same school. The significant two re-met in the most unlikely way: River was passed out in an alley behind a local bar. Grace saw the familiar face and thought he was left for dead, but turns out, he was drunk. River had drink...

  • A New Life (River Phoenix)
    96.9K 3.5K 85

    The year is 1989, and living in Hollywood is every young persons dream. But surrounding yourself with the company of rising stars can be the difference between a dream and a nightmare. - (This story is the result of continuous research, meaning most events in this story are real accounts of River's life and the experi...

  • Where I'd Gone ⌲ River Phoenix
    104K 3.9K 46

    in which two believers fall in love but not at the same time. - a story about love, heartbreak, and a whole lotta classic rock.

  • Team USA *Adam Banks*
    6.7K 137 8

    There were other reasons why I stopped being friends with them and I wish things had turned out differently, but I regrettably can't change anything.

  • Love on Ice
    32.1K 671 17

    Kayla Collins is playing hockey for District 5. Her best friend Charlie Conway, and the rest of the team all learn what it's like to be a team, play like a team, and how to fly together later on as the Mighty Ducks. As she gets older, she starts to have a crush on the one and only, Adam Banks. But there is still a spe...

  • The Mighty Ducks 3
    15.1K 158 25

    Charlie Conway doesn't like the new coach or his new school, what will he do to get away from the new coach? Read to find out!

  • Juanpa Zurita and other viners
    8.5K 78 17

    This is my story about Juanpa Zurita a famous viner and how he meets his friends/other viners. 13+ unless you know who these people are. The characters are: Juanpa Zurita, Lele Pons, King Bach, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Amanda Cerny, Brennen Taylor, Alissa Violet, Twan Kuyper and Brittany Furlan. Thanks.

  • When our eyes first met | juanpa zurita |
    24.6K 389 7

    The story is about a girl named Anna who goes to an event in Florida with a couple of friends. When she thinks that she finally meets the love of life what will she do?

  • Pretend; Toy Soldiers
    23.1K 933 21

    pre·tend prəˈtend/ verb 1. speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not.

  • stuck in the middle: we need Harley
    31.6K 305 12

    Harley Diaz gets a bad case of the flu while the rest of the Diaz family is having a hard time keeping up without her, will the Diaz stay on track with the middle child gets better.