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  • At It Again
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    A marauder's story. Plot Credit: @DarellyLucero DISCONTINUED, obviously.

  • Dark Shadows ▹ K. Mikaelson✓
    233K 6.1K 25

    [COMPLETE] [NEEDS EDITED] Something falls inside me. Sinks down deep. I look at my lap. A terrible leaden loneliness. Try to breathe under the weight of it. { I Do Not Own The Originals } { I Only Own My Character Azalea }

    2.7K 110 2

    "the boys, the girls, they all like 'carmen' she gives them butterflies, bat her cartoon eyes, she laughs like god, her mind is like a diamond" |the originals |season one and on |copyright 2016, coral

  • Shadow Preachers
    58.6K 2.2K 10

    "You are coming with me, little wolf." Klaus said. "What if I say no?" Scott challenged, trying to hide the slight quiver of fear in his voice, his heart beating so loudly in his chest he was sure the hybrid could have heard it from a mile away. When Klaus Mikaelson came to Beacon Hills, he did not expect to find an o...

  • The Hybrid Of Gevaudan
    27.7K 1.2K 9

    "Bloody dread doctors," exclaimed Klaus. "Why can't they just give up? Haven't I killed enough of them?" He finished angrily. "As always, brother, your way of expressing your frustrations is fascinating." Elijah said, his usual stoic mask broken by the slight twitch of his lips. In which Klaus goes to Beacon Hills to...

  • Looney Lovegood ||Supernatural/Harry Potter||
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    "Your saying there's a whole witch community?" "Yep" "Sammy, hold me" Sixteen years after the war against Voldemort, Luna Lovegood decided she had enough. Moving away from London and to the United States she has hope that she'll blend in. Dean Winchester was digging himself a hole. Having to deal with one problem afte...

  • ~Memories~ Klaus AU
    11.9K 548 16

    -----> In which a damaged girl finds acceptance and love by the damaged Original Hybrid.<------ This is an AU Klaus Mikaelson story. ***The Ext. Summary, Disclaimer and Playlist inside.*** The Cover was made by @Darellylucero. Thank you!!!