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  • etc. // hs
    3.5M 69K 128

    " no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin " warning: heavy sexual content and other mature themes

    Completed   Mature
  • tease ;; h.s
    453K 11.8K 44

    discontinued, don't read

  • The Pastor
    334K 6.3K 21

    Adeline, the pastors not-so-innocent daughter. Harry, the sexually frustrated atheist. "Kneel by your bed and pray to your God before I spank the shít out of you, baby girl."

  • bittersweet
    63.5K 2.9K 48

    finding her way in new york was hard enough for valentina romana after running away, but when she meets harry and edward styles, things get a lot more complicated. cover credit: @ardour__ on instagram. no translations allowed.

    Completed   Mature
  • Beg ✟ h.s. au (M)
    2.4M 69.4K 44

    Church boys know how to pray, but do they know how to beg? /// warning: contains mature content such as sexual activities, sacrilegious comments, swearing, and other trigger topics. read at your own risk.

    Completed   Mature
  • The SILF [H.S]
    1M 19.9K 50

    In which she's engaged to his father, and he really couldn't care less. this is like poorly written until you get further into the story fyi

  • Smut One Shots (One Direction)
    583K 2.9K 11

    smut for all sexualities and ships no longer actively keeping up with this page, but I do hope people can continue to enjoy these works! xx

    Completed   Mature
  • Mature one shots [h.s]
    800K 4.1K 15

    "Pleasure over matter, baby." **WARNING: These may potentially contain daddy kinks, dom/sub, drug abuse, age gaps, etc. Intended for mature audiences only. Read at your own risk. 18+ strongly advised. -I always take requests so comment or message me any preference you have. I do NOT own material unless stated otherwi...

  • Teachers pet (h.s)
    167K 2.6K 16

    "Hello class, I'm Mr Styles".

  • My Boyfriend's Father [h.s]
    753K 16.3K 14

    a story in which a girl gets a little too involved with her boyfriend's family. © 2016 pokemonouis

  • Tempting•H.S. (MAJOR EDITING)
    647K 15.9K 37

    in which a man next door is infatuated sexually with the young girl next door and seduction plays a big role. "How can I control myself, when you're so tempting?"

    Completed   Mature
  • vixen \\ h.s. au
    141K 1.9K 10

    "I knew from the moment I saw her hiked up pleated skirt and dangerous smirk that I was in for it. " Warning: explicit content without warning; i.e. swearing, minor daddy! kink, underage relationship, underage usage of substances, and smut. If any of those things make you uncomfortable I implore you to not dive in to...

  • school skirts | hemmings
    392K 7.1K 26

    in which a girl seeks math help from a boy with a school girl kink.

  • babysitter - afi
    70.1K 1.5K 9

    kota is 16 years old, she should be able to babysit her 6 year old brother right? well her mother thinks otherwise and decides to hire a babysitter for her two kids. his name is ashton irwin and he happens to have a thing for younger girls and well, a daddy kink. WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS AN AGE GAP, SEXUAL CONTENT...

  • Cheerleader [h.s daddy kink]
    996K 9.8K 14

    a sexual story in which a man becomes attracted to a young cheerleader he is currently coaching. "coach styles is my daddy." "thats right, baby girl." • (highest ranking: #128 in fan fiction) warning: sexual content, age gap, kinks, violence, etc. No plagiarism! This is my ideas, my story. Pm me for translation que...

  • Sex 101 With Harry Styles
    8.2M 104K 39

    "I'll kiss you here," Harry said pointing to Alicia's lips and then his finger trailing down her neck. Harry saw her close her eyes and he couldn't help but smirk. She was just too innocent. "And then...." she breathes. "And then...." Harry hums and presses his body against hers. "I will do this." Harry puts both his...

  • The Teacher (A Harry Styles Fanfic)
    10M 108K 26

    Mackenzie Miller was a regular teenager girl, this is until she met her hot new teacher, Mr.Styles. They immediately begin to have a relationship that is less than appropriate for a teacher and student. Will their feelings for each other be strong enough to overcome everything that comes between them? © 2014, alyloves...

  • baby girl h.s. ON HOLD
    3M 42.6K 16

    in which a senior in high school becomes infatuated with an innocent freshman # 19 in kinky

  • Yes Daddy|h.s
    705K 9K 26

    "Suck me like one of your lollipops, babygirl." "Yes daddy." ¡¡WARNING!! DADDY KINK AND AGE GAP! IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT THEN DONT READ!

  • Daddy's princess
    129K 1.1K 5

    "Daddy it tingles down there" "Don't worry princess, daddy'll make it better"

  • Call Me Daddy. (Harry Styles One Shot Series)
    19.4M 391K 80

    He was old enough to be her father. So, she called him daddy.

  • babygirl [ocd!h.s.]
    809K 21.4K 9

    "she's m-mine; my babygirl." or harry has a strange case of ocd and allie-rose is the first thing he allows himself to get attached to.

  • Video Tapes » H.S. (DISCONTINUED)
    994K 15.3K 16

    " daddy likes to record & cherish memories " !daddy!kink! !age!gap!

  • love bot [h.s]
    360K 12.9K 14

    a story in which a woman receives a package from a sex robot company. © 2016 pokemonouis

  • Daddy Styles
    3.6M 60.9K 40

    One Direction ~ 2057 Series <><><><><><><><><><> It's now 2057 over the years divorce rates got worse and worse. The government made a testing system to see what type of person you are compatible with. 18 year old Valentina Orlando finally gets her results..... Little Girl! And her Daddy is Harry Styles. ~~~~~~~~~~~...

    Completed   Mature
  • School Girl (H.S)
    275K 5.8K 30

    Someone should have told Ivy that playing with fire is dangerous; that she could get burnt.

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's Hands
    210K 3.1K 14

    *DISCONTINUED* "Leave me alone dad!" "No!come back here you slut you don't deserve anything that you have!" Rachel & her dads relationship isn't the best of relationships but what happens when she gets rescued from the hell she's living in by Harry?

  • My step-father [h.s] || daddy kink
    984K 20.7K 40

    Harry Styles, a 32 year old who lived in a town just outside of London his whole life. When he meets an older women from America, he can't help but see opportunity in a relationship. Through lots of dates and flowers, he finally finds the right time to propose. Mary, your average 17 year old who's parents got a div...